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Xin Xin Xiang Rong / 欣欣向荣 Novels ~♥

I read a few books by this novelist, would not say her writing and stories exactly superb but its rather cute and relax as there are
not much angst involve. Might update again for future title/review. Xin Xin Xiang Rong 欣欣向荣 seems to have the tendency of writing male protagonists who are much older than the female protagonists, say, about 10 years apart, not sure about her other titles but at least the books I read has quite a huge age gap. I am not exactly a fan of reading big age gap between protagonists in novels, I think an age gap of 6 years or less would be just nice. Hun Guo Qu Huo (After Marriage) is the first novel I read, a sweet and funny story, the guy is possessive and super childish who cooks for his wife but with a quick temper and overbearing attitude. Ba Ai Mou Qin, is the story of Hun Guo Qu Huo (After Marriage) male protagonist's buddy, Jin Feng Cheng. The other book, You Dare Marry Me, I Dare Marry You is the story of their other buddy, Hu Jun; also quite a cute story.

Chang Ai (Tangle Love) is a book consists of two couples, hence, a rather lengthy book. I find the novelist's description of 'old wolf' and 'little rabbit' amusing. Cute storyline though I don't really like some 'wolfy' ideas used to savour 'rabbit meat', lol and it is also a little too much 'meat' for my liking. I did not finish reading it. Jiu Yao Ni Ai Wo (Want You to Love Me), is a childhood sweethearts romance, the guy knows the girl since she was a babe, I only read the first few chapters; find it average, a little typical but quite a sweet story.

Ni You Zhong (You have Guts) male portagonist is a super clean freak while the girl is an academic genius but scatterbrain who cannot recognise faces when it comes to everyday lives. (Please note there might be some sexual reference/mature content; reader's discretion advised).

Hun Guo Qu Huo (After Marriage) ~ 婚过去后

Protagonist: Ye Chi & Shi Xiao


"If the person I love is happy, I will also be happy", this is a nonsense that I never believe. Since I love her, she will be mine, if she is not mine, I will make her mine, if she do not love me, all I have is day, one month, one year, sooner or later she will definitely love me and only me alone.

This is the guy Shi Xiao married; an overbearing and domineering man!

Ba Ai Mou Qin ~ 霸爱谋情

Protagonist: Feng Jin Cheng & Ji Qing


In the eyes of Feng Jin Cheng, Ji Qing is like a little rabbit with no lethality; cute, obedient and well-behaved.....however, he realized its only when a little rabbit is anxious and desperate enough, it will bared its teeth and bite.....

A story of a girl who carry a torch for a dashing proud guy for 10 years and finally they got married. The girl realized how tired it is to maintain an one-sided love and left him. Its only after the girl left, the guy realized how much he loves her.....

Chan Ai (Tangle Love) ~ 缠爱

Protagonist: Mo Dong Yang & Su He / Dang Hong Qi & Dang Lan
If Mo Dong Yang's meeting with Su He was chance encounter, then Su He's meeting with Mo Dong Yang will be predestined fate. But.....whose doom it is, is still a little early to decide.....

 Alternate Synopsis:

To celebrate her birthday, 26 years old 'spinster', Su He, had a night out with her best friend, Dang Lan. Drunk and confused, Su He, wearing a little white dress, unknowingly barge into a stranger's room. Mo Dong Yang was awaiting for his 'birthday present' in his hotel suite and what a pleasant surprise it was when he saw a cute 'little white rabbit' fell right into his arms! Will the big bad wolf be able to clutch on to his little rabbit?

Meanwhile, Dang Lan's stepbrother, Dang Hong Qi has been faithfully in love with her (even though she has a boyfriend) since she was 10 years old. And Dang Hong Qi definitely wants to be more than just a brother to his Dang Lan.

Jiu Yao Ni Ai Wo (Want You to Love Me) ~ 就要你爱我 

Protagonist: Feng Ji & Fang Meng Meng


She was six years old when he was sixteen, she was sixteen years old when he was twenty-six. The whole world knows that she likes him, he is the one who treats her like a baby who will never grow up.

This little girl, who is nineteen years old now, make plans to 'claim' him back home before his thirty birthday.....regardless of conspiracy.....

He would doted on her and spoil her, lead their lives together on a slow pace, from a babe to a beautiful girl, now grown into a woman with her own style, his little woman, then his children's mom, he would collect all her changes, bit by bit, until both of them are white-haired surrounded with their children and grandchildren around their knees, she would still be the spoiled little old lady in his arms......

Ni You Zhong (You have Guts) ~ 你有种

Protagonist: Chu Yan Shen & Feng Zi Jun


Being plagued by the same dream for the past six years, Chu Yan Shen out of the sudden discovered a little boy who looks just like him. It was only then, did he, Chu Yan Shen learned that he has been deceived by that little lass six years ago.....

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