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Korean Movie ♦ How to use a Guy with Secret Tips / 남자 사용설명서 ~♥

Title: How to use a Guy with Secret Tips / 남자 사용설명서
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Lee Won Suk
Release Year: 2013
Country: South Korea

Assistant TV commercial director Choi Bo-Na (Lee Si-Young) multi-task at work. Due to working overtime, her appearance is always in a mess. Choi Bo-Na has not been dating in years as well. She met famous actor Lee Seung-Jae (Oh Jung-Se) during a shooting, and he complain about the height of the lady he is shooting the film with. Due to this, the whole concept behind the commercial has to be changed. Choi Bo-Na complain about Lee Seung-Jae's working attitude, which annoys Lee Seung-Jae.
After the completion of filming, Choi Bo-Na strolls at the beach. Her colleagues has already left back for Seoul without her. While waking on the beach at night, she chance upon an unique stall selling various instructional tapes. The shop owner (Park Young-Gyu) persuades her into buying a set - a $500 dollar instructional tape set on how to use men with different persuasive acts, which will change Choi Bo-Na's life.


How to use a Guy with Secret Tips is a totally hilarious movie, actor, Oh Jung Se might not be the typical suave Korean actor but he is definitely one with his own charisma. He is really comical and funny in this movie, I cannot help burst out laughing with his every expression and actions. I like Lee Si Young in the drama, 'Wild Romance' and her character in 'How to use a guy with secret tips' reminds me of her role as Yoo Eun Jae.

The movie included some scenes on the characters playing 'Where's Wally', it brings back some of my childhood memories. :) If you are looking for a good laugh, 'How to use a guy with secret tips' is definitely a movie that will not disappoint you!


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