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Chinese Movie ♦ The Last Woman Standing / Sheng Zhe Wei Wang / 剩者为王 ~♥


Title: The Last Woman Standing 剩者为王
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Modern
Country: Mainland
Director: Luo Luo, Lee Ping Bin
Broadcast Year: 2015


A story on three spinsters, each embraces their different emotional attitudes. 

Repeatedly question and suffers setbacks in terms of "love", "marriage" and "family". 

When finally true love arrives, there is fear or excessive force, resulting in a series of laughter and tears. 

Eventually recognize one self and have a life with successful harvest.

The Last Woman Standing 剩者为王 (Trailer) is a 2015 Mainland production, featuring urban romance

It will release in November 2015. 

It is adapted from Chinese novel, Queen Stain by Luo Luo 落落.

Starring Eddie Pang (Also from Ballad of Desert and A Wedding Invitation) and Shu Qi.

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