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Chinese Movie ♦ Fall in Love at First Kiss / 一吻定情 ~♥


Title: Fall in Love at First Kiss 一吻定情
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year: 2019
Country: Taiwan


A love story between an ordinary girl with a stubborn crush and the school genius adored by all girls in their campus, ended up staying together in the same house. 

When a fool falls in love with someone way out of her league, is there hope for a happy ending? Yuan Xiang Qin (Starring Jelly Lin) is an ordinary girl who has a persistent crush on Jiang Zhi Shu (Starring Darren Wang).

After she express her feelings to him and was cruelly rejected. Xiang Qin considers giving Zhi Shu up for good. 

However, things happened and her dad brings her along to move in temporarily with Zhi Shu's family until their house is rebuild. 

In a sweet and pure romance set in high school. Xiang Qin's cheerful buoyancy shines. Zhi Shu begins to wonder whether Xiang Qin is merely a deviation or the person that he is fated to be with. 

Fall in Love at First Kiss is a remake of idol drama, Itazura na Kiss.

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