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Korean Movie ♦ You Are My Vampire / 그댄 나의 뱀파이어 ~♥

Title: You Are My Vampire / 그댄 나의 뱀파이어
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Melodrama, Vampire
Director: Lee Won-Hoi
Broadcast Year: 2014
Country: South Korea


Gyoo-Jeong (Choi Yoon-Yeong) is a 29 years old writer who is tired of her of not even having a laptop to write her ideas in and working in a small shop at her mother's side dish store. She starts writing the story "Vampire" to get closer to her dreams but can't think of anything to write and the people who used to support her are telling her to wake up. The novel about a vampire is most likely her last chance at writing a successful novel.

Then, a strange and mysterious man by the name of Nam-Geol (Park Jeong-Sik) rent and move next to her house in the middle of the night. He wears black clothes with a black mask and black umbrella. He doesn't like sunlight and specifically request all his meals to be free from garlic and he has a strange pointy tooth.....Gyoo-Jeong is pretty sure that he is a vampire.....

You Are My Vampire releases on 12 June 2014.


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