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Korean Drama ♦ The Time We Were Not In Love / 너를 사랑한 시간 ♦ I Remember You / 너를 기억해 ~♥


Title: The Time We Were Not In Love / 너를 사랑한 시간 Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episode: 16 TBC
Broadcast Year: 27 June 2015
Country: South Korea


Jang Ha Na (Ha Ji Won, also starring in Secret Garden) and Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) have been friends for a very long time. Going through thick and thin, they have been there for each other for almost 20 years. Ha Na receives an email for Choi Won when her 30th birthday is approaching which he jokes on the "symptoms of premature aging".

Pissed about the belief that men age like grapes that turn into a fine bottle of red wine and women age like grapes shrivel up into raisins.

Ha Na decided to make a bet with Choi Won that she can get married first before they turn 35 years old. Will Ha Na and Choi Won be able to find their true love and see what is right in front of their eyes all along?

The Time We Were Not In Love (Trailer) is adapted from Taiwanese drama, In Time With You.

Title: I Remember You / 너를 기억해
Genre: Romance, Thriller, Mystery
Episode: 16 TBC
Broadcast Year: 22 June 2015
Country: South Korea


I Remember You (Trailer) is a romantic thriller drama about a criminal profiler, Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk, also starring in King of High School Life Conduct) who previously work as a consultant with the police department in New York. He returns to South Korea and is in charge of a special criminal investigation team. He is able to analyse the crime scene and the suspect at one glance due to his special insight. Cha Ji An (Jang NaRa, also starring in Fated to Love You) works together with Lee Hyun as they solve crimes and develop a romantic relationship.


I might catch these two k-dramas for this month of June, I am particularly excited on 'The Time We

Were Not In Love' because its the remake of 'In Time with You' which is one of my favourite Taiwanese drama!

This 2011 Taiwanese drama won seven out of its eight nominations at the 47th Golden Bell Awards and the chemistry between Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen were great then. Hopefully it will be the same case with Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook.

And one of my favourite Korean actor, Seo In Guk's drama, 'I Remember You' also airs in June. Honestly, I don't really find the storyline very interesting but will support Seo In Guk as I love his acting.

I know I said this before but I just cannot help it, Jang NaRa is really so baby face! Seriously, how she ever maintain it? So envy, LOL!

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