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Ballad of the Desert (Da Mo Yao) / 大漠谣 Novel ~♥

Title: Ballad of the Desert (Da Mo Yao) / 大漠谣
Author: Tong Hua / 桐华 
Origin: Mainland

First part of Novel

Set in the Han Dynasty. The female protagonist Yu Jin (Jin Yu) was raised by a pack of wolves as an infant and was rescue by a man as a child, grew up she is later entangled with two men, Huo Qu Bing, a handsome General who is related to the Han Imperial Family. And Meng Jiu who is warm and kind-hearted. 


It is a pleasure to read the story of “Da Mo Yao” by Tong Hua as it is fascinating that Jin Yu is raised by the pack of wolves, able to communicate with the brother wolf and her real birth identity remains a mystery. I like the straightforward and light-hearted storyline. Tong Hua portrays 霍去病 Huo Qu Bing’s character mischievous yet charming at the same time, you can’t help but fall in love with him as you read on.

Second part of Novel
Touch a little on the history; Huo Qu Bing was born in Linfen, Shanxi during 140 BC – 117 BC and was a great general of the western Han dynasty under Emperor Wu. He is the illegitimate son of Wei Shao Er, nephew of Wei Qing and Empress Wei Zi Fu. It is stated that he died at the early age of 24 due to a plague.

However, it is a different ending for “Da Mo Yao” as the novel ended with Huo Qu Bing feigns death to gain freedom and live happily with Jin Yu and their children. Quite a twist in history as Tong Hua feels that its such a pity for a great hero to passed on at such a young age, hence Huo Qu Bing comes back alive in her novel; it is after all a fiction novel.

Huo Qu Bing

Some favourite scenes from the novel:

~♥  Huo Qu Bing storms into the room while Jin Yu is bathing and he abducts her.

~♥  Jin Yu dancing for Huo Qu Bing at the banquet.

~♥  Jin Yu’s ‘conversation’ with her pet pigeons given to her by Meng Jiu.



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