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Hong Jiu / 红九 Novels ~♥

I read and like some books by this novelist, Hong Jiu 红九. Might update again for future

title/review. If You Love Me, Speak Up! male protagonist is 3 years
younger than the girl...and she is his teacher...the guy might be younger in terms of age but is more mature in character. I very much enjoy reading this novel and like the ending whereby the novelist recap on why the guy is attracted to the girl in the first place, which is not mention at the beginning of the story.

Encounter is doom, Fall in love is Destiny is quite a lengthy book for me but I find it quite an interesting read. The female protagonist might not be the nicest girl around but I like her guts, though sometimes a little too stubborn, she wants to protect herself hence was careful not to easily let anyone in her heart. Feng Hua Xue Yue consists of three short stories, I prefer reading short stories from time to time as I am quite impatient to finish books too lengthy occasionally. There seems to be quite good reviews for Mo Dao Wei Liao Jun Xin Zui as a funny and nice book; will give it a chance when I feel like reading ancient novel in future.


Protagonist: Ning Xuan & Su Ya


16 years old Ning Xuan saw Su Ya for the first time. Her singing sucks, yet he cannot help being attracted by her. 18 years old Ning Xuan witnessed the process of Su Ya mistakenly walk into the gents. Looking at her embarrass expression, he was smitten by her.

In this year, he painstakingly makes her his girlfriend. In this year, his beloved Su Ya left him.

Time flies together with youth. 24 years old Ning Xuan reunited with Su Ya. He can tell she is not doing very well. And he knows, he is still in love with her. And it is also the same year; both of them cannot help but separated again.

26 years old, they meet again in the crowd. This time round will their love wander off again? From 16 years old to 26 years old, can love afford to wait another couple of years.

Encounter is Doom, Fall in Love is Destiny (Yu Jian Shi Jie Shu, Ai Shang Shi Zhu Ding) ~ 遇见是劫数, 爱上是注定

Protagonist: Gu Chen & Xu Tong


In order to revenge her father, who abandon her mother and herself; in order to teach her half sister a lesson; in order to survive.....She reluctantly willing to stage an act with him. Put up with his favourite gentle expression, she became a sweet and considerate girl.....a girl he thought to be his lucky star. Through her careful scheming, she created all kinds of opportunities. Attract his attention - just to be able to seduce him. He is well aware of everything, yet never expose her, on countless nights, giving her all sorts of bullying. She did not know, the moment her lips touches his, she is destined to unable to escape the doom.....he did not know, the moment he unknowingly said out: "Yao Yao, you are really my little lucky star!", this marriage is already destinated.

Alternate Synopsis:

Initially, she seduced him just to teach one person a lesson, however unknowingly, she begin to fall in love for real. After he encounter such a cunning woman, he only want this only 'tree' and ditch the rest of the 'forest' behind. She is a cunning and aggressive woman, will never be the first to profess her love. He is a domineering man, wants to dominate everything, career, future, women and love. Therefore, even though they already love, none of them will profess their love. He only said: "Why don't you marry me!" She only answered: "Sure, but let me finish brushing my teeth!"

Love is a war, the one who cannot resist temptation and say 'love' first, will be the one defeated.


Feng Hua Xue Yue ~ 疯花雪月

Protagonist: -


Story 1: You Are The Only Bet In My Lifetime

He woo her, seems to be very interested in her.
She fell in love with him and they were together.
However gradually, she realised that he is not truly in love with her but get close to her because of a bet he had with someone.
She was very sad and left him.
But he told her that he is sincere.
He said, in his lifetime, this will be his only bet, she will be his only bet!

Story 2: Want to Hold You Like Right Now

Sometimes fall in love with a person is because of just one detail. She is moved by his humility and care. Coincidentally, he became her boss and was very stern towards her.

She did not understand, cannot stand it anymore and dodge him. He told her: You have to understand, the deeper the love, the tougher it is. Thereafter, he resigned.

Shocked, she asked him why? He said: The reason I resign, is to be like right now, do not have to think twice on the company's regulations, and to hold you openly when I feel like it!

Story 3: Missy, Young Master Not at Home!

Faithful 'Fu Hei' (Black Belly) Young Master had something with his stepsister......

Mo Dao Wei Liao Jun Xin Zui ~ 莫道未撩君心醉

Protagonist: Mu Qian Shan & Qiu Di Fei


Qiu Di Fei is the third Missy of the Qiu Yang Villa, but unfortunately, her father does not love her, stepmother does not like her and sisters does not care for her. From childhood, she has learn to keep a low profile and will never be in the limelight. One day, she met a young man, Mu Qian Shan while making her way down a hill. Qiu Di Fei has always lead a low-key life and intend to remain this way. On the contrary, Mu Qian Shan cannot wait to be worship by everyone. The fate of two person with totally different personalities were deeply intertwined ever since their chance encounter.


  1. Stumbled across your website! I think I may try Encounter is Doom, Falling in Love is Destiny. Sounds really fun. Hehe. :D

    1. Hi Jen, thanks for popping by! Yes, its a pretty good book, if you don't mind that its quite lengthy ~ Happy reading! ^_^

  2. Hi, I pop by yr blog once in a while when Im looking for C novels to read. Read quite a few of 欣欣向荣 books based your recommendation. Encounter is doom is a good read. I read till 4am yesterday night...erm..make it this morning. �� thanks for the recommendations!

    1. Hi Kayrehn, thanks for popping by my blog. Glad you enjoy reading c-novels as much as I do. :)