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Korean Variety Show ♦ Mamma Mia / Sons Over Flowers (Seo In Guk) / 스타 패밀리쇼 맘마미아 ~♥

The 'Sons Over Flowers' episode of Mamma Mia features Korean celebrities such as Seo In Guk, Nichkhun, Niel, Kelvin Woo, Choi Byungchul, etc, with their mummies.

I watch it mainly for Seo In Guk as I absolutely love him in Korean dramas, King of High School Life Conduct and Reply 1997 (He is also starring in The Master's Sun), his performance in these dramas are superb and his expressions are priceless!

Seo In Guk might not be the typical extremely suave Korean guy but his personality is adorable and humble. He seems like a happy, fun and interesting person to be with! And he is also very talented, good in acting as well as singing.

Anyway, I find this episode of Mamma Mia, Sons over Flowers rather entertaining. The birth secret of Seo In Guk is amusing and interesting to know that his Mum is actually 7 years older than his Dad! The hosts are also hilarious, together with the other celebrities and their mummies. I had a very good laugh while watching this variety show! ^_^

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