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Chinese Drama ♦ Destined to Love You / 偏偏喜欢你 ~♥


Title: Destined to Love You / Pian Pian Xi Huan Ni / 偏偏喜欢你
Genre: Republican, Military, Action, Romance
Episodes : 40
Broadcast Year: 2015
Country: Mainland


In the year 1916, Qian Bao Bao (Joe Chen Qiao En, also starring in Cruel Romance) is a civilian with a seriously ill mother. In order to obtain treatment for her ailing mother, she became an instructor through a stolen identity at a Military Academy. The real instructor, Xiao Han (Zheng Shuang, also starring in The Cage of Love) died in an accident while studying abroad.

During her stay at the academy, Qian Bao Bao became entangled in a love triangle with Xiang Hao (Jian Nai Liang, also starring in Best Time), a guy passionately in love with Qian Bao Bao and Shen Wen Tao (Bosco Wong), Xiao Han's fiance. However, it turns out the real Xiao Han is after all not dead! What will happen to Qian Bao Bao with the return of the Xiao Han?

Tong Hua is the screen writer of Destined to Love You 偏偏喜欢你 (Trailer). (Click on title for link)

Character Introduction ~♥

Joe Chen as Qian Bao Bao

Republican version of Cinderella. Lively, clever and bold. In order to get free treatment opportunities for her ailing mother, Qian Bao Bao decided to replace the 'tragic death' of doctoral student studying abroad and became a female instructor.

She was caught in a love triangle with Xiang Hao and Shen Wen Tao. When the real Xiao Han returns, Qiao Bao Bao was in distress as her identity was at the risk of being expose.

Jia Nai Liang as Xiang Hao

The son of Xiang warlord. Romantic dandy look but is in fact a warm and loyal guy. He had a complete break with his buddy, Shen Wen Tao due to a misunderstanding a year ago. He returned to the military in order to become a British team captain. Xiang Hao and Qian Bao Bao started out as a quarrelsome pair but in the end fall in love with her.

He is rival with Shen Wen Tao in both love and career. With the help of Qian Bao Bao, Xiang Hao bury the hatchet with Shen Wen Tao and jointly deal with the dark forces together.

Bosco Wong as Shen Wen Tao

The son of Shen warlord. Witty, shrewd and calm. He had a complete break with his buddy, Xiang Hao due to a misunderstanding a year ago.

The arrival of Qian Bao Bao makes Shen Wen Tao want to protect her and he also cannot help wanting to get close to her. After Qian Bao Bao's identity is being exposed, he give in his all to protect and cover for her.

Zheng Shuang as Xiao Han

A Missy from a rich family. Gentle, educated and generous. Xiao Han was mistaken as dead during a train assassination accident. She was in fact being rescued by Ouyang Fei and return to the military.

When she learned that Qian Bao Bao not only stole her identity and also robbed her of her fiancé, she was jealous and mad. She stops at nothing to expose Qian Bao Bao's identity but in the end bury the hatchet with Qian Bao Bao and led the fight against their enemy.


  1. I watched until episode 20. Pretty hilarious. Male lead is handsome in this drama but look 'young' to be matched with Qiao En.

    1. Pls tell me where you watched it with English subtitles! Pls!


  2. it's so hard to find this drama with eng sub.where can i watch this with eng sub.

    1. So far has English Subtitles, but the subs are being done very slowly.

  3. Side track abit, if you like the male lead, you might want to watch him in another drama, 当婆婆遇见妈 (english title is My Mom & my Mother-in-law). The leading actress i think is his wife.

  4. I want to watch this!!! Where I can watch this with English Sub?? Someone tell me.....

    This is a very good drama

  5. Hey guys, did included the link previously (click on titles). At the moment, do check out viki ( for eng subs.....