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Chinese Drama ♦ Mr Right / Wo De Nan Shen / 我的男神 ~♥


Title: Mr Right / Wo De Nan Shen / 我的男神

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episode: TBC
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2016 / 2017


Wang Wei An (Ji Chang Wook) - Handsome and romantic, but rebellious personality. Unfettered, like a wild horse. 

However, this bronco happen to meet a wild lady - Yang Hai Yi (Wang Xiao Cheng). It was love at first sight for Yang Hai Yi and Wang Wei An's twin brother, Wang Rui (Ji Chang Wook). 

She regarded Wang Rui as a man of God and actively in pursuit of him at all costs. Unexpectedly and accidentally, Yang Hai Yi mistaken Wang Wei An as Wang Rui. This created all kinds of ridiculous jokes, one after another. 


At the same time, Wang Rui's fiancee - He Lian Na, was also involved. Beautiful and elegant, He Lian Na was initially disgusted with Wang Wei An. 

However, she also begin to regard him as man of God in the end. Both Yang Hai Yi and He Lian Na fight with one another in displaying their housekeeping and cooking skills. 

Just for the love of Wang Wei An.

Complications were add on as Zhang Wen He - He Lian Na's ex-boyfriend; Wang Rui's rival, gets involved in their disputes.

Zhang Wen He fell in love with Yang Hai Yi, in order to make her love him, he become enemies with both Wang Wei An and Wang Rui. 

After going through so much hardships, ups and downs. Will Wang Wei An and Yang Hai Yi finally tie the knot?

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