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Taiwan Drama ♦ Bromance / Ai Shang Ge Men / 愛上哥們 ~♥


Title: Bromance / Ai Shang Ge Men / 愛上哥們
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Mafia
Country: Taiwan
Episode: TBC
Broadcast Year: 2015/2016


Everyone was looking forward to the birth of Pi Ya Nuo (Megan Lai), but because of a fortune teller's words, she who obviously is a girl, can only be raise up as a boy until the age of 26, only then can she resume her life as a girl. Because of the fortune teller's one word, she have a full 25 years and 8 months duplicity of life! 

Ya Nuo's "disguised life as a man" causes much distress to her concern parents, however, it seems not much impact on Ya Nuo's herself. It usher a lot of girls to pursue 'him', all except no 'little bird', Ya Nuo is a downright man and enjoys selling hot-dog in the amusement park with her best friend, Ah Chao.

Du Zi Feng (Baron Chen), an orphan, rescued Boss Du as a child and incidentally became his adopted son. Due to his family's underworld background, he is unable to make friends like normal people and live his life in solitary. 

Zi Feng always bear in mind the Du family's motto "Repay those you indebted with unlimited gratitude", he led a gang of brothers and gradually transform their business from 'black' to 'white', one of which is the amusement park that he and his father single handedly built.

One of Zi Feng's brothers was looking for trouble with him and Ya Nuo, just another 99 days from her 26th birthday, happen to save him despite the dangerous situation. This led to their acquaintance, eventually led to their buddy friendship and Zi Feng and Ya Nuo become sworn brothers!

Both Zi Feng and Ya Nuo extent support for one and another, what interesting stories will follow?

As Ya Nuo's 26th birthday approaches, she cannot decide whether to return life as a woman or continue to be Zi Feng's best pal.

Is it sworn brothers love or...fall in love with the 'man' from the heart....?

Bromance 愛上哥們 (Trailer 1 / 2/ 3) premieres on 18 October 2015.


Okay, "Bromance" is my favourite drama at this point of time! I just cannot get enough of Baron Chen and Megan Lai! I mean, seriously! Megan Lai really grow on me, she is so 'handsome', lol!

And her performance is really good, she can be both masculine and feminine...wonder if she will be confused? Hahaa...Anyway, I think Baron Chen and Megan Lai are really cute together. 

And the joy of watching Zi Feng in a dilemma when he realized his feelings for Ya Nuo. Not knowing if he is a gay or straight guy, haa! 

By the way, I wonder what brand of hair gel does Baron Chen his suave hairstyle, suits him so much! Oh, and I think he should wear more skinny jeans, damn sexy! Okay, I know I'm drooling...don't care, lol! >_<

The other characters in the Bromance also spice
up the drama as a whole, I enjoy watching Ya Nuo's buddy, Liao Guang Chao and Zi Feng's younger, Du Zi Han. They are both hilarious, so entertaining! 

And not to mention the other characters such as Qing Yang, Na Na, Fang Xiao Qing and Feng Jie, etc. 

Each episode has its own excitement and cannot wait to catch them.

OMG! The agony of waiting each new episode every week...why are they so 'stingy'? Only one episode a week...waiting...waiting...O.O 


  1. I m going crazy over megan lai and baron chen.

    1. i do i do i do love them both as romantic couple in the drama and ofcourse will continue in the real life

  2. I want found ost can someone help me??

  3. I want find all ost can you help me.!?.

  4. Love Bromance. Both Baron and Megan are absolutely amazing. Megan is so good looking either way and their chemistry is off the charts. I wish Zufeng would confess even before he knows that Pi is a woman. But it's exciting to watch him struggling with himself at this point. I just hope this secret won't cause a rift even temporarily. Like Zufeng says, he can't live without "him". Can't wait for the next episode

  5. Yeah! So true im ver6 addicted to tjis t-drama rcause of the chemistry of the main lead megan and baron.

  6. SAME HERE! I got on the train a bit late but I'm so in love! Not sure if you're on the soompi thread but do check out the newest pictures (and bed scenes and kisses and confessions!) from the fanmeet today!

  7. Best Taiwanese drama and best couple, at least for me! Love the chemistry and skinship between Megan and Baron. The gaze, the touch, the smiles, the gestures, the kisses, the teasing, the jokes, the romance, and everything else done by them feel so natural and real! I think most viewers and fans love the way they love each other in the drama and BTS!