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C-Novel ~♥

Just to share some Chinese novels. I have posted novels from other authors which you may check it out under my 'Novel List' on the right scroll bar. All comments are just my two cents' worth as every readers may have different opinions, its subjective. ;)

Brief Introduction:

Big Grey Wolf with Wings 长着翅膀的大灰狼, is a Chinese romance novelist from Jiangsu, China. Her representative work includes, Go with the Flow of Love 《然后,爱情随遇而安》, Who waits, coincides with Flowers 《谁的等待,恰逢花开》, Because of Love 《只为爱》 and Fated Marriage 《听说姻缘命中注定》, etc.


I did not read every book posted as I only like a few titles from this novelist. My favourite from the Streamer Series (based on the stories of 6 sworn brothers) is Go with the Flow of Love. I love Xiao Bai (Chen Yu Bai) and An Xiao Li so much that I am not too focus on the story of Qin Sang and Li Wei Ran which is also part of the book. Xiao Bai's (I love his nickname!) unique personality, cool and nonchalant nature is cute and special, especially so with his spectacles image. His relationship with An Xiao Li is hilarious at times! Although I enjoy reading Xiao Bai, but I might reconsider him as a boyfriend in real life, because I find him a little too 'fu hei', lol! The short story, Meow ~ Bet you love me, is actually about Liang Fei Fang's son, Gu Yang and Chen Yu Bai's daughter, Chen An An. The novelist did state it is just a short sequel, therefore did not really write a closing as she might continue again in future?

Darling is a short and sweet book from the Three Views Series, I kind of like the straight forwardness of Xin Gan, her dark humour is frank yet 'sarcastic'. Zheng Pian Ran's cool personality is amusing as well, he will actually ask his match making partner the perfume she wore in a very polite manner but in fact is for him to instruct his butler to blacklist the perfume so he will never sniff it every again. He even threw away his expensive blazer as it 'stinks' with the scent (or stench, haha!). Chen Yu Bai and An Xiao Li also make a special cameo in the middle of this book. Xiao Bai is a good friend of Zheng Pian Ran, that explains their similar cool personality. As Your Dream / Make It True is also part of the Three Views Series.

Bai Suan Ji (White Calculating), etc, is from the Night Series; interesting to know that the novelist uses similar protagonists'' names from Streamer Series as the books portray the previous life of the 6 brothers (with different storyline). I am not really a fan of ancient novels because I find some of them pretty challenging to read due to the different terms used, etc, but Bai Suan Ji is the story of Chen Yu Bai, another combination of a brilliant man with a cute silly girl and I like this ancient novel as well. I read the third epilogue of Bai Suan Ji from the book itself, Chen Yu Bai and Ji Xiao Li had a daughter, Chen Zhi An, a beautiful girl who is their only child. This cute epilogue is published in the paperback novel. I am looking forward to the completion of her other books in the Night Series!

The New Series consists of titles by Big Grey Wolf with Wings such as Zi Shi (Midnight), etc. As I am quite new to Chinese novels, hence please pardon if there is any translation error, etc. (Please note there are some sexual references / mature content; Readers discretion advised) (Click on titles for links)

Streamer Series ♦  流光系列 ~♥

Brief Introduction and Relations of the Sworn Brothers: (Translated from Baidu)

1st Brother: Liang Fei Fang, President of the Liang Corporation, born in 1975. Wife, Gu Yan, born in 1983. They have triplets. 2 sons, Liang Yue and Gu Yang. A daughter, Liang Xing.

2nd Brother: Rong Yan, stakeholder of Liang Corporation, born in 1980. Wife, Ye Mu, born in 1988. They have a daughter, Rong Yu.

3rd Brother: Chen Yu Bai, stakeholder of Liang Corporation, born in 1979. Wife, An Xiao Li, born in 1985. They have 2 daughters, Chen An An and Chen Xiao Xiao.

4th Brother: Ji Nan (a girl), stakeholder of Liang Corporation. Husband, Li Yan.

5th Brother: Li Wei Ran, stakeholder of Liang Corporation, born in 1981. Wife, Qin Sang, born in 1985. They have 2 sons, Li Mu and Li X.

6th Brother: Qin Song, stakeholder of Liang Corporation, born in 1983. Wife, Han Ting Ting, born in 1988. They have a son, Qin Han. 

Bloom ~ 盛开

Protagonists: Liang Fei Fang (1st Brother) & Gu Yan


There is one thing, Liang Fei Fang did not tell anyone. On the day he met Gu Yan, with her shiny black hair and white blouse, she fall into his arms. At that moment, he heard God say: Look! Liang Fei Fang! This is what I took away from you previously; one of your ribs.

An overbearing and proud gangster, walking between black and white, only live according to his own will. Either you let it go. Or you get it. But for a girl like you that is not within my reach, how can I bear to let go?

An arbitrary girl, without dreams to pursue, but hate is hidden deep inside her heart. One person's loneliness; two person's fear. Young love, indifferent family, burdened with one's life, love-hate struggle, she walked in the way of life through ups and downs.

Alternate Synopsis:

Liang Fei Fang was once a triad member and is now a successful businessman, he is well known for his domineering and cool attitude, he listens to no one but himself until he met Gu Yan. The first time Liang Fei Fang saw Gu Yan, it was love at first sight. He cannot explain why or what is it about her he likes; he just cannot help being doting and protective towards her. Liang Fei Fang love Gu Yan unconditionally and spoilt her rotten. Gu Yan’s first love, Fang Yi Cheng was an undercover cop and they broke off after his identity come to light and mission completed. Liang Fei Fang finds Fang Yi Cheng a ‘threat’ when he came back years later which sparks jealousy.

Protagonists: Rong Yan (2nd Brother) & Ye Mu

Ye Mu mistook Rong Yan as a chauffeur when she first started working as a celebrity manager in the entertainment industry. In fact, they met at her cousin’s wedding few years ago but Ye Mu had no impression of Rong Yan. On the other hand, Rong Yan vividly remember the sweet young girl he met at his sworn brother’s wedding and recognize Ye Mu immediately though he did not introduce himself then. Both of them intend to assist the raising star; Zhang Ling to fame hence this pulls them close together. Ye Mu fell in love with her superior, Li Jin Chen and began a relationship with him but soon found out he is actually making use of her. Ye Mu is devastated when the truth unfolds; Rong Yan stood by her through out the ordeal and they finally became an item. However, more misunderstanding and contradiction comes along which ultimately lead to them broking up and Ye Mu’s departure to overseas. Two years later, she came back and Rong Yan is still very much in love with her; will their love withstand the test?

