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Ye Luo Wu Xin / 叶落无心 Novels ~♥

In the past I used to read only English novels, only started reading Chinese novels due to my interest in dramas adapting from novels such as “Sealed with a Kiss” and “Da Mo Yao”, etc. Happen to discovered this novelist - 叶落无心  and have been reading some of her novels. Interesting stories with good sense of humor!

There do not seem to have any English version of her novels available hence for now it is only for readers who are fluent in Chinese. As I am quite new to Chinese novels, hence please pardon if there is any translation error, etc. (Please note there are some sexual references / mature content; Readers discretion advised).

Just to share and wrote some summaries of her books.

堕落无罪 ~ Fallen Innocence
Protagonists: Lin Jun Yi and Yao Bing Wu

Yao Bing Wu is a single mother with a little girl working as a Secretary and constantly trying to make ends meet; however she always encountered problems with her previous bosses due to her good looks. Having recently resigned from her job again, she went for an interview in a reputable company recommended by her friend, hoping for a fresh start. She was shocked to discover that her new difficult boss, Lin Jun Yi looks exactly like her first love but with totally different personality, hence she begins to believe it is only pure coincidence for two people to look alike.
Her first love had been in love with her since she was young but she only got to realize it when they were teenagers. She was forced to leave him due to some difficult circumstances but he was not aware of it and was devastating.

Yao Bing Wu’s new boss is well known to be impartial and not to have any advances towards beautiful women, however why did he always finds ways to spend time with Yao Bing Wu whenever he can and seems to be interested in her?

Alternate Synopsis:

Yao Bing Wu works as a Secretary for four years, the thought of marrying a rich man never cross her mind, because she knew and seen through the true colour of fickle rich men. But she met him, Lin Jun Yi, born to a good family, handsome, extraordinary, but ruthless man. Well aware that she should not love, knew that he had an elegant fiancée, her heart still flutter for him, step by step fall into his trap.....because of that, she was forced to be his lover, but she clearly knew that rules and regulations of flirty rich masters: She is just a lover.

Therefore she turn from fierce resistance to submissive, only in hope that he will soon get tired of her, abandoned her, so that she can end the 'Cinderella' illusion. But she never thought he will sink deeper than before, for her sake call off wedding engagement and give up his right of inheritance, even to the extend of disown his only family member.....When the mystery is solved, she finally find out the truth after being confused for so long -- It turned out he was already in love with her when he was just seven! Not exactly a happy love story, rather it is an unlucky woman's endless bitterness journey of life.

与狼共枕 ~ Sleeping with a Wolf 
Protagonists: Han Zhou Chen and Han Qian Wu 


Han Qian Wu witnessed the death of her beloved parents and elder brother when she was only seven years old. It was caused by the powerful and young mafia leader, Han Zhou Chen and she will never forget him. Two years later, Han Zhou Chen adopted a vengeful Han Qian Wu from the orphanage she is staying and brings her home to stay with him. 
Years past and Han Zhou Chen gradually falls in love with his teenager ‘adopted daughter’ and much as Han Qian Wu do not want to admit, she also begin fallen in love with Han Zhou Chen and is used to having him in her life. Will Han Qian Wu take revenge or fall in love with Han Zhou Chen?

Alternate Synopsis:

Thirteen years ago, he killed my parents and older brother. Ten years ago, he adopted me without knowing my real identity. Four years ago, he fell in love with me and said, "You are mine, you can only think about me!" Two years ago, when I just had a miscarriage, he only said one sentence, "Do not let me see you again." I was left alone in the hospital.

At this moment, reunited again, he order the waiter to brought a cheque, to 'buy' me to accompany him for supper. I understand, he wanted me to remember: He will not have any feelings for me again. But.....but.....I still love him, because he is worth it! At this point, you may think I am stupid, but those reading said to me: Han Qian Wu, you are such a heartless woman, if you miss out such a man, you will regret for a lifetime!

与狼共吻 ~ Kissing with a Wolf 

Protagonists: An Yi Feng and Si Tu Chun 

An Yi Feng is an eminent mobster who falls in love with the dazzling upright police officer, Si Tu Chun when she brings him back to the police station one day. 
Although An Yi Feng is aware that a righteous police officer like Si Tu Chun will never fall for a thug like him but still he cannot stop his attraction to her and hope that one day his faithfulness will make her change her impression on him. Will a mobster and police officer have a blissful ending together?

