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Chinese Novel ♦ Audio Book ~♥

Check out some audio books recently and some of the more popular ones are Tang Qi Gong Zi ~ Time is a Double Vie / 唐七公子 ~ 岁月是朵两生花 and Xin Yi Wu ~ Mirage / 辛夷坞 ~ 浮世浮
城, find them not too bad. Not exactly novels I like very much but the audio quite nice. However, not all audio books are of good quality so it really depends. I will occasionally use translation for more difficult words/idioms while reading novel, listening to audio book is a little more easier and also more lively with the sound effect and background music. (Only if you can understand Mandarin of course ^^) Anyway, between novel and audio book, I still prefer reading as sometimes audio book might exclude certain parts in novel. The titles below are some of my random picks, never read the novel but kind of enjoyed the audio book. Just to share. As I am quite new to Chinese novels, hence please pardon if there is any translation error, etc.(Click on title for link)

My Super Star Boyfriend ~ Tong Tong / 我的巨星男友 ~ 童童

Protagonist: Xi Mo Yao & Li Jun An


Li Jun An is the "lucky" new assistant for rising super star, Xi Mo Yao. Xi Mo Yao is suave and talented, however, much to Li Jun An's dismay, he is a rude and overbearing neat freak. Their relationship starts from quarrel to understanding and eventually from friends to lovers. A funny and light-hearted story.

Bachelor's Love Contract ~ You Yong De Yu / 与钻石王老五的契约爱 ~ 游泳的鱼

Protagonist: Li Mu Ran & Ji Wei


Li Mu Ran is in love with Ji Wei, a girl who lost her memory, everything is fantastic for the couple until Ji Wei's past come back to haunt her. Due to her identity as an illegitimate child and society pressure, Ji Wei is force to left Li Mu Ran only to realise she is pregnant with his child. Will Li Mu Ran and Ji Wei ever get back together again?


  1. My Superstar BF -- omg, omg....Seoul, what a marathon.....such a long long long book. And I thought it was a funny book, well at least it started off kinda light and funny, but wow.....I don't think I can take the whole works. Omg, omg.....I've gritted my teeth, bitten my tongue, chewed my nails.....I still could not bring myself to read the entire book. I had to skip, jump and hop through some chapters which was too much for me to bear. After so many days, I'm finally near the end....what a relief......I will definitely comment more after I'm done

  2. Hey Seoul, I've just finished, reached the end of Superstar Bf, alto I will retrace my steps and plug the gaps and parts that I skipped earlier. But can you enlighten me with what happened to JiangXinRui and WeiNing? Did they end up together? I thought their ending was rather open ended. Alto I can't really hack gay storylines but I thought WeiNing was rather pitiful and JiangXinRui was such a nice man. So, I will make an exception and kinda hope that they would end up as an item!!!!!.......XinnXinn

    1. Hey read the novel of MSSBF instead of the audio book? I never read the book, only listen to audio book hence can't really comment as it might be a little different. You try audio books before? Its actually pretty interesting with the background music, etc, the ones I mentioned (TQGZ and XYW) audio books are good!

      Btw, I just started one of the books you recommended (Big Husband; Small Wife), am in the first few pages, and I was like...omg...their relationship seems so...forceful...anyway will read on and see how it goes. You seem to have a fetish for uncles nowadays huh? LOL...

    2. My mandarin is very poor, furthermore, the accent used in audiobooks makes it even harder for me to understand. That's why I've been resisting Peanuts' advice to do audiobooks. But I'm trying now.

      Big husband - how are you liking him ....errr, I mean far?? Hope you will persevere and finished it. Yeah, I love my uncles...XXinn

    3. O...I'm used to the accent after a while but still prefer reading...

      Hmm...I just finish 'Big Husband, Small Wife', actually not too bad...I really hate the guy at first but kind of pity him as I read on coz even though they got married but deep inside his heart the guy know the girl will never love him as much as he love her......