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Chinese Drama ♦ Road to the North / Heading North / Yi Nian Xiang Bei / 一念向北 ~♥

Title: Road to the North / Heading North / Yi Nian Xiang Bei / 一念向北
Genre: Modern, Romance, Revenge
Broadcast Year: 2016 TBC
Episode: 40
Country: Mainland


Lu Xiang Bei, was a happy child in a wealthy family, however, his life change suddenly at the age of eight and was left with a broken family. At his grandfather's order, he planned his revenge by entering the company of his enemy, and meet his enemy's daughter, Tong Yi Nian, she is just like sunshine and he is eager for the warmth. But he can never let go of his hatred.


Road to the North is adapted from Chinese novel "Yi Nian Lu Xiang Bei
" by author Ji Xiang Ye. Hawick Lau as producer. Starring: Hawick Lau, Zhang Li, Wu Jian Fei, Liang You Lin, Zhang Jun Ning and Zhang Zi Xuan.


"Road to the North" reminds me of another Hawick Lau's drama "Sealed with a Kiss", and also a little of the novel "Listen to My Heart" (male lead lost his hearing as well). On the similarity of the two dramas (Sealed with a Kiss and Road to the North), Hawick Lau reveal that as he is a less open person, hence enjoys portraying more 'emotional' characters on screen, and feels that some viewers may love "Road to the North" while some might find it 'too heavy in taste'. In comparison, "Sealed with a Kiss" has more 'intense' scenes such as bathroom fighting and lip biting kiss, "Road to the North" 'ruthlessness' is reflected more in the characters' lines and status. (As I translated from Chinese, hence please pardon if there is any error, etc.)

Character Introduction ~♥


Hawick Lau as Lu Xiang Bei

Lu Xiang Bei has been living with his grandfather since he was a child, his father is chairman of Hua Cai Group. He possess extraordinary high IQ and EQ, relentless with amazing willpower.

He lost his hearing at a tender age and learnt lip reading, plan his mother's revenge on every step he take, however, fallen in love with his enemy's daughter, Tong Yi Niang. Faced with the dilemma of love and hatred; ultimately won the love of Tong Yi Niang.

Zhang Li as Tong Yi Nian

Tong Yi Nian is the only child of chairman of Wan Mei Group. Naïve, kind-hearted and emotional, have no airs as a rich man's daughter.

Instead, rely on her own ability to fulfil her dreams, fall in love with Lu Xiang Bei upon meeting him, the couple's love experienced numerous challenges such as parent's resentment, etc and eventually got married.

Wu Jian Fei as Shen Qi Kang

Shen Qi Kang is the heir of Hua Cai Group, Lu Xiang Bei's half brother, Tong Yi Nian's first love. Typical handsome, swanky and individualistic rich man's son.

Have no talent in doing business, always defeat while competing with Lu Xiang Bei due to his childish and naïve nature.

Liang You Lin as Yi Duo Tong

Yi Duo Tong is Tong Yi Nian's good friend. She seems calculating with a sharp tongue on the surface but is in fact a kind-hearted, loyal and simple girl who pursues her love. In love with Cen Jie Xi, she is true and loyal to him during his darker days.

Ultimately not only did Yi Duo Tong gain true love, but also manage to acknowledge her long-lost father.

Zhang Jun Ning as Cen Jie Xi

Cen Jie Xi is cool and refined, however with dark and gloomy emotions. Refuse to concede defeat, has a strong desire to conquer. He detested Lu Xiang Bei since young and treated Lu Xiang Bei as an enemy ever since he fall in love with Tong Yi Nian.

He is repentant after his defeat to Lu Xiang Bei, and also understand the only one that is worth cherishing by his side is Yi Duo Tong.

Zhang Zi Xuan as Wu Ying Ying

Wu Ying Ying is Lu Xiang Bei's girlfriend, the daughter of his grandfather's benefactor. Wu Ying Ying is a famous singer; talented, elegant and arrogant. She has always love and admire Lu Xiang Bei, and has been helping him takes care of his grandfather even after she rose to fame.

However, her love turn to hatred upon knowing the feelings between Lu Xiang Bei and Tong Yi Nian.

Gallery ~♥


  1. Do you know if the book is HE ? If yes, I'm gonna read, if not, I will avoid the drama. I read somewhere that Hawick said that he doesn't want a HE to leave a deep impression. -__-' Thanks for the synopsis. :)

    1. You're welcome :) Nope, I did not read the book, not sure how much will they follow though. Post it because it reminds me of SWAK...

    2. when is this drama coming out..

  2. What book are you referring to? SIL, do you mean that this drama reminds you of SWAK? I do agree if we read the synopsis but I dont think it will be so intense as SWAK. Personally, I hope these two dramas LAL and RN will be something to look forward to. I hated Clear Midsummers Nite (CMN), waste of time to watch as the supporting leads outshine the leads. Do you know the Wu Jian Fei starred in CMN ? His acting outshone Hawicks, thus he can act dont like Liang You Lins acting, too bland for me......hope the rest will do well. If I remember correctly Zhang Li starred in Xias Family Daughters sadly she didnt impressed me much with her acting because she acted so over the top trying to be cute and humorous. Sometimes this producers should decide if they want their characters to act so silly and stupid or at least act reasonably with some humour too much silliness downgrades a good drama. Another thing I dislike is seeing the female lead wearing clothes like a bag/rag lady, something the cat dragged in, cant they wear nicer clothes to act. That is why C and T dramas lost to K dramas it is the dressing that kills the show!!!!! Meow

    1. Haha...just find the synopsis a little similar, the book is Yi Nian Lu Xiang Bei. I didn't watch Clear Midsummer, somehow no appeal to me. :) Ya, do agree that the clothes wear by some of the leads really sucks big time! lol!

  3. Where can one watch it?

  4. It has not release at the moment.

  5. Any link to watch this drama?

  6. Can't wait to watch this drama! When is it going to be released?

    1. Its already released. You may watch it from youtube, etc.

  7. Hi SIL, it's whine here. Have watched up to episode 23, horribly boring TBH. Hawick's acting here is not at all like SWAK, he seemed to have not improved in his acting skills. He probably wanted to bring the same kind of emotion like SWAK here but unfortunately it's not at all that standard. The story itself is boring, up to episode 23 it still hadn't picked up like just watching for the sake of watching. No anxiety at all. I rather re-watch SWAK.

    1. Hi Whine, I did not finish watching Road to the north. In fact, I discontinue after watching the first few episodes as I find this drama quite boring too.

  8. And I forgot to add, the relationship between Hawick and the female lead is even more boring. It's one courtship. She just expressed her love for him after finding out he's her childhood boyfriend and there...they're an item after that.

  9. SIL, did you watch his other drama, 1st love? I watched the trailer....with no offence, but HL voice shld have been dubbed. Not saying that his mandarin is no good but his canto essence is very strong still and it does feel funny if you listen for long. Remember SWAK his voice was dubbed and sounded good. Than came the lousy miniseries with his original voice and it sounded odd. WHINE

    1. Nope, honestly not too keen on Hawick's dramas lately. Yep, they should have dubbed his voice due to his canto accent, fact for all other C-dramas, I would very much prefer them dubbed. I think it not only sounds clearer, it somehow also make the show a little interesting to watch.