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Gu Quan / 汩泉 Novels ~♥

Introduction of Author:

Gu Quan (汩泉) was born in the month of June, in Shan Xi province. Quiet by nature and is not the typical Leo personality traits. Preferred simple lifestyle and believe nothing is impossible.


Happen to chance upon the book, Substitute Bride; not too familiar with the author but find the story interesting. Later on, realise there is another book by the same novelist, Amnesia Bride. Both titles are kind of link because of the characters and their relationship. Somehow, Reading it reminds me of the Chinese drama, Cuo Dian Yuan Yang / Xi Dian Yuan Yang. I personally prefer contemporary novels and have not been reading ancient novels since Ballad of the Desert (Da Mo Yao). Checking out ancient novels once in a while can be quite refreshing. As I am quite new to Chinese novels, hence please pardon if there is any translation error, etc. (Click on title for link to read)

Substitute Bride ~ 替身新娘

Protagonists: Ye Che & Long Mo Er

Everything begins with love, in order to help her sister to escape a marriage without love, she willingly put on the wedding dress and get married on her behalf.
After serving her purpose, she thought she will be able to pull herself out from this mess. Never will she expect herself to fall in love with the bride groom and the bride groom with her, the substitute bride......

Protagonists: Ling Ting Wu & Ye Ruo Xuan


Everything seems so foreign to her the moment she woke up, she cannot remember her own name and have no memory at all. All she felt was sever headache. In such a big castle many people, yet all seems so cold.
In order to bring her own memory back, she started to look for the owner of this place, only to realise he is so......however, he is the one who save her therefore he is definitely a kind soul. Hence she is not afraid of him. Will she be able to recall her memory?



  1. These books seem interesting!

  2. Where can I read the second book in english?