Go with the Flow of Love ~ 然后、爱情随遇而安

Protagonists: Chen Yu Bai (3rd Brother) & An Xiao Li / Li Wei Ran (5th Brother) & Qin Sang


The world is divided by Chen Yu Bai in two ways; what he desire, what he did not desire. He fight for the first and ditch the second. Sometimes he will put An Xiao Li as the first, when feeling frustrated, he feel she must have belong to the second. Suddenly one fine day, Chen Yu Bai realised much to his dismay, An Xiao Li is not in the world he thought to be. Qin Sang has seen a fair share of good men, but never one like Li Wei Ran, as she felt.....well-behave. Still go ahead with it, even though she knew it will bring her temptation and heartache.

Alternate Synopsis:

An Xiao Li met Chen Yu Bai in a car accident, due to that she has to compensate Chen Yu Bai for the damage of his car. Coincidentally, An Xiao Li is the new Secretary for Chen Yu Bai and her monthly salary is offset for the compensation which she cannot afford. In addition, she also have to do part-time housekeeping for Chen Yu Bai after work. To Chen Yu Bai, there are only two categories in his world; what he desire and what he do not desire. On the surface, Chen Yu Bai is a haughty and sharp boss who is difficult to pleased, he enjoys bully young and naïve An Xiao Li; however he will shield her from harm without hesitation at all times and will be upset if she is hurt.

An Xiao Li’s best friend, Qin Sang is a very bright and independent girl. She is court at the same time by both Li Wei Ran and Qin Song. Qin Sang had met a fair share of men but not one like Li Wei Ran; he is one of the nicest men she encounters, just like a perfect prince. However, Qin Sang struggle to accept him initially as she had her doubts in love. Being an adoring man, Li Wei Ran will have to let Qin Sang believe in him. With their relationship together, Qin Song will be hurt; will this affect his friendship with Li Wei Ran?

Fated Marriage ~ 姻缘

Protagonists: Qin Song (6th Brother) & Han Ting Ting


Qin Song never meet someone like Han Ting Ting, who will let him willing to stay together for 24 hours. He use to think it is love grow over time, but come to think of it, why he choose her of all women. It is simply love at first sight, a marriage make in heaven. There will always be someone million times better than you; but in my heart, you are still the best.

Alternate Synopsis:

Qin Song and Han Ting Ting have a contract marriage but slowly began to fall for each other. Han Ting Ting is a girl Qin Song is willing to spend the whole day with. At first Han Ting Ting agreed to this marriage partly because of Qin Song’s good looks, she thought since its getting married, might as well get a handsome guy, never did she thought her heart will betrayed herself. Their destiny is in fact fated to be and what we call a marriage made in heaven.

Protagonists: Gu Yang & Chen An An


This is a short sequel of the Sworn Brothers series on the love triangle of Gu Yang (Liang Fei Fang & Gu Yan’s 2nd son), Chen An An (Chen Yu Bai & An Xiao Li’s 1st daughter) and Li Mu (Li Wei Ran & Qin Sang’s 1st son). Growing up together, Gu Yang has always love Chen An An for as long as he remember. However, Chen An An only has eyes for Li Nan. She is very comfortable with Gu Yang and do not feel shy revealing her true self to him. Where else, with Li Nan, she will hide her bad habits from him and tries to be perfect. Will Chen An An ever know who she really love?

Three Views Series ♦ 三观系列 ~♥

Darling ~ 心肝
Protagonists: Zheng Pian Ran & Xin Gan


The person that should give her unconditional love, gave birth to her after 10 months of pregnancy, name her after Xin Gan, and abandoned her years ago, without hesitation and never look back. She has been staying with the Song family ever since, a dubious and awkward identity, until she climbed onto Zheng Pian Ran's bed. Been fooling around with him for a decade, even during times of intimate moment, the thought of marrying him never cross Xin Gan's way of mind. Or should we rephrase.....been fooling around with him for ten years, even during times of intimate moment, Xin Gan never dare to think of marrying him.

Alternate Synopsis:

Xin Gan is an illegitimate daughter who is beautiful and bright and has been living in the Song family/corporation since young. Zheng Pian Ran is the heir of the Zheng Corporation; he is the perfect husband to be with his good looks and well-mannered posture. But he is in fact an arrogant and childish clean freak with weird habits and only Xin Gan knows him best. Zheng Pian Ran is in a relationship with Xin Gan; their being together were not approve by all, but what they did not know is Zheng Pian Ran have long treated Xin Gan like his life, it is almost impossible for him to leave her.

As Your Dream / Make It True ~ 如梦 / 所愿

Protagonist: Xu Cheng Xiao & Situ Xu Xu


Xu Cheng Xiao was once Situ Xu Xu's desire, she was firm despite of how difficult this relationship once was. But the love this overbearing man gave her is a choice, there is no place for her to fill in the blanks. He thought he gave ten, but Situ Xu Xu see it as one. Marriage, divorce, children, a girl like Situ Xu Xu, will love and give you up according to her freewill. Xu Cheng Xiao loves her, despite being abandoned by her for five years, he has never had a moment give up his love for her. Eventually, although they are not how they set to look like, he still got his wish.

Night Series ♦ 暗夜系列 ~♥

Bai Suan Ji (White Calculating) ~ 白算计

Protagonists: Chen Yu Bai & Ji Xiao Li

"Ji Xiao Li!" Chen Yu Bai pressed the body of the person under him, grit his teeth: "Just what did I owe you in my previous life?"

"Don't.....don't know.....but.....don't you know? Aren't you a fortune teller?"

The thousand years jade bed under their bodies started to chill and squeaked noisily.

"I'm a national division! State advisor! Don't ever call me a fortune teller again!!"

Alternate Synopsis:

A wise, beautiful and cold man, Chen Yu Bai is able to predict everything accurately. The only person that he is unable to read is none other than the naïve and happy-go-lucky girl, Ji Xiao Li. He had a shock when he first realised this and he is well aware of the reason behind his the saying goes, "Predict others but cannot predict oneself", because this girl's life is deeply connected with his own. "I cannot believe how can this dim-witted girl have anything to do with such a talented man like me"! Chen Yu Bai thought annoyingly in dismay as he look at Ji Xiao Li irritably.

'In life there are always meaningless calculation of others and self-prediction ~ no matter how accurate and sophiscated one's calculation is in this world, you can only predict others and not oneself. Living in this world, mundane joys and sorrows are inevitable. Hope that all of you may meet one person, and be read and calculate by just this one person in your lifetime.'

