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Korean Movie ♦ Catch Me / Steal My Heart / 캐치미 ~♥

Title: Catch Me / Steal My Heart / 캐치미
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Release Year: December 2013
Director: Lee Hyeon-Jong
Country: South Korea


An elite cop Ho-tae (Joo Won) is a perfect case solver and has absolute confidence in arresting criminals. Ho-tae happens to witness the killer involved in a hit-and-run accident while arresting a serial killer. He follows the driver home and finds out that the driver is Jin-sook (Kim Ah Joong), his first love. Ho-tae starts to have strong feelings of love for her. Ho-tae is shocked when he realise that she is not only a hit-and-run driver but also the famed thief who’s long been on the wanted list. Will Ho-tae be able to arrest Jin-sook in 'Steal My Heart / Catch Me (Trailer)'?

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  1. Hi, i so wanted to watch this. do you have any link for this movie? :-)

  2. You can try to see if it is available in drama net or good drama as they are quite fast with K drama. Viki most times is not available in other regions unless you are in the US....but you can still check it out

  3. Hmm...a rather new movie hence currently not sure if its available anywhere, will share if there is...

  4. i'm looking for the soundtrack. i'm looking for it anywhere but it leads me nowhere and i found nothing. so, anyone? :(

  5. what is the title of the song of the movie?