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Japanese Drama ♦ Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo / Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo / イタズラな Kiss Love in Tokyo ~♥

Title: Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo / Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo /イタズラなKiss Love in Tokyo
Genre: Romance, Comedy, School
Episode: 16
Broadcast Year: 2013
Country: Japan
High school student Kotoko Aihara (Honoka Miki), who is not clever have a crush on Naoki Irie (Yuki Furukawa). It was love at first sight. Kotoko initially doesn't express her feelings, but finally tells him how she feels. Unfortunately, Naoki turns down Kotoko and said "I don't like dumb women."

One fine day, Kotoko Aihara's house is damaged by a big earthquake. Until the house is restore, Kotoko Aihara and her father decide to live with her father's old friend. When Kotoko Aihara arrives at her new temporary house, she is surprised to learn that Naoki Irie lives there as well.

~ Based on the manga "Itazura na Kiss" by Kaoru Tada.
~ Actress Aiko Sato makes a guest appearance in ep.10 as a nurse. She played the lead role in 1996 TV Asahi drama series version.


Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo is one of my favourite manga and anime. I have watched all versions of the adapted drama; simply love the light-hearted story and all the characters! My favourite version is Taiwan's 'It started with a kiss', I absolutely love the pairing of Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin! Overall, I find this adaption of 'Love in Tokyo ~ Itazura na Kiss' awesome and hilarious; I love the casts, Honoka Miki is really pretty and cute as Kotoko Aihara. Interesting to know that Yuki Furukawa (born in 1987) is 10 years apart from Honoka Miki (born in 1997) but because this dude looks really young, its as though they are the same age! I like the fact that Yuki Furukawa is fluent in English and his sincere/direct personality (he's also a cat lover like me!). I especially love watching Tokyo's beautiful scenery in the drama
and the lovely apartment of the Irie family, very cozy and heart-warming.
Even after watching 3 adaptions from Taiwan, Korea and Japan, my favourite character will always be Ikezawa Kinnosuke aka Ah Jin/Bong Joon Goo, he is such a loyal, honest and hardworking chap you just cannot bring yourself to hate him. Occasionally, I even hope Kotoko Aihara aka Qin Zi/Oh Ha Ni will choose him instead, as I find Naoki Irie aka Zhi Shu/Baek Seung Jo too cold and quiet at times, haha! The leads of the first Japanese adaption of Itazura na Kiss in 1996, Kashiwabara Takashi (I think the first and original Naoki Irie is still the most handsome! ^^) and Sato Aiko also make a special cameo in both episode 10 and 15 of 'Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo' respectively, so cool, isn't it? Surprisingly, I enjoy watching this Japanese adaption and the wonderful couple which I cannot get enough of; I am looking forward to their season 2, Itazura na Kiss: Love in Okinawa, which has been confirm on their official website!

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  1. Nice post on the show, I started watching the latest adaption recently too. The couple was pretty compatible, no? Hahas. Anyway, thanks for the nice write up. :)

    1. Thank you, Willis. Yes, they make such a cute couple, isn't it? That's why season 2 is coming our way. :)

  2. I can't agree more than I already do with each and every word mentioned in the post. I read the manga first, and it was amazing that it din't feel incomplete even though it was. and the fact that the original ending mangaka wanted was taken up in anime (2008) makes it even more wonderful. Still I do think that the female character remains unswayed by whatever comes at her, and that is what makes her the strongest person/ character in the series.So I don't find myself disappointed with her choice and the endings.
    I'd like to add that
    1. in the 1996 series, it really DID start with a kiss, and it makes me think maybe mangaka wanted the beginning like that. In any case, that won me over.
    2. yes that Naoki from 1996 is the most handsome, but that character that Takashi Kashiwabara portrays, I find it most humble of all those Irie Kuns out there.
    3. Even in anime adaptation, kin chan was wholeheartedly devoted.
    4. Its amazing that all those series are same, while they have their own essence.
    Last but not the least, even though I have already watched all these, I feel that I can watch the repeat of any of these any time. Also, If there is another adaptation of the original manga, I'd watch that too.