New Series ♦ 系列 ~♥
Zi Shi (Midnight) ~ 子时

Protagonists: Sheng Cheng Guang & Zi Shi


Having tasted the best feeling in this world,

Not a pity even to die......

Wo Huai Nian De (I Miss) ~ 我怀念的

Protagonists: Xie Jia Shu & Feng Yi Yi


I have became the type of people I used to hate most,

Because you like......

Author's End Note (Big Grey Wolf with Wings) ~♥

"Every end of a story is the time when we say goodbye, thank you all for your accompany on this journey. In the vast sea of people, I wrote the story while you read it, met by chance, a stranger's confidant. All of us will age, no one can seize time, I can only mark my years through the stories wrote, if you have seen my story, we have witnessed each other's existence. I am very grateful for your presence."


Introduction of Author:

Fei Wo Si Cun 匪我思存is a writer in China. Her real name is Ai Jingjing. She was born in Wuhan, in Hubei Province. Her works are very popular due to her beautiful writing and some of her books are adapted into Chinese dramas such as 'Too Late to say I Love You', 'Girl in Blue' and 'Le Jun Kai', etc.


I wrote some of the summaries after I read the novel, while some of them were translated from Chinese summary. As I am quite new to Chinese novels, hence please pardon if there is any translation error, etc. Just to share. (Click on title for link to read)

Protagonists: Zhou Yan Zhao & Zhou Xiao Meng 

Theme: 铭记 Remember


To the eyes of general public, Zhou Xiao Meng is the doting younger step sister of mafia leader, Zhou Yan Zhao. But never will they be aware of their secret and sexual relationship behind the walls of their mansion. Zhou Xiao Meng’s mother tried to kill Zhou Yan Zhao’s father a few years back, her mother is dead while her step father became paralyzed. Zhou Yan Zhao is filled with vengeance and can only vent his anger on Zhou Xiao Meng, the beautiful younger step sister whom he grew up with. The love he once showered her with was now replaced with his frustration. Will they ever let go of the past and start their life all over again? 

'What I actually want to do is to install a switch in my heart, able to turn on or off at any time. This way, I will love you if I want to, when I don't love you, I will really no longer love.'

Comment: As Long as You Love Me (Switch of Love) reminds me of Sealed with a Kiss, but I like the latter better as this storyline is darker. Fei Wo Si Cun did mentioned that she wrote this novel out of pressure/fun hence it is quite a short story. I feel that it is still a good story to read. If you are one who feel that the enjoyment readers get in the process of reading is more important, you may want to give this a chance.

Love Can Do Miracles ~ 景年知几时

Protagonists: Lu Yu Cheng & Ye Jin Zhi 

Theme: 珍惜 Cherish


Ye Jin Zhi is on the verge of divorce with her affluent and charismatic husband of three years, Lu Yu Cheng. To Ye Jin Zhi, Lu Yu Cheng is love at first sight but yet he only married her because of his promise to her elder sister on her death bed that he will take good care of Ye Jin Zhi on her behalf. Much as Ye Jin Zhi loved Lu Yu Cheng, she just cannot accept the fact that her husband did not love her and their marriage is only out of obligation. And yet, Lu Yu Cheng refuses to grant her a divorce no matter how much fuss she makes. Just when Ye Jin Zhi thought she can finally wriggle her way out of this meaningless marriage, she found out she is pregnant with Lu Yu Cheng’s baby..will Ye Jin Zhi ever understand how Lu Yu Cheng feel about her? 

Alternate Summary:

I always desire to be carefully and properly preserved. Free me from fear and bitterness. However, that person, I know, I always know, he would never come. Two person that comes together after difficulties; he was her sister's lover, how can Ye Jin Zhi endure her heart being disappointed by the poison tongue 'brother-in-law'? After the divorce (finally), she was being 'eye' by another gentle 'brother-in-law'. In order to protect the 'little soy bean' in her womb, Ye Jin Zhi have no choice but to start a long-term battle with the two invincible 'brother-in-law'. Confuse in love, misunderstanding and fate. Will Ye Jin Zhi who believe that love can create miracles have a happy ending with her Mr Right? May you also believe that love can work miracles.....

Comment: Love can do Miracles is one the few Fei Wo Si Cun’s novels with happy ending, although the storyline is not really something to shout about and its not really her best novel, but it is definitely a simple and light hearted story suitable for all.

If I did not Met You on this Second ~ 如果这一秒,我没遇见你

Protagonists: Mu Rong Qing Yi & Ren Su Su 

Theme: 原谅 Forgive


Ren Su Su is a stunning and talented ballerina who is contented with her simple life although she is not from a rich background. She chanced upon a noble affluent man, Mu Rong Qing Yi during an outing with her best friend and that is when Mu Rong Qing Yi decided he had to have her for his wife. Although they did get married after some difficulty, Ren Su Su is inferior with herself and do not have confidence to fulfill her duty as a wife to such a great man, with her quiet nature she tend to keep her feelings to herself most of the time. Much as Mu Rong Qing Yi loves her, the couple soon had misunderstanding due to lack of honest communication..will they ever clear up their misunderstanding?

Alternate Summary:

If it is unfortunate, why would she met a noble son whom will be the envy of every women; if it is fortunate, why would he be so cold towards her. If do not like it, why would he force marriage on her; if like it, why would he give her cold shoulder after getting married.....Noble son, Murong Qing Yi, rescued Ren Su Su on the horseback by chance at the racecourse. The love between the wealthy man and the woman from poor background, is it fate? or sin? Comment: This story is about Too Late to Say I Love You male protagonist, Mu Rong Feng’s son, Mu Rong Qing Yi. Unlike his father, he could have a happy marriage with the woman he love but have to suffer the misunderstanding due to their difference in personality and miscommunication, hence can be quite frustrating to read.

Together Forever ~ 佳期如梦之今生今世

Protagonists: Ji Nan Fang & Ye Shou Shou 

Theme: 懂得 Understand


Ye Shou Shou is simple and endearing girl who dream of leading a happy life together with her beloved first love. But her dreams were shattered when her boyfriend break off with her without valid reason. Ji Nan Fang is doting brother friend of Ye Shou Shou, who is a well known player. Just when Ye Shou Shou is at her most depress moment, Ji Nan Fang enters her life and offer her marriage after a drunken one night stand together. In a fit of anger, Ye Shou Shou agrees to marry him much to Ji Nan Fang’s delight. Just as Ji Nan Fang try ways and means to get Ye Shou Shou to accept him as her husband, Ye Shou Shou’s ex-boyfriend make a come back for her..who will Ye Shou Shou choose at the end of the day?

