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Chinese Drama ♦ Jade Lovers / Fei Cui Lian Ren / 翡翠恋人 ~♥


Title: Jade Lovers / Fei Cui Lian Ren / 翡翠恋人
Genre: Romance, Republican
Episode: TBC
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2016 / 2017


In 1930s, western town. Emerald firm of the Shen's family bankrupted. The heir, Shen Cheng Xi (Zheng Shuang) works hard but suffers injustice grudge. Their competitor, Bai Luo Han (Lee Jong-Suk) is a cold and nonchalant man. However, Bai Luo Han gradually finds himself attracted to the enthusiastic and optimistic Shen Cheng Xi. Although Shen Cheng Xi tries to withstand the distance between Bai Luo Han. The two still gets closer.

Chu Xue (Song Yan Fei) has been working hard and fighting alone since young, she owns and well kept her shop, which has now become a sanctuary for Shen Cheng Xi. The daughter of British Jewelry company's Chairman, Lin Yun Ran (Chen Shu) try ways and means to schemed against Shen Cheng Xi, in order to win the heart of Bai Luo Han. 

Mu Feng (Ceng Hong Chang) who is Shen Cheng Xi's childhood friend, guard and protect her lovingly. While the eccentric son of warlord, Lei Tian Ao (Li Yuan) become fast friends with Shen Cheng Xi. Shen Chen Xi works hard during her apprenticeship and at the same time trying to save the Shen's family estate by searching for a treasure.

 Shen Cheng Xi, Bai Luo Han and Mu Feng search for the treasure together, but also coincidentally find out the true identity of Shen Cheng Xi and Bai Luo Han. 

Both Shen Cheng Xi and Bai Luo Han hence turn into love hate relationship and have to make painful choices. Bai Luo Han's adopted father died in the hands of the Japanese.  

The Japanese invade and seek to take control of the jewellery market. These young people grow rapidly in the difficult times and achieve more along the way in the drama, Jade Lovers.

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