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Chinese Movie ♦ Silent Separation / 何以笙箫默 ~♥


Title: Silent Separation / 何以笙箫默
Director: Yang Wen Jun and Huang Bin
Genre: Romance, College
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2015


Zhao Mo Sheng (Yang Mi), a cheerful "stalker" of Faculty of Law scholar, He Yi Chen (Huang Xiao Ming, also starring in Cruel Romance) during university days. Her bright personality captures the attention of He Yi Chen, an innocent campus love quietly blossom. However, Yi Chen's foster sister, Yi Mei (Angelababy) declare war with Mo Sheng, leading the latter to mistaken that Yi Chen and Yi Mei are a couple when Yi Chen give her a cold respond. Mo Sheng obey her father's arrangement and head to United States for further studies.

Seven years later, Mo Sheng, now a photographer finally return and meet the man who she cannot forget. What is between the couple who broke up for seven years are Mo Sheng's ex-husband in the United States who still cannot let go of her and the scores of their two families. But these did not separate the couple but instead strengthen their mutual understanding and love for one another.

Silent Separation (Trailer 1Trailer 2 / Official MV) premiers on 1 May 2015. The movie is adapted from Chinese novel,
Silent Separation by Gu Man.

The same adapted drama, My Sunshine (starring Wallace Chung and Tiffany Tang) releases in 2014.

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  1. It looked as though I'm watching (Cruel Romance Zuo Zen) with another woman instead of Rong Jin Xiu. It's the same hairstyle he had in Cruel Romance....or almost similar. Lol....

    1. Lol...ya come to think of it, HXM seems like to stick to this hairstyle...