Comment: I was quite touched with Ji Nan Fang’s love for Ye Shou Shou while reading the novel. However, feel that the approach he uses can be better and also if only Ye Shou Shou is not as stubborn. For those reading paperback, this novel actually comes with a sequel and it has an open ending. Therefore do remember to check out the sequel online.

Tears in Heaven ~ 佳期如梦之海上繁花

Protagonist: Lei Yu Zhen & Du Xiao Su

Theme: 等待 Waiting


Du Xiao Su is a wilful entertainment reporter who impersonates as a nurse and sneaked into a hospital ward to snap a high rising star’s photo after a car accident. She bumps into Shao Zhen Rong, a suave doctor on duty and that begins their bitter sweet love relationship. Du Xiao Su met Shao Zhen Rong’s family to discuss their marriage and realized to her horror, Shao Zhen Rong’s second brother Lei Yu Zhen is none other than the guy who had a one night stand with her years ago! Much to Du Xiao Su dismay, Lei Yu Zhen forbade her relationship with Shao Zhen Rong.

During an earthquake rescue mission, Shao Zhen Rong had a mishap and lost his life. As time goes by, Lei Yu Zhen finds it more difficult to resist his feelings for Du Xiao Su and realized he had fallen in love with her right from the beginning. Will Du Xiao Su ever forget Shao Zhen Rong and learn to accept Lei Yu Zhen?

Comment: I especially love the part when they visited the children at the seaside village. Do remember to check the sequel online for readers reading paperback, it comes with a happy ending! Would like to thank fellow novel reader, Charlie for her recommendation on this title!

Love and be Loved ~ 桃花依旧笑春风

Protagonist: - 

Theme: 温暖 Affectionate


This novel consisted of a combination of several short romance stories both contemporary and period. Every chapter begins a brand new story, title, characters and their love stories.

Comment: I love reading this novel as there are always new surprises in every new chapter and story. Very refreshing!

Sealed with a Kiss ~ 千山暮雪

Protagonist: Mo Shao Qian & Tong Xue

Theme: 注定 Destine


Tong Xue became Mo Shao Qian’s mistress unwillingly after being threatened by him. In actual fact, this is part of Mo Shao Qian’s plot for revenge in getting back to Tong Xue’s Father for betraying his own Father years ago. However, what he did not foresee is his own feelings for Tong Xue developed after spending time with her over the years. Will Mo Shao Qian ever forgive and forget the past generation’s vengeance and live happily with Tong Xue?

Alternate Summary:

I only realise after a long time, there is a man in this world fated to be, although he only belong to you in a short time, but if you want to forget him, it will require a lifetime. Tong Xue understand, she is being despised and cause public outrage; commonly known as 'Xiao San (Mistress)'. But, behind the curtain intertwined, the entanglements with three men is more complex than she expect.
Comment: This is the first Fei Wo Si Cun novel I read. The sequel of this novel comes with a blissful ending and also a short story of the couple’s marriage life (My Sweet & Blissful Life with Beast).

当时明月在 ~ Where have all the Flowers Gone  

Protagonist: -

Theme: 时光 Time


This novel consists of a few short stories, quite similar to “Love and be Loved”.

The difference is the stories in this novel are slightly longer and it has a mixture of both happy and sad endings.

来不及说我爱你 ~ Too Late to Say Loving You

Protagonist: Mu Rong Feng & Yin Jing Wan

Theme: 执着 Persistent


Mu Rong Feng had a chance encounter with Yin Jing Wan and was surprised to see the beautiful girl again when she plead with him to save her fiancé, Xu Jian Zhang. Mu Rong Feng agreed to help Yin Jing Wan as she saved him before during their first meeting. Mu Rong Feng fell for Yin Jing Wan as time goes by and after Xu Jian Zhang is released, Mu Rong Feng vow to make Yin Jing Wan his even if she is already engage to marry her fiancé. During times of wars and chaos, Mu Rong Feng will have to make a decision between his country and his beloved woman; which one will he choose?

Comment: I personally enjoyed reading Chinese novels set in the early 1900s, somehow I just liked the settings and the ways of life during that period of time. It is due to that reason that I decided to read “Color of Night” and “Too Late to Say Loving You”, the latter is also because of the adapted drama. The adapted drama, ‘Too Late to Say I Love You’ is great and I would recommend anyone who has not watched it to give it a chance, unlike the novel it is a happy ending people!

迷雾围城 ~ Color of Night

Protagonist: Yi Lian Kai & Qin Sang

Theme: 邂逅  Encounter


The third son of a powerful and affluent family, Yi Lian Kai insisted on marrying Qin Sang the moment he set his eyes on her and tried ways and means to make her his wife. Much to Qin Sang’s displeased, even though she already had someone she likes (Li Wang Ping), she unwillingly agreed to the marriage without love. Yi Lian Kai is a well known player with dreadful temper and always seems to not take things seriously which lead to a bad impression for Qin Sang.

Hence Qin Sang remains nonchalant towards Yi Lian Kai and detested him no matter how much he love her which lead to some misunderstanding. Two years later, Li Wang Ping reappeared with a new identity as Pan Jian Chi and became the new assistant to Yi Lian Kai much to Qin Sang’s shock. During a time of war and chaos, Qin Sang goes through ups and downs with Yi Lian Kai and came to realize another side of him which she never know exists. Will Qin Sang ever comprehend who her true love is and will it be too late by the time she realize it?

Comment: “Color of Night” is a story before “Too Late to Say Loving You” so again I am curious. The plot is bitter sweet love and I cannot help feeling heart broken as I read towards the end, just have this feeling ‘what a shame!’ However, after reading the sequel for “Color of Night”, 似被前缘误, I realized our two male protagonists (Mu Rong Feng and Yi Lian Kai) destiny were fated to be. Well, what can I say...*sigh*

Both novels are well written and I enjoyed reading its exciting plot although I do not like the ending that much. As a happy ending lover I do hope that going forward, her future novels will have happier ending as cheerful endings never fail to brighten up our life!

A poem by Eileen Chang on the back of the novel 'Color of Night':

张爱玲 - 《半生缘》


Eileen Chang - Eighteen Springs

I want you to know, there is bound to be someone waiting for you in this world, no matter in what time, no matter in what place, you just know, there is this person. ——

Dance Me to the End of Love ~ 花颜

Protagonists: -

Theme: 岁月 Years

Brief Summary:

This novel consists of short stories both period and contemporary settings. It also included sequels from past Fei Wo Si Cun's novels such as Sealed with a Kiss, Eastern Palace and Tears in Heaven, etc.