Alternate Synopsis:

If An Yi Feng is not consider a man, no one in this world will dare say he is a man! If An Yi Feng is not consider an evildoer, there will be no evildoer in this world.....He is such a man - riding underworld for the past fifteen years, who dare to disagree with him, do not ever think of opening his mouth to speak again. He is arrogant and despotic, alone with no worries, but what he did not know is, at a dark corner stands a woman who has always been quietly in love with him.....

This is an epilogue of 'Sleeping with a Wolf'.
 The story of Han Zhou Chen's buddy, An Yi Feng.

等我长大,好不好 ~ Will you wait for me to grow up? 

Protagonists: An Nuo Dong and Han Mo Mo


An Nuo Dong is the son of An Yi Feng, he grew up with his father’s best buddy’s Han Zhou Chen’s precious daughter, Han Mo Mo. Although An Nuo Dong has always treated her like his own sister and protective towards her, Han Mo Mo in fact has been in love with him for as long as she can remember…will they truly have a future together?

Alternate Synopsis:

Probably should not insist, should not care, but still unwilling to let go......

Probably should not miss, should not wait in vain, but still unwilling to walk away.....

已越雷池 ~ Go Beyond the Limit (Yi Yue Lei Chi)

Protagonist: Zuo Chao Yue and Su Mu Mu


Su Mu Mu experienced a terrible trauma some time back which result in her temporary lost of voice due to psychology issue. She met Zuo Chao Yue while working as a pianist in a pub, she desperately need to raise money quickly for her mother’s lawsuit. So much so that one night she decided to sell her ‘first night’ to Zuo Chao Yue. They did have a one night stand and Su Mu Mu disappears quietly, to Zuo Chao Yue’s dismay.
Zuo Chao Yue has been constantly looking for her after that night as he cannot put his mind off the alluring dumb girl who captures his heart. He even started learning lip reading right after in hope for better communication with her in future; however, He returns home one fine day and saw an equally dumbfounded Su Mu Mu again but this time in the arms of his identical twin brother, Zuo Chao Ran! It turn out Su Mu Mu saw Zuo Chao Ran and mistaken him as Zuo Chao Yue, although the man did not recognize her and have a totally different personality, Su Mu Mu still hope to be with him again. When she realized the truth, which brother will she chose?

Alternate Synopsis:

With trembling fingers she caught his sleeve, looked up, her blur eyes could not fathom his smile. She tried hard to open her mouth, wanted to ask very badly: "Is that you? The man that night, is that you?" He looked at her nonchalantly and withdraw her hand from his sleeve, with a faint smile: "Is something wrong, Sister-in-law......"

洞房花烛,隔壁 ~ Nuptial Chamber Next Door

Protagonists: Ye Zheng Chen and Bo Bing


Bo Bing is a medical student who went to Japan to pursue further studies, a young girl in a foreign land she met a senior student, Ye Zheng Chen who is also an aspiring doctor in the same university as her. They shared some common factors, become fast friends and gradually fall in love. Ye Zheng Chen love Bo Bing deeply and affectionately call her 'lass' instead by her name. However, Bo Bing later discovered that Ye Zheng Chen is in fact already engaged to another girl and was upset she is being lied to. Ye Zheng Chen tried to explain his difficulties but Bo Bing fled back home before he can tell her the truth.

Three years later, Bo Bing’s fiancé is being charged and she is told that only Ye Zheng Chen has the ability to help her. Bo Bing is therefore being forced to trade herself to Ye Zheng Chen in order to save her fiancé. She also learn the secret that Ye Zheng Chen has been hiding from her since their days in Japan three years ago...

Alternate Synopsis:

If I believe that you said "I love you"......
If I believe that the hurt you imposed on me is not to deceive intentionally......
If I believe that pain which you never voice out, is already spreading like a virus......
Will we not miss out three years of our time?


把爱错给了你 ~ Love Given to you by Mistake / The Wrong Love for You

Protagonists: Yang Lan Han and Bai Ling Ling


Bai Ling Ling is a happy-go-lucky university student whose favourite past time is to chat online with her best online pal ‘How far is forever’. She had never seen ‘How far is forever’ before although they have been chatting online for the past 5 years, all she knew about him were he is a student at MIT, while she is studying in a local university. Both of them study similar subjects and Bai Ling Ling talked to her online pal almost everything about herself including her ‘psycho’ high expectation genius professor, Yang Lan Han, whom truly drive her nuts with research and projects. Bai Ling Ling gradually falls in love with her online pal and was upset as there is a possibility that their online relationship will never blossom.

