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Hu Xiao Mei / Tiao Yue De Huo Yan ♦ 胡小媚 / 跳跃的火焰 Novels ~♥



Hu Xiao Mei 胡小媚 aka Tiao Yue De Huo Yan 跳跃的火焰, a Chinese novelist with titles such as 419 March of Love (419 Lian Ai Jing Xing Qu) 419恋爱进行曲, Relation in Danger (Wei Xian Guang Xi) 危险关系, Snail Marriage (Wo Hun) 蜗婚 and Hey, My Man (Wei, Wo De Nan Ren) 喂,我的男人, etc.

I read the title, 419 March of Love and quite like it. A very light-hearted and funny book, as I read from paperback hence not sure if there is any difference with the online version. Just find some of this novelist's books rather interesting and share. Might update again for future review, etc. (Click on title for link.)

419 March of Love (Lian Ai Jing Xing Qu) ~ 419 恋爱进行曲

Protagonist: Murong Bai & Su Xiao Wen


"If a woman can be such a scatterbrain to the point of not knowing who she lost her virginity to, her nerve must be simply too thick to imagine." Murong Bai thought helplessly to himself.

"He is not my cup of tea. Even if he is a cup of tea, it is also a poisonous cup of tea. One will die a horrible death upon drinking it!" This is something that Su Xiao Wen constantly reminds herself.

Alternate Synopsis:
Su Xiao Wen (a staff from sales department, well known for her easily confused personality and with a nickname, 'Alien') was drunk at a company party celebration. She bewilderedly lost her virginity and woke up alone the next day.

Murong Bai (the only son of Su Xiao Wen's big boss) had an one night stand with Su Xiao Wen after a drunken party night. He initially thought Xiao Wen would want him to take responsibility but found out later that she absolutely has no memory of what happened that night! An overbearing man, reluctant to give up Xiao Wen who belongs to him, to anyone else, began to use his power and position to sabotage Xiao Wen's matchmaking session, promote her to keep her by his side and prevent any of her relationship development with others by sending her on business trips.

A pair of quarrelsome couple and cute love war.

Relation in Danger (Wei Xian Guang Xi) ~ 危险关系

Protagonist: Lu Zi Mo & Deng Chu Yu


Drawn like a moth to a flame. She is a moth and he is fire. She opened a Pandora's box, but released a demon. Deng Chu Yu, a Thai-Chinese doctor. One afternoon, she was inexplicably kidnapped as a hostage by brutal drug traffickers, a mysterious man emerge from the wolf cave. This man is cynicism and apathy, but he did not think twice and used his own life to protect a stranger like her during an explosion.

Lu Zi Mo, an undercover in Thailand for the past 10 years, had walk through the gates of hell with his life hanging by a thread. In his darkest moments in life, he was accidentally involved with a woman in this complicated dangerous situation. However, difference in identity, contrast between black and white seems destined that they are two different person, infinitely close but can never intersect.

Exactly how would two person find one another peacefully hand in hand, in a world of blood and killing.

Snail Marriage (Wo Hun) ~ 蜗婚

Protagonist: Xu Dong Yan, Gu Yuan & Su Yao


New love and old flame, an extremely contradictory choice. Su Yao is a single mother, for some reason she is still staying under the same roof with her ex-husband, Gu Yuan. In order to regain independence, Su Yao starts on a new job and her new boss is actually her former lover, Xu Dong Yang. Xu Dong Yang want Su Yao back by his side and stumble upon the truth: Su Yao and Gu Yuan's children are actually his own flesh and blood!

At the same time, Gu Yuan would also like to keep Su Yao by his side, although they already divorced, living together was filled with ambiguous dangerous atmosphere. A lie needs more lies to cover, when the truth is disclose, one woman, two men, three families, begins a marital battle.....a dwelling snail marriage!


  1. Hi Seoul!
    I was thinking of reading 419 march of love because it sounds really interesting! how many chapters are there?

    1. The book has 12 chapters including a short epilogue.

  2. hi seoul in love,
    i want to try translating 419 march of love. Is the link that you gave the full book?
    I also want to ask if the book is in a simple writing style because my chinese is really poor XD.

    1. Hi Rosy, I read from the book itself so not sure if there is any difference from the online version. There is another link for the title which you might want to check it out (

      Personally, I find most modern novels' level of Chinese pretty much the same, lol! If you did Chinese translation before, think this should not be problem. ;)

  3. Hi Seoul,
    I've been wanting to translate a book and 419 march in love looks like a fun book. Is the link you added, the full book?