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Chinese Drama ♦ Best Time / 最美的时光 ~♥

Title: 最美的时光 / Best Time (Previously known as 被时光掩埋的秘密/Secrets Hidden in Time)
Genre: Romance, Modern Metropolitan
Total Episodes: 35
Broadcast Year: 2013
Country: Mainland
Novel: Secrets Hidden by Time / 被时光掩埋的秘密 by Tong Hua 桐华


Secrets Hidden in Time is  adapted from Tong Hua's modern novel. The story is about the emotional secrets between an independent, career woman and an outstanding man.

Their love story is very touching. An 'old maid' (referring to a woman not gotten married yet after 30 years old) called the 'White Bone Demon' Su Man (Janine Chang) met Song Yi (Jia Nai Liang, Also starring in Destined to Love You), a talented man with whom she had a crush with for a long time. 

To get closer to Song Yi, Su Man gave up her work so as to work in the same company with Song Yi. Thereafter, Su Man inadvertently met and became Lu Li Cheng (Wallace Chung, also starring in My Sunshine)'s subordinate.

Su Man saw him as a thorn in her flesh, but through their interactions, Lu Li Cheng gradually began to have feelings for Su Man. Just as Su Man and Song Yi's relationship began to develop further, an unforeseen situation happen, Su Man and Song Yi's old relationship came to light.


I basically watch Best Time (Soundtrack) for just one guy, Wallace Chung! (I might have give up the drama if not for him :P) He is so deliciously handsome and his performance is superb as Lu Li Cheng, so charismatic!

I love the personality of Lu Li Cheng; he is firm yet faithful to his love. I did not read the novel as the ending sucks big time.

I am just so glad that there is an ending with Su Man ended up with Lu Li Cheng! I love the ending! <3



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  1. Ah, really want to watch this drama :')
    Any ideas on the status of the drama ^^?

    1. August 2013 ~ Hopefully there will no changes this time! (:

    2. Oh that's awesome :D Thanks~

      I was trying to read this article about the drama not being slated for 周播 ... and I freaked out thinking it meant it's not going to be broad-casted at all! Hehehe..

      The trailers are so good ^^

  2. SIL, what a coincidence I like Hawick and Wallace Chung too as both are great actors from HK! Actors I like from mainland China would be Huang Xiaoming, Hu Ge, Wallace Hua and Willaim Feng and Taiwan would be Peter Ho, Baron Chen, Hans Zhang. The first two episodes were quite interesting but after a while I felt like giving this SM a tight slap, as a pretty smart account manager in her previous company she is a total nitwit in her pursue of Alex. I wrote in my posts in You tube that if Im LLC I would have kicked her out when discovered that she entered the co to pursue Alex and not rescue her time and again when she was hurt by Alex....this drama lost its best times for me when it bombed in the middle as it dragged on too long with all the stupid scenes this SM was in. The best times for me were when they posed as a couple, when they danced on the lawn and when they pretended to be dating in front of Alex and his girlfriend. it should have ended at 40 episodes. Didnt read the book but I think it was a sad ending right, in the book?

    1. Yes, both Hawick and Wallace are great HK actors! But ironically, I did not watch a lot of Wallace Chung drama as I personally think he is pretty bad in choosing roles, lol! Some of his dramas not as nice and I think he looks cuter in modern/semi-modern drama as compared to period drama. :P I got irritated with Su Man too, she seriously need a backbone! Lu Li Cheng is the only guy worthy to watch! Oh, and pls stay away from the book, I did not read it but I know its a shitty ending!

  3. I would like to purchase Best Time boxset. Can you recommend me where to purchase? Thankx!

  4. am i the only one who likes alex? haha.. some of my friends said that im as stupid as shu man. but then, it's so human being. you love someone for 10 years, called it obsession but the feeling won't change much even there's a good guy like li cheng. but i admitted that li cheng is such a good character. i love him too.. but i could understand shu man.. i just cant hate alex :D sorry for being different here.. :D

    1. Hey, its ok for being different, no need to apologise. We all have different opinions, that's why there were 2 different endings for this drama. :)

  5. i want eng sub only not chinese sub..