Yang Lan Han is an intelligent scholar who went to America to study at a tender age of 16 years old and returns as a Professor before he is even 30 years of age. His lectures were always filled with drooling female students as he is incredibly attractive with his model like features and figure. Almost every girls went crazy over him except Bai Ling Ling, however, never will Bai Ling Ling know that her beloved online pal, ‘How far is forever’ and her ‘psycho’ professor, Yang Lan Han is one and the same person and Yang Lan Han knew all along her identity as his online pal!

Alternate Synopsis:
Easily confused female student with Fu Hei male teacher heart-warming love story. Ling Ling said: "Mr Yang, I am in love with you, I long to see you everyday, every minute, every second, I.....fear I might sink deeper without control of myself.....So, please I beg of you, allow me to graduate."
He looked at her, with a chilly reply: "If you really want to graduate, I can respect your choice, you do not need to always resort to this method." "I....." He said: "Is it because you cannot tolerate my harsh teaching or was it because of the young and promising supervisor from the Electric company appreciate your talent, and want to hire you with a monthly salary of eight thousand dollars?"
She laughed: "Mr Yang, what must I do to make you believe, or why not I go to your house this evening and spend the night with you?" He handsome face is reddened with anger, mouth twitching and hands trembling. Seeing how Yang Lan Han, who is always calm all angry because of her, Ling Ling suddenly feels how funny it is, ridiculously funny. He smile and smile, exhaust the last vestiges of strength in his body, "Alright!"
Ling Ling's smile froze on her face, she cannot believe the words came from the mouth of noble, Yang Lan Han! Lies betrayed promises, tears betrayed eyes, my turn back betrayed my heart.....Are they online dating, teacher and student love or crush?

千年守侯 One Thousand Years of Love

Protagonists: Qing Ning & Yi Yun


He has been all alone during all these thousand years, using blood and tears in his mind to create a perfect woman. He does not care about the punishment of heaven, the love he has given, yet what he got in return is her indifference attitude.

He has been waiting for the past thousand years, is that not enough......If only she can look back, despite giving up three thousand years of practice, he will also have no regrets......

无爱言婚 ~ Wu Ai Yan Hun

Protagonists: Jing Mo Yu & Jing An Yan

Synopsis:Jing Mo Yu is the adopted son of the Jing family. His younger sister, Jing An Yan whom he grew up with have a crush on him since young. Jing An Yan never thought that a one night stand with Jing Mo Yu due to a moment of folly will lead to them getting married. Is this just an one sided love by Jing An Yan? Will this be a marriage without love?

Alternate Synopsis:

I was fifteen years old that year.....
"Brother, can I ask you a question?"
"Yah, go ahead."
"If I fall in love with a man, love him very much, but he do not seem to love me back, what can I do?"
"Very simple, tried ways and means to get him to fall in love with you."
"What if, I have already tried everything, and he still do not love me?"
"Then tell me who he is, I will not let him have a chance to fall in love with other women."
"I do not want to see you sad....."

Bitter sweet love of a brother and sister.
Some people say you need to do a few things in life that regret, to make your life complete.
So far, I have only done two things that I regret,
The first, is to fall in love with my brother,
The second, is to marry him......


纵然缘浅 ~ Zong Ran Yuan Jian 

Protagonists: Zheng Wei & Jian Ruo


Reunion after a long period of time.

She dedicatedly looked out of the bustling city and its beautiful bright light in front of the elevator of International Hotel.

He eyed the tight fitting skirt wrapped around her curves, admiring all the way down.....

Lost in the dryness of throat, she coughed softly.

He smiled as he shifted his gaze back to her face, "So, socialize is over?"

When the elevator reached ground floor, she hastily moved towards the door.

However, He was faster than her. Blocking her way in front of the elevator door, he asked, "So long as you can get to play the female lead...anyone will do?"

As the saying goes; Impulse is the devil. By the time she remembered this maxim, she blurted out words that should not have say. "Of course, that includes you as well, Director Zheng!"