Le Jun Kai ~ 乐俊凯

Protagonists: Le Jun Kai & Ye Zi

Brief Summary:

Le Jun Kai married his enemy's daughter, Ye Zi for the sake of revenge. He mistreated her and try ways and means to drive her out of his life. Le Jun Kai knew he is in love with Ye Zi and will never acknowledge this fact. He is afraid that Ye Zi will see through him the longer they stay together, hence decided to file for a divorce. Few years later, Le Jun Kai found out Ye Zi gave birth to their son without his knowledge and brought up the child on her own. Ye Zi love Le Jun Kai despite the torment he gave her and knew he detested her; if only Le Jun Kai can learn to forgive and forget.....

Comment: This is one of the short stories in Dance Me to the End of Love and it will be make into a short series starring Peter Ho and Janine Chang. A pity it is a sad ending.

Cinderella's Dream ~ 佳期如梦

Protagonist: Ruan Zheng Dong & You Jia Qi

Theme: 孤勇 Brave

Brief Summary:
A lot of times we give up, thinking it is just a relationship, only realized at the end of the day, that was a lifetime. It was originally a sentimental young love, turn into separation due to incompatible family background. Meng He Ping struggle to maintain the relationship with You Jia Qi, but she decided to leave for good. With family falling apart, Jia Qi hope to keep the last remaining pride and dignity as she gave up her feelings much to her unwillingness.

The sudden emerge of Ruan Zheng Dong is like a mystery, overbearing, arrogant and aloof, a total opposite of Meng He Ping's good nature temperament. Is he here for vengeance or pure flirting? In the hustle and bustle city, three person met. Be it powerful business elite or affluent man, when place before 'love', everyone are just normal individuals. No matter how capable one is, when move by love, one will be just as crazy and unrestraint.

Comment: Cinderella's Dream is a very touching love story; I remember getting emotional and cried like a baby at the end of the drama, 'The Girl in Blue'. I like the performance of both Roy Chiu and Joe Chen; this story tells us how fragile life is.....cherish your loved ones.

Because of Love (Loving You is the Best Time) ~ 爱你是最好的时光

Protagonist: Nie Yu Sheng & Tang Jing

Theme: 痊愈 Heal
Brief Summary:

There is a type of love, no matter how long it is separated, a miracle will occur once encounter again. Dong Yuan Group Chairman's only son, Nie Yu Sheng finally come back after studying overseas, he become a famous cardiac surgeon in the local hospital. Everyone is curious why would such a handsome rich guy choose a career in medicine. Perhaps only he himself will know what change him seven years ago. For the past seven years, Nie Yu Sheng imagined countless times on his quiet reunion with former girlfriend, never will he thought he will become the doctor of Tang Jing's son, Sun Ping, life once again allow two person who were very much in love before intersect. The many misunderstandings from seven years ago are not solved, and now there is a new worry.

Tang Jing's distress situation affected Nie Yu Sheng deeply, her helpless marriage hurt Nie Yu Sheng all the more. Always calm and self-discipline, Nie Yu Sheng became confused and puzzled when face with the one he loves.....sometimes life has its own plan, Nie Yu Sheng's father, Nie Dong Yuan was admitted to the local hospital due to an illness, where he met the son of Tang Jing, Sun Ping. The extraordinary love expressed by Nie Dong Yuan to Sun Ping reminded Nie Yu Sheng......for the past seven years, how much did Tang Jing hide from him? What are the secrets? Can two person who were very much in love overcome all obstacles?

Comment: I thought the storyline was rather typical at first, however as I read further, realised that there is more than meets the eye. A little dramatic, anyway, glad that its a happy ending. :)

I read and like some books by this novelist, Hong Jiu 红九. Might update again for future
title/review. If You Love Me, Speak Up! male protagonist is 3 years
younger than the girl...and she is his teacher...the guy might be younger in terms of age but is more mature in character. I very much enjoy reading this novel and like the ending whereby the novelist recap on why the guy is attracted to the girl in the first place, which is not mention at the beginning of the story.

Encounter is doom, Fall in love is Destiny is quite a lengthy book for me but I find it quite an interesting read. The female protagonist might not be the nicest girl around but I like her guts, though sometimes a little too stubborn, she wants to protect herself hence was careful not to easily let anyone in her heart. Feng Hua Xue Yue consists of three short stories, I prefer reading short stories from time to time as I am quite impatient to finish books too lengthy occasionally. There seems to be quite good reviews for Mo Dao Wei Liao Jun Xin Zui as a funny and nice book; will give it a chance when I feel like reading ancient novel in future.

Protagonist: Ning Xuan & Su Ya


16 years old Ning Xuan saw Su Ya for the first time. Her singing sucks, yet he cannot help being attracted by her. 18 years old Ning Xuan witnessed the process of Su Ya mistakenly walk into the gents. Looking at her embarrass expression, he was smitten by her.

In this year, he painstakingly makes her his girlfriend. In this year, his beloved Su Ya left him.

Time flies together with youth. 24 years old Ning Xuan reunited with Su Ya. He can tell she is not doing very well. And he knows, he is still in love with her. And it is also the same year; both of them cannot help but separated again.

26 years old, they meet again in the crowd. This time round will their love wander off again? From 16 years old to 26 years old, can love afford to wait another couple of years.

Encounter is Doom, Fall in Love is Destiny (Yu Jian Shi Jie Shu, Ai Shang Shi Zhu Ding) ~ 遇见是劫数, 爱上是注定

Protagonist: Gu Chen & Xu Tong


In order to revenge her father, who abandon her mother and herself; in order to teach her half sister a lesson; in order to survive.....She reluctantly willing to stage an act with him. Put up with his favourite gentle expression, she became a sweet and considerate girl.....a girl he thought to be his lucky star. Through her careful scheming, she created all kinds of opportunities. Attract his attention - just to be able to seduce him. He is well aware of everything, yet never expose her, on countless nights, giving her all sorts of bullying. She did not know, the moment her lips touches his, she is destined to unable to escape the doom.....he did not know, the moment he unknowingly said out: "Yao Yao, you are really my little lucky star!", this marriage is already destinated.

Alternate Synopsis:

Initially, she seduced him just to teach one person a lesson, however unknowingly, she begin to fall in love for real. After he encounter such a cunning woman, he only want this only 'tree' and ditch the rest of the 'forest' behind. She is a cunning and aggressive woman, will never be the first to profess her love. He is a domineering man, wants to dominate everything, career, future, women and love. Therefore, even though they already love, none of them will profess their love. He only said: "Why don't you marry me!" She only answered: "Sure, but let me finish brushing my teeth!"

