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Korean Actor / Model ♦ Lee Soo Hyuk 이수혁 ♦ Sung Joon 성준 ~♥

Korean actor / model, Lee Soo Hyuk caught my attention lately while watching romance comedy drama, King of High School Life Conduct. Initially I find him a little too fair and 'cool' for my liking but strange enough, this dude seems to grow on me as I watch further.

I'm actually not really into this 'category' of actor or guy but I find his cool personality (he seems do not like to smile?), fair complexion and gorgeous voice unique and charismatic.

Wow, and I'm quite surprised that he is pretty well built; I know he is a model with his height and walking posture but thought he is quite lean until I saw his other pictures.

My previous post shared my fondness for Seo In Guk who is co star of Lee Soo Hyuk in King of High School Life Conduct;

Seo In Guk's personality and image on the contary is so sunshine while Lee Soo Hyuk is like cool winter breeze.
Anyway, both did a great job in King of High School Life Conduct!

Hope Lee Soo Hyuk will be given more lead roles in future as I sure don't mind seeing more of him.

I enjoy watching Korean actor / model, eye candy, Sung Joon in dramas, Can We Get Married and I Need Romance 3. I mean, who wouldn't, isn't it?

What a marvellous chemistry he shared with his co star, Kim Soo Yun in I Need Romance 3. Even though they are 10 years apart in age, they seems comfortable with each other and their display of affection on screen were very natural and sweet.

Great pairing of him and Kim Soo Yun in I Need Romance 3, hopefully they will have the opportunity to work together again in future.

Like Lee Soo Hyuk, Sung Joon is also one of those beautiful Korean models turn actors.

Sung Joon is part of another Korean romance comedy drama, Discovering of Romance starred together with Korean actor, Eric and actress, Jung Yoo Mi.

Looking forward to seeing more of him!

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