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Chinese Drama ♦ Stay With Me / Fang Qi Wo, Zuo Jin Wo / 放弃我抓紧我 ~♥


Title: Stay With Me / Fang Qi Wo, Zuo Jin Wo / 放弃我抓紧我

Genre: Modern, Romance
Country: Mainland
Episode: 40 TBC
Broadcast: 2016 / 2017


A drowning accident lead famous fashion designer, Li Wei Wei (Joe Chen Qiao En, also starring in Cruel Romance and Destined to Love You) lost part of her memory due to prolonged asphyxia. Her memories remain at the age of 23 years old. However, currently, her fellow designer boyfriend, Chen Yi Du (Wang Kai, also starring in Love Me If You Dare) became her rival, and a stranger has become her fiance. Li Wei Wei cannot believe that she will break up with her former boyfriend and try to investigate the antecedents. In order to protect and win back Li Wei Wei, her fiance, Huo Xiao, constantly stays by her side and do everything possible to obstruct her investigation. 

Li Wei Wei went back to the past, realized herself as well as the people around her gradually forgotten their original dream while busy with their daily lives. The reason that Li Wei Wei and Chen Yi Du broke up, is also due to the lack of communication and neglect of love in the pursuit of success. In the route of grudge, they drift farther away from one another and lead to misunderstanding, which is the reason Chen Yi Du misunderstand the relationship of Li Wei Wei and Huo Xiao, and he eventually breaks up with her. 30 years old Li Wei Wei decided to change the status quo, she gradually unravel past misunderstandings and bury the hatchet with her opponents. She not only recover her past love, but also regain her initial plans and dreams.

Tong Hua is the script writer of Stay With Me (Trailer).

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