Love is a war, the one who cannot resist temptation and say 'love' first, will be the one defeated.


Feng Hua Xue Yue ~ 疯花雪月

Protagonist: -


Story 1: You Are The Only Bet In My Lifetime

He woo her, seems to be very interested in her.
She fell in love with him and they were together.
However gradually, she realised that he is not truly in love with her but get close to her because of a bet he had with someone.
She was very sad and left him.
But he told her that he is sincere.
He said, in his lifetime, this will be his only bet, she will be his only bet!

Story 2: Want to Hold You Like Right Now

Sometimes fall in love with a person is because of just one detail. She is moved by his humility and care. Coincidentally, he became her boss and was very stern towards her.

She did not understand, cannot stand it anymore and dodge him. He told her: You have to understand, the deeper the love, the tougher it is. Thereafter, he resigned.

Shocked, she asked him why? He said: The reason I resign, is to be like right now, do not have to think twice on the company's regulations, and to hold you openly when I feel like it!

Story 3: Missy, Young Master Not at Home!

Faithful 'Fu Hei' (Black Belly) Young Master had something with his stepsister......

Mo Dao Wei Liao Jun Xin Zui ~ 莫道未撩君心醉

Protagonist: Mu Qian Shan & Qiu Di Fei


Qiu Di Fei is the third Missy of the Qiu Yang Villa, but unfortunately, her father does not love her, stepmother does not like her and sisters does not care for her. From childhood, she has learn to keep a low profile and will never be in the limelight. One day, she met a young man, Mu Qian Shan while making her way down a hill. Qiu Di Fei has always lead a low-key life and intend to remain this way. On the contrary, Mu Qian Shan cannot wait to be worship by everyone. The fate of two person with totally different personalities were deeply intertwined ever since their chance encounter.

Introduction of Author:

Shun Jian Qing Cheng 瞬间倾城, online Chinese romance novelist. The Chinese drama, Schemes of a Beauty were adapted from novel, Wei Yang.Chen Fu – 未央·沉浮. Some of her other novels include; Ting Shou Ni Ai Wo - 听说你爱我, Listen to My Heart - 听心, Dang Lao Niu Yu Jian Nen Cao (When Cow meets Grass) - 当老牛遇见嫩草, etc.


Got to know this author by her novel, Listen to My Heart. This book is one of my personal favourites. I like the novelist's writing and had a terrific time reading Listen to My Heart and enjoy the twist of the story. Thereafter realised Chinese drama, Schemes of a Beauty is adapted from one of the author's novels, Wei Yang.Chen Fu. Just to share. (Click on title for link)

Listen to My Heart - 听心

Brief Summary:
Ning Mo Mo's parents separated years ago, her younger brother's sudden heart attack makes the family financial burden fall on her shoulders. Left with no other options, she can only trade herself in a marriage to an affluent family for exchange of money for her younger brother's surgery.
Ling Tang Yuan lost his hearing at the age of fifteen due to a misdiagnosis, his domineering mother gets him a 'wife' without his consent. Due to her marriage to Ling Tang Yuan, it lead Ning Mo Mo to the secret of the Ling family which will change her life.

Alternate Synopsis:

Someone warned me, marriage with transaction is very dangerous.
I laughed, do not want to answer.
Someone warned me, marriage with transaction has no dignity.
I laughed, can't be bothered.
Someone give me their blessing, marriage with transaction can also comes with love.
I laughed, but turned my back to them.

This is a marriage with transaction, I only met him once, we needed one another for personal reason. I would like to pen down the story, in hope to use words to tell myself, all is my own choice, be it right or wrong, still have to endure all the way.
Perhaps, awaiting for me, or what I am waiting for, will arrive in due time......
When Cow meets Grass - 当老牛遇见嫩草

Brief Summary:

If Cinderella's step mother bring along a younger brother; If Cinderella is 5 years his senior; If Cinderella is a cold female doctor;

If younger brother is a 'black belly'; and just when she celebrate her 30 birthday; Younger brother process his love for her out of the sudden; Who will advise her what to do??

Introduction of Author:

Gu Quan (汩泉) was born in the month of June, in Shan Xi province. Quiet by nature and is not the typical Leo personality traits. Preferred simple lifestyle and believe nothing is impossible.


Happen to chance upon the book, Substitute Bride; not too familiar with the author but find the story interesting. Later on, realise there is another book by the same novelist, Amnesia Bride. Both titles are kind of link because of the characters and their relationship. Somehow, Reading it reminds me of the Chinese drama, Cuo Dian Yuan Yang / Xi Dian Yuan Yang. I personally prefer contemporary novels and have not been reading ancient novels since Ballad of the Desert (Da Mo Yao). Checking out ancient novels once in a while can be quite refreshing. (Click on title for link to read)

Substitute Bride ~ 替身新娘

Protagonists: Ye Che & Long Mo Er

Brief Summary:

Everything begins with love, in order to help her sister to escape a marriage without love, she willingly put on the wedding dress and get married on her behalf.
After serving her purpose, she thought she will be able to pull herself out from this mess. Never will she expect herself to fall in love with the bride groom and the bride groom with her, the substitute bride......

Protagonists: Ling Ting Wu & Ye Ruo Xuan

Brief Summary:
Everything seems so foreign to her the moment she woke up, she cannot remember her own name and have no memory at all. All she felt was sever headache. In such a big castle many people, yet all seems so cold.
In order to bring her own memory back, she started to look for the owner of this place, only to realise he is so......however, he is the one who save her therefore he is definitely a kind soul. Hence she is not afraid of him. Will she be able to recall her memory? 


Title: Ballad of the Desert (Da Mo Yao) / 大漠谣
Author: Tong Hua / 桐华 
Origin: Mainland

First part of Novel

Set in the Han Dynasty. The female protagonist Yu Jin (Jin Yu) was raised by a pack of wolves as an infant and was rescue by a man as a child, grew up she is later entangled with two men, Huo Qu Bing, a handsome General who is related to the Han Imperial Family. And Meng Jiu who is warm and kind-hearted. 

It is a pleasure to read the story of “Da Mo Yao” by Tong Hua as it is fascinating that Jin Yu is raised by the pack of wolves, able to communicate with the brother wolf and her real birth identity remains a mystery. I like the straightforward and light-hearted storyline. Tong Hua portrays 霍去病 Huo Qu Bing’s character mischievous yet charming at the same time, you can’t help but fall in love with him as you read on.

