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Taiwan Drama ♦ Go, Single Lady / Zhen Ai Yu Dao Ta / 真爱遇到他 ~♥

Title: Go, Single Lady / Zhen Ai Yu Dao Ta / 真爱遇到他
Previously known as: Upper-Class Common Girl / My Pig Lady / Shang Liu Shu Nu /上流俗女
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episode: 26
Broadcast Year: 2014
Country: Taiwan


Go, Single Lady 真爱遇到他 (Trailer/Long Trailer) is a romantic comedy drama about Wang Man Ling (Ady An) who is a nouveau rich pig farmer; the daughter of a landowning pig farmer and Fan Jiang Yu (Mike He), an upper class memeber, rich chaebol heir who fall into dire financial straits when his family enterprise encounter problems. Fan Jiang Yu, the arrogant city boy, who is now very broke travels down South to look for odd jobs and finds himself at the mercy of Wang Man Ling, a rich but unsophisticated girl. Together, they join forces to assist each other on the achievement of upper class dream.

Soundtrack/OST: Ai Zhe Ai Zhe Jiu Yong Yuan by Hebe Tian


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  1. where can I watch the whole series with eng sub? I tried viki but they take forever to upload the episodes and sub them. I also tried dramafever but they only uploaded 7 episodes.

  2. You can watch it at dramafever. The drama is called my single lady

  3. Just finished episode 22 on dramafever. This uploads on Tuesdays and Thursdays.