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Taiwan Drama ♦ In Time with You / 我可能不會愛你 ~♥

Title: In time with you / 我可能不會愛你
Genre: Romance
Total Episodes: 13 / 24 (Hunan TV)
Country: Taiwan
Broadcast Year: 2011/2012


On her 30th birthday, Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin) received an email on "the symptoms of premature aging" from Li Da Ren (Bo-Lin Chen), her best friend of 14 years. Unable to accept that Li Da Ren is like a fine wine that will get better with age and she is like a grape that will dry into a raisin as years go by, she made a bet with Li to see who will get married first before they turn 35. As she looked around for a potential husband, she discovered that she was surrounded by unacceptable candidates, like gay assistant or cheating ex-boyfriend. The only man who could love her despite all her flaws is her best friend. The only problem was that they both swore that they were not or will ever be romantically attracted to each other. (Credit: Dramawiki)

I happen to chance upon "In Time with You" trailer in YouTube and decided to give it a shot!
This drama reminds me of Korean drama “9 End 2 Out”, one of the difference is the Korean version couple knew each other all their life since they were toddlers, while the Taiwan version couple only knew each other since high school and it was the guy who make the first move to be the girl’s best friend. 

But either way I enjoyed watching how comfortable Cheng You Qing is in front of Li Da Ren and how Li Da Ren like seeing Chen You Qing in her most original and relax manner, how familiar they know each other, their straight forward conversation and their beer drinking sessions. Every episode begins with a quote by Chen You Qing which is sometimes amusing but yet true.

The drama also captures the beautiful scenery of Singapore when Chen You Qing and Li Da Ren visit each other to and fro towards the end of the drama.
But it hurts when Chen You Qing is unaware of Li Da Ren’s feelings for her and while they like each other but decided to suppress their feelings due to fear of ruining their friendship. Though it is a wobbly journey but the ending was great! Thumbs up to best friends turn to lovers!



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