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Chinese Drama ♦ Loving, Never Forgetting / Lian Lian Bu Wang / 恋恋不忘 ~♥

Title: Loving, Never Forgetting / Unforgettable Love / Lian Lian Bu Wang / 恋恋不忘
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Broadcast Year: 2014
Episode: 34
Country: Mainland


Li Zhong Mou (Jerry Yan) had a one night stand with Wu Tong (Tong Li Ya) a few years ago. He forgot about her until later, in an accident which stirred his attention; after verification, it was confirmed that the little boy, Wu Tong Tong is indeed his son. In order to gain back his own son, Li Zhong Mou take the Mother of his son, Wu Tong to court and win the custody of the boy. However, Li Zhong Mou finds himself falling for Wu Tong and was impressed by Wu Tong's intimate relationship with their son, due to his lack of maternal love as a child, he did not want history to repeat itself again. Therefore, Li Zhong Mou decided to marry Wu Tong. After experiencing life and death, resentment and prejudice, everyone eventually learn to understand, trust and love.

Unforgettable Love 恋恋不忘 (Trailer) releases on 23 June 2014 and is adapted from Chinese novel, Wu Ai Cheng Huan by Lan Bai Se.

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  1. Replies
    1. now it has aired and two eps are out on Not eng subbed though.

  2. Looking forward to this, it looks interesting.

  3. Reminds me of Autumn Concerto.........looking forward to this as I like Jerry Yan and Tong Li Ya's acting!

  4. where can i watch this with an english sub?

  5. Where can I watch this with eng sub? and when did it start?

  6. This drama was aired on 23 June, all 34 episodes were released. There is only Chinese subtitles for the time being.

  7. This is a nice drama (definitely not as weepy & heartbreaking as qianshanmuxue). However, a few scenes will still make you tear, especially the scene of Wu Tong (Tong Li Ya) parting words to her son after she lost custody of him in a lawsuit. The drama also has a heart warming side, especially seeing how Zhong Mou (Jerry Yan) tried his best to be a good father to the boy. Imagine how big the transformation from a bachelor to a daddy! I like all the intimate scenes of Zhong Mou & Wu Tong (they looked so natural on screen).

  8. I think this is by far the best acting of Jerry Yan's drama. The storyline is acceptable except for the later part, after their marriage when lead actress who played the role of Wu Tong, is still always hanging around with her bro-in-law, thus causing all the hoo hars. The makeup artiste could have done a better job as Tong Li Ya does appear 'unkept' in some scenes with her hair all over. Jerry who played Li Zhong Mou dressed perfectly, smart and suave. The little boy Wu Tong Tong is cute except that the production team should have retained the original child voice instead of having it dubbed. The actor who acted as "Xiang Jun' irritated me alot!! Zhang Mandy is too tall for Jerry, she looked like she's taller...or same height. Heartwarming drama although I didn't feel the 'intense' love Zhong Mou had for Wu Tong and vice versa (maybe I had just transported myself from Sealed With A Kiss drama). But Jerry Yan acting here is to be praised! Good acting!

  9. SIL, he has a new drama Because Love but tbh, the lead actress is not pretty. His acting was good here in Lian Lian Bu Wang. Whine...