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Taiwan Drama ♦ Love Cuisine / Liao Li Gao Xiao Sheng / 料理高校生 ~♥


Title: Love Cuisine / Liao Li Gao Xiao Sheng / 料理高校生
Genre: Romance, School, Comedy, Cooking
Country: Taiwan
Episode: 20 TBC
Broadcast Year: 2015/2016



Han Jie (Lego Li) is a confident, arrogant and talented chef. He gave up his prestigious restaurant business in Europe and returned to Si Ping High School to teach, he did all of that for an agreement made years ago. Fang Xiao Ruo (Allison Lin) is a cheerful and lively teacher who has won the National Championship Bartender. However, she would rather teach in Si Ping High School, always place her students as first priority. To Fang Xiao Ruo, spread and flourish her father's teaching philosophy is her dream. 

Both Han Jie and Fang Xiao Ruo's personalities are poles apart; Fang Xiao Ruo who always treats her students as friends just could not understand Han Jie's intention of training his students as apprentice. Han Jie who has just joined Si Ping High School could not tolerate Fang Xiao Ruo's teaching methods. They are obviously not young students anymore, yet cannot even slice a potato perfectly. 

As both Han Jie and Fang Xiao Ruo 'clash' together with their high school students, what 'yummy' sparks will they create?

Love Cuisine (Trailer) is a 2015 Taiwan idol drama, airs between August to December 2015.

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