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Chinese Drama ♦ Love Me If You Dare / Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan / 他来了,请闭眼 ~♥


Title: Love Me If You Dare / Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan / 他来了,请闭眼
Genre: Suspense, Detective, Psychopath, Romance
Episode: 24 TBC
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2015


Bo Jin Yan, Simon (Wallace Huo, Also starring in Perfect Couple) is a brilliant criminal psychologist who is able to 'think' like a violent criminal. He is a professor and works as an adviser at the police department's most difficult cases. 

Bo Jin Yan possess the ability to get into the minds of the most psycho and mysterious criminals. 
Jian Yao (Sandra Ma) is Bo Jin Yan's young assistant and help solve criminal cases with him. Can Jian Yao help Bo Jin Yan to open up himself emotionally during the time they spend together? What dangers will they face together?

Love Me If You Dare (Trailer) is adapted from Chinese novel, When He Comes, Close Your Eyes 他来了,请闭眼 by author, Ding Mo 丁墨.


I am concurrently watching a few dramas right now, I thought 'Love Me If You Dare' should be quite interesting as its about detective, suspense and some psychopath cases, etc. The kind of genre (like Sherlock Holmes ^^) I enjoy from time to time...and I read that the book is pretty awesome, the author is also quite a good writer. This drama was not too bad but personally did not find it very impressive. I feel that the setting is a little too 'dark' and the chemistry of both main leads so-so. I think I would still very much prefer back my good old TVB Hong Kong police detective dramas, hahaa! 

Anyway, this my first time watching Sandra Ma so not sure about her other performance, initially thought she is a lot younger than Wallace Huo (seems like they have quite a huge age gap), but turn out not really (only 8 years apart). Think Sandra probably overplay her character too 'young'? Although I am not really a Wallace Huo fan (I like the other Wallace <Chung> better ^^) but I think Wallace Huo is a very charismatic actor and he looks really gorgeous in suits! Which is great as that is what he wears mostly in 'Love Me If You Dare', hahaa! 

And I just want to commend on the supporting casts, Wang Kai (Xun Ran, Jian Yao's childhood friend) and Yi Zheng (Fu Zi Yu, Bo Jin Yan's best friend). I think they did a great job and portrayed both characters very well. I really like both of them while watching the drama, very good mainland actors I would say.

Anyway, I find Wallace Huo's character as Bo Jin Yan rather interesting, an aloof genius with weird fetish, high IQ but zero EQ and loves to eat fish, lol! His straightforwardness and narcissistic behavior in 'Love Me If You Dare' really humors me while watching. Oh, and I think Bo Jin Yan's car, "Andy", is really super cool! And his terrapin, "Cheng Mo", is so cute (just the type of pet Bo Jin Yan's character will keep, lol!) I am half way through this drama, wonder how it will end though...but as always, definitely hope its a good one!

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  1. finally created this! Ok so we transfer from Perfect Couple to here. Lol...ok regarding this drama, I have much to rant.
    I think the men are all well casted for their roles except Sandra, the female lead. If you can read chinese, you'll probably pick up comments/criticisms about her lack of chemistry with Wallace. Even if this drama is not romance based, but as a couple, there's no couple feel between them. Viewers have even questioned her acting skills as she's unable to bring out the emotions. And the way she speaks is a ear sore as she talks like she has no energy no strength.
    If you are Wallace fans, his other drama that is a hit is The Journey of Flower. Wallace & Li YIng just won themselves award for their roles in TJOF. They got fantastic chemistry there even without the intimacy & skinship.

    1. far I find their chemistry (WH & SM) so-so...I have seen worse chemistry, lol! And nope, I'm not a WH fan though I do enjoy watching some of his dramas. Think SM overplay the character of JY as too young...

      But I do agree on the couple feel thingy, don't know why but WH and SM doesn't look like a couple to me...thought they look more like big brother and younger sister in it just me? Hahaa...just a personal thought...

