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Chinese Drama ♦ Song in the Clouds / Yun Zhong Ge / 大汉情缘之云中歌 ~♥

Title: Song in the Clouds / Yun Zhong Ge / 大汉情缘之云中歌
Genre: Period Drama, Romance, History
Episode: 38
Boardcast Year: 2014
Country: Mainland


During the Western Han Dynasty, an eight-year-old Emperor Zhao of Han meets a girl Huo Yunge (daughter of Huo Qubing and Jin Yu from Ballad of the Desert), who rescued him from the cold of the desert. A decade later, Huo blossom into a beautiful young woman, who could not forget the boy she saved. However, she mistook another man, Liu Bing Yi as Emperor Liu Fu Ling. Yunge helplessly watched him marry Xu Pingjun. The heartbroken Huo later meets a handsome Meng Jue, only later to find herself embroiled in a power struggles within the imperial palace. Yun Zhong Ge (Trailer) is adapted from the novel by Tong Hua, Song in the Clouds (sequel to Ballad of the Desert). (As I translated from Chinese, hence please pardon if there is any error, etc.)

Character Introduction ~♥


Angelababy as Yun Ge
Yun Ge is a cheerful girl with extraordinary culinary skill; have a lack of clear attitude when it comes to relationship issue. But Yun Ge yearns for loyalty in love just like all other girls.
Meet the right person at the right time is happiness; meet the wrong person at the right time is heart-breaking; meet the right person at the wrong time is helpless; meet the wrong person at the wrong time is a torture.

Du Chun as Meng Jue

Meng Jue has a keen interest in literature, art, calligraphy and medicine. He witnessed his loved ones suffer death as a child, hence resulted in his dull and lack of emotion personality.

Have the habit of not explaining himself after misunderstanding occur and conceal his true feelings.

Lu Yi as Liu Fu Ling

Liu Fu Ling ascended the throne at the age of eight; young, wise and talented. He takes everyone lightly.....except for her. He has been looking for her after their chance encounter at the desert.....until she reappears again.

He thought they will be together forever, however it result to separated life and death.

Chen Xiao as Liu Xun

Liu Xun is intelligent and talented, his loyal love with first wife, Xu Ping Jun is touching and affectionate.

Unfortunately, the monarch died young, leaving his solitary figure deeply miss.

Gallery ~♥


  1. SIL, this is really keeping us in suspense......Ballad of the Dessert is not out yet and we have a sequel here. After reading the synopsis I think that Songs of the Cloud is even more promising than BOD as Hu Ge portrays a weak young man, that is why I hope Eddie Pengs character will win LSS........Hehe...By the way is this drama adapted from a book written by Tong Hua too?

    1. Honestly just by reading the summary this person wrote, I feel like cloud of the desert is so similar to sound of the desert. And just to let you know song in the clouds is no match for ballad of the desert. AND EDDIE PENG OMG HE IS SO GORGEOUS. HE IS MY NEW BABE

  2. And i hope this female lead can act! She does look like a doll but we need more than a doll to make a good drama worth watching.