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Rui Lian / 瑞恋: A Type Guy B Type Gal / A型男生 B型女生 Novel ~♥

Title: A Type Guy, B Type Gal /
A型男生 B型女生

Author: Rui Lian 瑞恋
 "A Type Guy, B Type Gal" Novels
Country: South Korea


Rui Lian is a 33 years old novel author who led an unhealthy lifestyle. Lee Zhou He is her best friend’s associate who is discipline and very good in taking care of people, he is 1 year younger than Rui Lian whom she never see as a man. However, Lee Zhou He actually carries a torch on her for 2 years and one day decided to move next door to her and became her neighbour.


I was first captivated by the cute cover of this novel and the lovely pictures inside, which prompts me to read further on the story. And this is when I realised the story is actually based on the author’s real life love story with her husband, how they met, become a couple and eventually got married and have two kids. I like the conclusion by the author after the end of the novel as she ponders on her current life with her husband and the possibility of them becoming a couple was in fact very low right in the beginning and their happy life now. There were a total of two copies, first and second part; there is a new title with nice picture for every chapter in both novels. It was interesting as I find the story more realistic though it is still romantic in a way and the novel also included some of their relationship with their good friends and acquaintances.

As this is a Korean author, Rui Lian, hence it is translated into a Chinese novel; this is my first time reading a Korean author novel and the story is filled with Korean culture and style. Overall I like reading this novel, except the dialogue part as sometimes I’m a little confused on which party is speaking; however I get the hang of it after a while. I like how the author reflects on the process of her getting to know her husband better as her then boyfriend is more on the category that is not good in expressing himself, he began writing her letters everyday after they got married as a form of communication. Of course there were times when they quarrelled over little things but such is married life.

Interestingly this novel’s title is “A Type Guy, B Type Gal” which refers to their blood type group. This reminds me of a Korean movie starring Lee Dong Gun, ‘My Boyfriend is Type B” which I have watched a few years back and this novel is probably also published around that time when blood type analysis is very popular.

It was well known that A blood type individual can never mingle well with B blood type individual. And because the author is a B blood type and her husband happen to be A blood type, that’s how the title comes along. 

I am not a believer of blood type analysis so this has no effect on me at all, if this is really the case then the whole world is only categorized into four types of people since we only have a total of four blood groups (A, B, AB & O)! I just find it amusing and curious hence do a simple search on the blood type analysis online. At the same time, I chanced upon birthday astrology which I find it quite accurate and a personality test which is fun to play with!

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