  2. I think for a start, her appearance doesn't suit Wallace. My personal opinion. She's almost his height so when they're together, is like 2 straight line. She's bigger size than him. It makes Wallace look small. Sandra is more suited with Xue Ran in terms of height & size. Wallace is too thin for this drama, all because the BJY in the novel is thin. Her wardrobe artiste makes her dress too childishly, considering she's not small size, she wears button up all the way to the neck which emphasizes her broad shoulder & top part of the body. Even if need to follow the novel, also have to see if the actress suits that outfit. The evening gown she wore supposedly on her 1st candlelight date with Wallace was a disaster. Plus her acting skills....ok you hit the nail. I couldn't describe what is wrong with her acting but you got it right. She overplayed the character. People are beginning to find JY an eyesore. If you read comments in chinese. Definitely don't look like couple to me too. SM is a sweet lady alright but she can't bring out the emotions needed.

    1. Being too thin does makes one look older...probably that's why WH looks more 'mature' in LMIYD. Well..being taller and bigger size is not really SM's fault, haha...but the production team should probably take this into consideration when casting. I just find SM's looks a little too 'plastic' for my liking, think she went under the knife to improve her appearance (read from some Chinese websites...her previous face shape is bigger).

      As for wardrobe artiste for mainland dramas, *sigh*...nothing new, they are mostly a disaster..I mean, seriously, lol..their fashion sense...quite a few c-dramas main leads' wardrobe mistakes being criticize before...hahaa...

  3. Ya hah, he looked like he aged in LMIYD. Yes, I agree that the Production team had overlooked Sandra's size/height compared to Wallace. Oh, i think most female or even male artistes go under the knife. I guess they just have to otherwise how do they get big roles? See Hawick's look before & after. Talking about plastic, 1 name comes to my mind & it starts with an A. She's so plastic yet she denied she went under the knife. Yes you remember SWAK? Ying Er outfits were disastrous. She was already big size there & they gave her clothes that enhanced the big. Plus the clothes were old fashioned.

    1. O...think I know which 'A' lady you referring to, denied and whined like a 'baby' right? Lol...actually went under the knife or not, to me its the personality and acting skills that counts...I mean, who cares? Its their life and choice. Maybe most artistes did it but I still believe a handful of them are original.

      Talking about SWAK, wow...Ying Er at that time is probably bigger than SM now, she's pretty but quite on the plump side while shooting SWAK..her wardrobe in SWAK is no doubt a total night mare! And ya, her SWAK dressing really does enhanced her big size...hahaa...

  4. 哈哈哈! Indeed, whined like a 'baby'. Talking about history....SWAK was a good drama, i mean the drama, not the miniseries. Too bad they dressed Ying Er horribly. And the ending sucks. I've come to realise that most C drama ending sucks. They either end no head no tail or they just end abruptly. SWAK is 1 good example. Any good drama to recommend?

    1. Ya, I also cannot stand all those 没头没尾 stupid endings! Like Cruel Romance, story and chemistry good but ending so abrupt, lucky at least good ending...if not really #@&%<#! Haa...btw, are you the one I discussed with on CR? Too many "Anonymous" very confused, lol!

      Hmm...right now the only c-drama I'm watching is LMIYD (which is not too impressive either). What is your preferred genre? If you are open to watching Korean or Taiwan drama, I would highly recommend you to watch k-drama, Oh My Ghost! The plot and casts were marvelous! Great chemistry between both leads and very meaningful ending. I simply enjoyed it from start to end! Definitely one of my favourite k-dramas! I did a write up on my blog previously (Under Celebrity List: Korean ~ Jo Jung Suk & Park Bo Young).

      You might also want to catch t-dramas, Love Cuisine and Marry Me Or Not. So far, cute chemistry for the couple and relax story line...the ending not sure yet. As its currently still airing in Taiwan and I am also in the midst of watching myself hence cannot really 'guarantee' for you (who knows half way I might find it boring, etc) hahaa...:) Happy watching!