Second part of Novel
Touch a little on the history; Huo Qu Bing was born in Linfen, Shanxi during 140 BC – 117 BC and was a great general of the western Han dynasty under Emperor Wu. He is the illegitimate son of Wei Shao Er, nephew of Wei Qing and Empress Wei Zi Fu. It is stated that he died at the early age of 24 due to a plague.

However, it is a different ending for “Da Mo Yao” as the novel ended with Huo Qu Bing feigns death to gain freedom and live happily with Jin Yu and their children. Quite a twist in history as Tong Hua feels that its such a pity for a great hero to passed on at such a young age, hence Huo Qu Bing comes back alive in her novel; it is after all a fiction novel.

Huo Qu Bing

Some favourite scene from the novel:

~♥  Huo Qu Bing storms into the room while Jin Yu is bathing and he abducts her.

~♥  Jin Yu dancing for Huo Qu Bing at the banquet.

~♥  Jin Yu’s ‘conversation’ with her pet pigeons given to her by Meng Jiu.


      In the past I used to read only English novels, only started reading Chinese novels due to my interest in dramas adapting from novels such as “Sealed with a Kiss” and “Da Mo Yao”, etc. Happen to discovered this novelist - 叶落无心  and have been reading some of her novels. Interesting stories with good sense of humour!

There do not seem to have any English version of her novels available hence for now it is only for readers who are fluent in Chinese. As I am quite new to Chinese novels, hence please pardon if there is any translation error, etc. (Please note there are some sexual references / mature content; Readers discretion advised).

Just to share and wrote some summaries of her books. (Click on title for link)


堕落无罪 ~ Fallen Innocence

Protagonists: Lin Jun Yi and Yao Bing Wu


Yao Bing Wu is a single mother with a little girl working as a Secretary and constantly trying to make ends meet; however she always encountered problems with her previous bosses due to her good looks. Having recently resigned from her job again, she went for an interview in a reputable company recommended by her friend, hoping for a fresh start. She was shocked to discover that her new difficult boss, Lin Jun Yi looks exactly like her first love but with totally different personality, hence she begins to believe it is only pure coincidence for two people to look alike.

Her first love had been in love with her since she was young but she only got to realize it when they were teenagers. She was forced to leave him due to some difficult circumstances but he was not aware of it and was devastating.

Yao Bing Wu’s new boss is well known to be impartial and not to have any advances towards beautiful women, however why did he always finds ways to spend time with Yao Bing Wu whenever he can and seems to be interested in her?

Alternate Synopsis:

Yao Bing Wu works as a Secretary for four years, the thought of marrying a rich man never cross her mind, because she knew and seen through the true colour of fickle rich men. But she met him, Lin Jun Yi, born to a good family, handsome, extraordinary, but ruthless man. Well aware that she should not love, knew that he had an elegant fiancée, her heart still flutter for him, step by step fall into his trap.....because of that, she was forced to be his lover, but she clearly knew that rules and regulations of flirty rich masters: She is just a lover.

Therefore she turn from fierce resistance to submissive, only in hope that he will soon get tired of her, abandoned her, so that she can end the 'Cinderella' illusion. But she never thought he will sink deeper than before, for her sake call off wedding engagement and give up his right of inheritance, even to the extend of disown his only family member.....When the mystery is solved, she finally find out the truth after being confused for so long -- It turned out he was already in love with her when he was just seven! Not exactly a happy love story, rather it is an unlucky woman's endless bitterness journey of life.

Protagonists: Han Zhou Chen and Han Qian Wu 



Han Qian Wu witnessed the death of her beloved parents and elder brother when she was only seven years old. It was caused by the powerful and young mafia leader, Han Zhou Chen and she will never forget him. Two years later, Han Zhou Chen adopted a vengeful Han Qian Wu from the orphanage she is staying and brings her home to stay with him. 


Years past and Han Zhou Chen gradually falls in love with his teenager ‘adopted daughter’ and much as Han Qian Wu do not want to admit, she also begin fallen in love with Han Zhou Chen and is used to having him in her life. Will Han Qian Wu take revenge or fall in love with Han Zhou Chen?

Alternate Synopsis:

Thirteen years ago, he killed my parents and older brother. Ten years ago, he adopted me without knowing my real identity. Four years ago, he fell in love with me and said, "You are mine, you can only think about me!" Two years ago, when I just had a miscarriage, he only said one sentence, "Do not let me see you again." I was left alone in the hospital.

At this moment, reunited again, he order the waiter to brought a cheque, to 'buy' me to accompany him for supper. I understand, he wanted me to remember: He will not have any feelings for me again. But.....but.....I still love him, because he is worth it! At this point, you may think I am stupid, but those reading said to me: Han Qian Wu, you are such a heartless woman, if you miss out such a man, you will regret for a lifetime!


Protagonists: An Yi Feng and Si Tu Chun 



An Yi Feng is an eminent mobster who falls in love with the dazzling upright police officer, Si Tu Chun when she brings him back to the police station one day. 

Although An Yi Feng is aware that a righteous police officer like Si Tu Chun will never fall for a thug like him but still he cannot stop his attraction to her and hope that one day his faithfulness will make her change her impression on him. Will a mobster and police officer have a blissful ending together?

Alternate Synopsis:

If An Yi Feng is not consider a man, no one in this world will dare say he is a man! If An Yi Feng is not consider an evildoer, there will be no evildoer in this world.....He is such a man - riding underworld for the past fifteen years, who dare to disagree with him, do not ever think of opening his mouth to speak again. He is arrogant and despotic, alone with no worries, but what he did not know is, at a dark corner stands a woman who has always been quietly in love with him.....

This is an epilogue of 'Sleeping with a Wolf'.

等我长大,好不好 ~ Will you wait for me to grow up? 

Protagonists: An Nuo Dong and Han Mo Mo


An Nuo Dong is the son of An Yi Feng, he grew up with his father’s best buddy’s Han Zhou Chen’s precious daughter, Han Mo Mo. Although An Nuo Dong has always treated her like his own sister and protective towards her, Han Mo Mo in fact has been in love with him for as long as she can remember…will they truly have a future together?

Alternate Synopsis:

Probably should not insist, should not care, but still unwilling to let go......

Probably should not miss, should not wait in vain, but still unwilling to walk away.....