  1. Hi, I saw your posts in spcnet so I come & take a look at your blog. Oh, such a wonderful and interesting blog as I more or less share the same interests as you:) Sorry, I am too lazy to leave comment on the individual post but I like most of the kdramas you posted. I watched most of them except a few which I'll check out later due to your recommendation except the ancient one as I don't like kdrama of that genre. Btw, I think you didn't post My Girl, one of my fav Kdrama so if you've not seen it, you must see it:)

    As for Cdrama, bcos of Sealed with a Kiss & Bu Bu Jin Xin, I am also looking fwd to dramas like Da Mo Yao & Secrets. Also, plan to watch In Love with Power & Female Prime Minister. Btw, if you have not watched Too Late To Say I Love You, I recommend you to watch it just for Wallace, lol.

    I can't read or write Chinese but can kind of understand Mandarin due to watching Qiong Yao's dramas:P After reading the English translations for Da Mo Yao, Yun Zhong Ge & 3 Lives 3 Worlds 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms, I started to take an interest in Chinese novels by listening to audiobooks. They are really good with sound effects & music, just like a drama without the picture only. Then I started to use google translate to read Chinese novels to me, haha...I've read No Guilt for Depraved & Nuptial Chamber Next Door & quite like Ye Ruo Wu Xin's books. But I've short attention span so I can't only read novels by one author like you:) If you are tired of her book, I can't recommend you some other books. I'll check out YRWX's other books later. I did check out the wolf trilogy which I dropped bcos I don't like book of that genre. If you've time, do drop by & visit our book bar to discuss any books One of the girl there who read Viet translated books is a super fan of YRWX & have read all her books:)

    1. Hi Charlie,

      Thanks a lot for taking time to read/comment on my blog and for your recommendations, will definitely check them out and visit your book bar! I am glad that you find my blog interesting..I have watched ‘Too Late to Say I Love You’ and yes it is great, I am a big fan of Wallace Chung..he is a wonderful actor! =) The dramas that I have blog so far were some of my personal favourites. I actually also do not enjoy ancient Kdrama as much but surprisingly ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ is the one and only ancient Kdrama that I am totally hooked to! =)

      I am currently watching ‘In Love with Power’ as well, it seems really interesting and I like Hawick Lau since ‘Sealed with a Kiss’, you may watch it here at YouTube:

      Audio books are absolutely enjoyable and I do indulge in them at times but I am quite impatient sometimes and want to know the outcome of the story sooner so I prefer to read instead, but think the time consume should be more or less the same, LOL..The first YRWX’s novel I read was ‘No Guilt for Depraved’ and I find it quite remarkable so that leads me to her other novels, I love and enjoy her novels and gradually finished most of her novels now =P

      My favourite YRWX’s novels are ‘Sleeping with a Wolf’, ‘Nuptial Chamber Next Door’ and ‘Love Given to You by Mistake’, the latter is an amazing love story of a professor and an university student, you may like to check it out if you have not read it. Fei Wo Si Cun’s novels is also nice however some of her endings were much too depressing for me to handle so I only read those with happy endings! =)

  2. Hi, you have such a lovely blog here. I am a newbie in Chinese novels, having indulged in only English ones all my life. I got hooked to Chinese novels after I stumbled onto ShuShengBar. Following their fantastic leads, I read/listened to my maiden Chinese novel,老婆,跟我回家吧 which I enjoyed so thoroughly that the next one I devoured back-to-back was 你不入地狱谁入地狱 by the same author. As a picky reader, I am very careful not to touch sad-ending novels or those with plenty of angst. For me, the whole purpose of reading novels is a means of escaping from reality and going into a fantasy realm of blue skies and everything nice in the end.

    I was just about to start with the third novel 杉杉来吃 when I found your site and decided instead to give 与狼共枕 a go. In fact, I was quite apprehensive after reading your reviews, I knew I was not going to fall off the sofa laughing (like I did the first two books) but I was curious enough to try. After one week, I have to confess that I really didn't do this book justice because I was hopping around the chapters, not that the book was a bad read, in fact I think it's awesome. The love-hate, bitter-sweet moments made it all so intriguing. And who can resist the charm of the bad-boy image Han Zhou Chen....But I just can't stomach the implied incestous relationship between HZC and Qian2. No matter how I tried to view it, they are father and daughter (albeit no blood ties). The book reminded me somewhat of the Dollanganger Series (Flowers in the Attic, Petals in The Wind, Virginia Andrews). Nevertheless, I did complete the last ten chapters plus the special chapter of their new life in Australia in 等我长大,好不好. It is particularly disturbing that Qian2 still has her internal demons to deal with and the loss of her baby boy is another knife in the heart for readers (like me with an extremely low EQ). Last but not least, a befitting question, is it really true love between them? Or is it lust?