  5. Yes, we discussed CR. Plot good, chemistry good, ending hah?? Like that end already? Yes, is me because I'm a computer tortoise. I don't even know how to add in my name....
    I actually gave up watching LMIYD. As much as I like all the men there, but the plot is kind of messy (dont know if you feel the same) & SM acting kind of puts me off. I think the other ladies act better than her.
    I like drama like SWAK, CR, even Loving Never Forgetting. I like those sort where the man eventually falls in love with the woman they torture at first. Hahaha! The only K drama I watched were Da Chang Jin & Tong Yi.

    1. Lol @ computer tortoise...ya I kind of knew, recognized you from your writing style :) Yes, I also find LMIFD plot quite confusing, disappointed in a way as I enjoy detective stories with clever plots...haiz...I will probably just stick back to my HK detective dramas in future. you like tortured love genre? Interesting...but do not think there is a lot? Hmm...then maybe you can wait for Road To The North to release next year, revenge plot with Hawick Lau again...thought its quite similar to SWAK?

      There is also a 2013 c-drama, Love Is The Best, think the story line is sort of the guy mistreated the girl initially due to some misunderstanding then eventually fall for her. However, I never watch this so not sure if its good.

  6. Ok, call me "whine like a baby" because I'm now whining like a baby (hahaha)! I agree that LMIYD is pretty much a disappointment. I hope Road to the North has a better ending than SWAK! Yes, i like tortured love genre type (lol).
    I've watched Love is the best before. Although male lead is pretty handsome there, but i prefer him in ancient drama. He did a good one with Sui & Tang Dynasty. The female lead in real life is his wife. The story is ridiculous, really ridiculous. I mean I would not give up the love of my life just because my sister says so...would you? If you know of any other good one, let me know. I love coming to chat with you here. Btw, did you watch the Iqiyi 2016 award event? The lady who acted The Cage of Love looked thin. Unhealthy thin....apart from tortured genre, i like ancient drama too. Although TJOF had bad editing & cutting towards the end of the show, but i watch it because of WH & LY. Forbidden sad.

    1. Ya, also looking forward to Road To The North but the broadcast date always changing...quite frustrated. Would I give up my love because of my sister? Of course not! Lol...but not too surprise, most c-dramas story line are rather makjang...if you read c-novels as well, you will know what I mean, some stories worse! And you know nowadays c-dramas like to adapt from

      Nope, did not watch 爱奇艺 mean, Zheng Shuang? Ya, read that she is getting thinner does some other actresses. Think they are too obsessed over slimming...which is quite sad. If camera and TV really does add 10 pounds to one, I cannot imagine how skinny they are in real life! :/ I do enjoy 'tortured love' genre from time to time, if come across any good ones will post them up. Let me know if you have good recommendations too!

      Aww...thank you, I love chatting with you as well. Perhaps you can always leave a sign off (with a nickname or something) at the end of your comment so that in future I can at least identify you. :)

  7. Hi hi, "whine like a baby here" ....apart from Road to the North, did you watch Heaven & Earth? Also by Hawick & Tang Yan. Can't seem to find it though in youtube. I didn't like his performance in Lady & the Liar. I found his expression too fake there, gosh! I miss him in SWAK drama!
    No i don't read C novels because my chinese is horrible but simple ones like reading comments in youtube I can still manage that. Lol.
    Sure sure, if i come across any good drama I will buzz you but I think you'll know more than me for sure. I'll be checking here for your recommendations. Currently not watching any drama after decided to give up LMIYD. I know people are saying this is not a romance story i agree, but every character is important, more so, the female lead. But she 'lets me out of the drama' each time she appears. Maybe it's me....she & me got no chemistry. Hahaha!

    1. You mean "风云天地 - Master of Destiny"? I did not watch all Hawick Lau's dramas though find some of them rather interesting (not exactly a big fan of his :P). Hahaa...his expression was equally 'stone' in "In Love with Power". far, I am neutral towards SM, however, she did not really grow on me in LMIYD...doubt I will be watching another of her drama anytime soon.

      Seems to be no good c-dramas lately? Ironically the 3 t-dramas I am currently watching are the ones I most look forward to nowadays...^^