已越雷池 ~ Go Beyond the Limit (Yi Yue Lei Chi)

Protagonist: Zuo Chao Yue and Su Mu Mu


Su Mu Mu experienced a terrible trauma some time back which result in her temporary lost of voice due to psychology issue. She met Zuo Chao Yue while working as a pianist in a pub, she desperately need to raise money quickly for her mother’s lawsuit. So much so that one night she decided to sell her ‘first night’ to Zuo Chao Yue. They did have a one night stand and Su Mu Mu disappears quietly, to Zuo Chao Yue’s dismay.
Zuo Chao Yue has been constantly looking for her after that night as he cannot put his mind off the alluring dumb girl who captures his heart. He even started learning lip reading right after in hope for better communication with her in future; however, He returns home one fine day and saw an equally dumbfounded Su Mu Mu again but this time in the arms of his identical twin brother, Zuo Chao Ran! It turn out Su Mu Mu saw Zuo Chao Ran and mistaken him as Zuo Chao Yue, although the man did not recognize her and have a totally different personality, Su Mu Mu still hope to be with him again. When she realized the truth, which brother will she chose?

Alternate Synopsis:

With trembling fingers she caught his sleeve, looked up, her blur eyes could not fathom his smile. She tried hard to open her mouth, wanted to ask very badly: "Is that you? The man that night, is that you?" He looked at her nonchalantly and withdraw her hand from his sleeve, with a faint smile: "Is something wrong, Sister-in-law......"

洞房花烛,隔壁 ~ Nuptial Chamber Next Door

Protagonists: Ye Zheng Chen and Bo Bing


Bo Bing is a medical student who went to Japan to pursue further studies, a young girl in a foreign land she met a senior student, Ye Zheng Chen who is also an aspiring doctor in the same university as her. They shared some common factors, become fast friends and gradually fall in love. Ye Zheng Chen love Bo Bing deeply and affectionately call her 'lass' instead by her name. However, Bo Bing later discovered that Ye Zheng Chen is in fact already engaged to another girl and was upset she is being lied to. Ye Zheng Chen tried to explain his difficulties but Bo Bing fled back home before he can tell her the truth.

Three years later, Bo Bing’s fiancé is being charged and she is told that only Ye Zheng Chen has the ability to help her. Bo Bing is therefore being forced to trade herself to Ye Zheng Chen in order to save her fiancé. She also learn the secret that Ye Zheng Chen has been hiding from her since their days in Japan three years ago...

Alternate Synopsis:

If I believe that you said "I love you"......
If I believe that the hurt you imposed on me is not to deceive intentionally......
If I believe that pain which you never voice out, is already spreading like a virus......
Will we not miss out three years of our time?


把爱错给了你 ~ Love Given to you by Mistake

Protagonists: Yang Lan Han and Bai Ling Ling


Bai Ling Ling is a happy-go-lucky university student whose favourite past time is to chat online with her best online pal ‘How far is forever’. She had never seen ‘How far is forever’ before although they have been chatting online for the past 5 years, all she knew about him were he is a student at MIT, while she is studying in a local university. Both of them study similar subjects and Bai Ling Ling talked to her online pal almost everything about herself including her ‘psycho’ high expectation genius professor, Yang Lan Han, whom truly drive her nuts with research and projects. Bai Ling Ling gradually falls in love with her online pal and was upset as there is a possibility that their online relationship will never blossom.

Yang Lan Han is an intelligent scholar who went to America to study at a tender age of 16 years old and returns as a Professor before he is even 30 years of age. His lectures were always filled with drooling female students as he is incredibly attractive with his model like features and figure. Almost every girls went crazy over him except Bai Ling Ling, however, never will Bai Ling Ling know that her beloved online pal, ‘How far is forever’ and her ‘psycho’ professor, Yang Lan Han is one and the same person and Yang Lan Han knew all along her identity as his online pal!

Alternate Synopsis:
Easily confused female student with Fu Hei male teacher heart-warming love story. Ling Ling said: "Mr Yang, I am in love with you, I long to see you everyday, every minute, every second, I.....fear I might sink deeper without control of myself.....So, please I beg of you, allow me to graduate."

He looked at her, with a chilly reply: "If you really want to graduate, I can respect your choice, you do not need to always resort to this method." "I....." He said: "Is it because you cannot tolerate my harsh teaching or was it because of the young and promising supervisor from the Electric company appreciate your talent, and want to hire you with a monthly salary of eight thousand dollars?"

She laughed: "Mr Yang, what must I do to make you believe, or why not I go to your house this evening and spend the night with you?" He handsome face is reddened with anger, mouth twitching and hands trembling. Seeing how Yang Lan Han, who is always calm all angry because of her, Ling Ling suddenly feels how funny it is, ridiculously funny. He smile and smile, exhaust the last vestiges of strength in his body, "Alright!"
Ling Ling's smile froze on her face, she cannot believe the words came from the mouth of noble, Yang Lan Han! Lies betrayed promises, tears betrayed eyes, my turn back betrayed my heart.....Are they online dating, teacher and student love or crush?

无爱言婚 ~ Wu Ai Yan Hun

Protagonists: Jing Mo Yu & Jing An Yan

Synopsis:Jing Mo Yu is the adopted son of the Jing family. His younger sister, Jing An Yan whom he grew up with have a crush on him since young. Jing An Yan never thought that an one night stand with Jing Mo Yu due to a moment of folly will lead to them getting married. Is this just a one sided love by Jing An Yan? Will this be a marriage without love?

Alternate Synopsis:
I was fifteen years old that year.....
"Brother, can I ask you a question?"
"Yah, go ahead."
"If I fall in love with a man, love him very much, but he do not seem to love me back, what can I do?"
"Very simple, tried ways and means to get him to fall in love with you."
"What if, I have already tried everything, and he still do not love me?"
"Then tell me who he is, I will not let him have a chance to fall in love with other women."
"I do not want to see you sad....."

Bitter sweet love of a brother and sister.
Some people say you need to do a few things in life that regret, to make your life complete.
So far, I have only done two things that I regret,
The first, is to fall in love with my brother,
The second, is to marry him......

纵然缘浅 ~ Zong Ran Yuan Jian 

Protagonists: Zheng Wei & Jian Ruo
Reunion after a long period of time.

She dedicatedly looked out of the bustling city and its beautiful bright light in front of the elevator of International Hotel.

He eyed the tight fitting skirt wrapped around her curves, admiring all the way down.....

Lost in the dryness of throat, she coughed softly.

He smiled as he shifted his gaze back to her face, "So, socialize is over?"

When the elevator reached ground floor, she hastily moved towards the door.

However, He was faster than her. Blocking her way in front of the elevator door, he asked, "So long as you can get to play the female lead...anyone will do?"

As the saying goes; Impulse is the devil. By the time she remembered this maxim, she blurted out words that should not have say. "Of course, that includes you as well, Director Zheng!"