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Hong Kong Actor / Singer ♦ Wallace Chung 钟汉良 ~♥

Wallace Chung (Cantonese: Chung Hon-Leung) is currently more well-known in Mainland and/or Taiwan, even though he is originally from Hong Kong. I got to know him from c-drama, Too Late to Say I Love You; was actually quite surprised on my fondness for him as he is not exactly my 'generation'. LOL!

Personally, I find him very charismatic and charming, and I love how humble and down to earth he is.

A rather low profile actor who seldom talks about his personal life, there is hardly any rumours or 'news' about him so far.

Wallace has been a vegetarian for years and he is a cat lover; is especially fond of fat cats, meow ~*

Some people think this dude looks younger than his age...maybe he age gracefully...could also be partly due to his optimism as he seems like a positive person who always look forward in life.

And I like the fact that he does not follow the crowd, but follow his heart.

His simple, practical and unpretentious personality is something I seldom see in celebrities and one that I truly appreciate. Ironically, I did not really post a lot of his dramas (Only Best Time and You Are My Sunshine) due to their storyline, etc. Wallace Chung's acting is truly commendable, his acting always never fail to touch me. Looking forward to more of his dramas! :)


  1. Hey Seoul, where did you get the pic of WC driving in his sports car? Which drama or movie? Or did he give it to you personally lol?

    1. Oh, I took that pic with Wallace driving beside me while on our way to a romantic! No lah, just kidding! Let me see, my goldfish memory...think the movie is Secret Garden. Handsome right? This one of my favourite WC pics, that's why put it on top of the post! ;)

  2. Aiya, what can I say, you have great taste! lol. I just LOVE to reading good comments about him which is 100% true. :D

    1. Lol! Thanks for popping by, fellow Wallace Chung fan ~ You have great taste too! :)