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Chinese Movie ♦ A Wedding Invitation / 分手合約 ~♥

Title: A Wedding Invitation /

Director: Oh Ki-Hwan
Release Date: May 2013
Genre: Romance
Country: Mainland / South Korea


In the movie, A Wedding Invitation. Qiao Qiao (Bai Baihe) and Li Xing (Eddie Peng) are high school sweethearts, graduating from university. Li Xing proposed to Qiao Qiao much to her surprise. However, Qiao Qiao did not accept his proposal. What he does not know is, Qiao Qiao has a devastating secret. They decided to write a break-up contract; if they’re both still single in five years time, they’ll get married. They part ways and five years later, Qiao Qiao waits patiently for his call as she believes Li Xing is still waiting for her. But when Li Xing finally contact her it is to invite her to his wedding. Qiao Qiao is determined to win her former lover back, will their love come back again?

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1 comment:

  1. I love this movie so much.
    But its hard to find all the soundtrack :(