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Taiwan Drama ♦ Refresh Man / Hou Cai Niao De Can Lan Shi Dai / 后菜鸟的灿烂时代 ~♥


Title: Refresh Man / Hou Cai Niao De Can Lan Shi Dai / 后菜鸟的灿烂时代
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Modern
Country: Taiwan
Episode: 20 TBC
Broadcast Year: 2016


There is a group of people in the workforce. They work without much enthusiasm, while working will think about what to have for lunch later. They just pass each day as it comes, after work will think about where to chill out. They work just to have enough fixed income. No promotion but also non-rookie, this group is generally called "after rookie" or "refresh man".

Working as a Secretary, Zhong Yu Tang (Joanne Tseng) never feel like a 'after rookie/refresh man'. In her opinion, so long as she has done her part and get things done properly, all will be well. Her subordinates also obey and respect her. Just as she, as well as everyone, thought that she will take over to become the Chief Secretary; comes the unexpected outbreak. 

The new CEO, Ji Wen Kai (Aaron Yan, also starring in Just You) is the boy who used to lived next door to Zhong Yu Tang; a boy who does not do well in his studies. On the contrary, Zhong Yu Tang used to do well as a student and always 'take advantage' of the then Ji Wen Kai. With now the tables turned, Ji Wen Kai begins a series of 'devil training' for Zhong Yu Tang.

Refresh Man (Trailer) released in March 2016. 

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  1. Hi SIL, this drama sounds interesting. Have you watched it? BTW, how're you getting on? Just coming here to say hi to you. Have not been watching any drama recently but got hooked on (Mainland) Running Men programme. Cos I like watching Deng Chao. Lol..."whine"

  2. Hi Whine, yep I'm okay, hope you are doing fine as well. sweet of you to pop by to say hi. I did watched a few episodes of Refresh Man but give up halfway as I personally find it a little draggy afterwards.

    As I am currently busy with work hence have not been watching any dramas. But I am looking forward to 人生若如初相见 and 微微一笑很倾城. Oh, you also like Deng Chao? He is one of my favorite mainland actors! Haha...

  3. Hi SIL, I like DC since he acted in 幸福像花 & 甜蜜蜜 with his (wife) SL. Personally I still prefer 甜蜜蜜 & i really cried my lungs out at the last episode when Lei Lei (DC) became a veg. Did you watch this drama? Did you watch his movie Dead End where he got the best actor award? He is really a man of lots talent. Dance, sing, act, game shows, director....and from his interviews, can see that he is a family man.

    1. Oh, I like him since I watch "Young Justice Bao" years ago. Then I started to watch his other dramas such as "Rich Man Poor Love" etc. Nope, did not watch the dramas you mention, but did catch his latest movie, "Mermaid". Yes, Deng Chao is a very talented actor. We finally have a common idol, wahaha!

      I'm currently watching k-drama, "W - Two Worlds". You watching? Think you are more of a c-drama fan right? Anyway, "W" is really awesome! Love Lee Jong Suk, fabulous actor! Do give it a try if you would like to catch k-drama.

    2. Hey SIL, no i hardly watch K drama. So far only 2. Tong Yi and Da Chang Jin. I watch more of C drama but also i'm particular. I used to like Hawick Lau (SWAK) drama but recently his acting has become a disappointment. I like Wallace Huo too but prefers his costume drama. Like Deng Chao alot. If you ever have a chance, watch his tian mi mi drama. Love him to death there...hahaha. "Whine"

    3. Wa..its been quite some time since I watch Hawick's drama. Did not find any interesting ones lately (his new dramas). Okay, will give Deng Chao's Tian Mi Mi a chance when I am free next time. Right now I just want to 'savour' my Lee Jong Suk in "W", wahahaha...

    4. Ok, at least I recommend you to watch episode 26 (the last episode) where there is a (long) kiss scene between he and his (wife) SL. I was surprised it got through the censorship, it was a long kiss and it was good! LOL...Whine

    5. are such a naughty girl, Whine! LOL...but hey, its really those 'exciting' scenes that spice up a nice drama right? Okies, I will just make a beeline to ep 26 then, wahahaha...

  4. SIL, the (long) kiss is when they reconciled after 10 years of separation hence the intensity of the kiss. 10 years of emotion! The person holding the scissors probably enjoyed the kiss scene that he forgot to snip it off. It's pretty rare in a chinese drama you get to see such a long kiss. Hahaha! Whine