    Thanks a bundle for your reviews and leads and did I mention that I really appreciate all the posts you have on this site (just as I am with ShuShengBar). From having the ability to speed read English novels to being relegated to a tortoise pace using Google Translate is not something I wish upon myself, but now with such an amazing spread of Chinese novels within reach, I have nothing to complain.

    1. Hi Xinn, thank you for your nice comment and appreciate your taking time to view my blog :) in the past, I only read English novels too. My interest in Chinese novels begins after watching dramas; reading Chinese is quite a challenge for me as compared to English. But I am glad I kind of get the hang of it, happy to know that you are also indulging in Chinese novels!

      I have read Gu Man's novels and love it too ~ saw the summary of 你不入地狱谁入地狱 in Shusheng Bar (glad I found this site), it seems fun to read hence will try reading it in future.

      I guess YRWX enjoys 'playing around' with relationships in her novels; such as brother & sister-in-law relationship in 'Go Beyond the Limit', brother & sister relationship in 'Marriage without Love' and not to mention father & daughter relationship in 'Sleeping with a Wolf'..hahaa...but her storyline is interesting with happy endings, that's why I enjoyed it! ^__^

      Btw, since you like fantasy romance novels, you might want to try reading an English novel by Jill Barnett, title 'Bewitching'. I read it several years ago and its a happy read, light-hearted story with fun characters and the novelist is also quite humorous!

      Yes, I am just as amazed and excited that there are a lot of wonderful Chinese novels around and will try to read those really nice ones, glad to share them by blogging. :)

  3. I also like HE novels but will indulge in weepy ones if they are too good to resist:) You'll get bored if all the novels you read end up sweetly and happily.

    Xinn, did you discover Seoul's blog via SSB? I won't post any book which Seoul has posted to avoid duplication. But Seoul, I might need to steal your Too Late To Say I Love You summary to promote WC's drama in SSB, haha..I'll provide link to your blog. I am currently posting books which have been or will be adapted into drama. The 2 YRWX books posted in SSB were done b4 I discovered Seoul's blog so they'll remain with links to your blog since you are the expert:P FYI, both of you are welcomed to post book with English synopsis in SSB. Bcos of spamming problem, you've to tell me after you've registered so I can give you author access.

    Seoul, which Gu Man's books have u read? Do you like it? Why you didn't leave a comment in SSB:(? Someone complained abt my recommendation 何以笙箫默 as it is not fluffy, funny or happy. Thus, do leave a short comment on any book you like which u saw in SSB so I don't appear bias, haha...

    1. Hi Charlie, actually a K-drama crazed fan told me about Seoul's blog. So I googled and found it. But later, I discovered SSB also has a link to Seoul. Now, I just go back and forth between both SSB and Seoul. Both are such marvellous sites.

  4. Oh, I like Wei Wei very much also. After listening to that book, I wanted to play China online game very much but then I found out you need to know Chinese:( 大神 is so sweet & swoony. You should listen to the radio drama, very nice. I feel out of Gu Man's 3 books, he is the most romantic one:P Btw Seoul, Gu Man is a tortise so she only wrote 3 books:( which have all been posted on SSB:P The book feels a bit flat after they met in real life. Fantasy is always so much sweeter & cuter than reality.

    I think a lot of ppl who visit SSB, have seen TLTSILY but since there are so many FWSC's fans floating around, I'll post it for completenss sake. Moreoever no 'Ming Guo' era book has been posted in SSB. I personally don't like books of that era. Hey Seoul, pls register at SSB so I can post the book under your name. Xinn, if you are reading this have u watched TLTSILY b4? If not, quickly start watching, haha....

    My 6th sense tells me you like Xiao Bai enough to post on Big Grey Wolf, lol. Actually her books are rather interesting & funny with happy endings so worthy of your post:) i don't simply recommmend books to ppl:P Also, I think I've good taste in books, lol.

  5. Hi, I've just finished chewing YangLanHan, eh....I mean finished reading Love Given To You By Mistake. Never fancied teacher-student plots but i went ahead becoz the description of YLH was too delicious to resist!!(I have a great appetite for extremely good looking successful men!!)...and who would have thought, a professor who is so hot in bed....ahem....(pls excuse me...).

    After reading this book, i realized i don't mind this teacher-student thingy after all, so long as they are not high school level. And i hv a good mind to do a phD if only i can find the time and tear myself away from this time-consuming new hobby of reading chinese novels.

    Although it's quite unbelievable (for me at least) that two persons can fall so deeply in love with each other without ever having met b4, the book was still very enjoyable; of cors, the fact that YLH was really good enough to eat, helped alot...yummy..yummy... In fact, i found their online chats particularly enjoyable.

    But later i got a little upset when Ling2 decided to go to Japan. I hate separation angst esp since it took them like forever to find each other and get together. The other part which I thought was not necessary was the loss of their baby and esp when they went on to talk about them not being able to have kids bcoz of their working environment being exposed to all sorts of materials. Again, all's well as he's bringing her to MIT in the name of research work but it's actually a hiatus from work where they're supposed to recuperate their physical well being to try to have a child. Sighhh.....still a little short of a perfect ending.

    I find YLWX's books rather heavy, each time after reading her book, i hv to go after a comedy to recover!!

    1. Glad you like Love Given to You by Mistake, I am also not a teacher-student romance lover but really enjoy reading this particular title by YLWX! Yang Lan Han is not only brilliant but also a true gentleman...

      When you are done with comedy next time might want to try Nuptial Chamber Next Door, one of my favorite YLWX's novels and male portagonist (Ye Zheng Chen)!

    2. Where can I read love given to you by mistake.. in eng as I am only learning Chinese...

  6. Arrrgh, I can't help myself from commenting bcos Ye Zheng Chen is also my fav !!!! I personally believe this is YLWX best book. Although the story kind of drag a bit towards the end, YZC is so sweet & persistent. Oh, I like how they met in Japan & the progress of their relationship as neighbours. A man in uniform never fails to impress me:P Read all abt my fangirling in SSB. Xinn, you must read this book or else you'll regret for the rest of your life, lol !!! I think I recommended you this book b4 but as usual you seldom listen to me:P

    1. Yes, Ye Zheng Chen is really charming! :) Its definitely a novel worth reading! Hahaa...

  7. Thanks for the summaries. I love YLWX's books. They are quite addictive. My fav are Nuptial Chamber Next Door, Love Given to You by mistake, Will you wait for me to grow up and Go Beyond the limit. I love the songs she mentionned in her books (Professor Yang's ringtone <3).

    1. You are welcome, Bong S Doan, I'm glad to spread the love of YLWX. My favourite is also Nuptial Chamber Next Door, I'm so totally in love with Ye Zheng Chen! :)

    2. Where I can read the Nuptial Chamber Next Door with English translation? I've checked it online, their translation is not yet updated. Can you suggest where to find the completed Nuptial Chamber Next Door with English translation. Thanks!

  8. Your c-novel entries are so good and well organised! Came here from SSB because peanuts told me to start reading YLWX. Thanks for the summaries :)

    1. Thanks for popping by, decembi :) You seems to like ancient fantasy c-novels? Your translation's awesome!

  9. Ooh...I love YLWX books too! I like sleeping with a wolf series and love given by mistake. Oh, and also think the first title shd b fallen innocence or innocence fall, thanks much for the beautiful translation...really appreciate it! (:

    1. bad, thanks for updating! :) glad you like her books as some readers might find a few titles by novelists (YLWX, XXXR, Big grey wolf, etc) a little 'heavy in taste', hence might need a 'strong stomach', lol!

    2. Nay, don worry my digestive system very gd...heehee...also even if I read and don like it, can always ditch it! Not everyone has the same taste bud, lol...thanks again for the summaries! (:

  10. Hi! I like your summaries, makes me want to read these novels. Too bad I can't read chinese so I have to depend on google translate. The link for The nuptial chamber next door can not be open, can you give me another link please? Thank you ��

    1. Ur welcome, glad you like my summaries! Thanks for the update ~ think there are some changes in the Chinese website, you might want to retry the link again. :)

    2. thia link can't open. any alternate link for nuptional chamber? please

  11. Hey i just found out about your blog from SSB's YLWX page and i totally adore this post! It is so organised and convenient that it makes me want to read all of the books. However, i cannot find the links for any of her books other than NCWN and Go beyond the limit. Can you suggest some sites to me? It would be a great help.
    More power to you!