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Korean Movie ♦ Love 911 / 반창꼬 ~♥

Title: Love 911 / 반창꼬
Director: Jeong Gi-Hoon
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Release Date: December 2012
Country: South Korea


Kang-il is a rescue firefighter whose wife died while he was helping someone else in an accident. Struggling with guilt for being unable to save his wife, Kang-il frantically jumps into dangers to rescue others. Mi-soo, a doctor at a general hospital, makes a misdiagnosis and gets sued by the patient’s husband when the patient ends up slipping into a critical condition. In danger of losing her medical license, Mi-soo’s lawyer advises her to convince Kang-il to testify against the patient’s husband for an assault that occurred while the husband was in grief. She sets out to win Kang-il over by ‘dating him’.

However, Kang-il is not one to fall for Mi-soo’s schemes and gives her the cold shoulder. At last, Mi-soo volunteers to be a paramedic to work alongside Kang-il and get closer to him.

Despite the initial cat-and-dog relationship, as they struggle through the dangerous rescue sites together, they gradually fall in love. But their relationship falls apart since Kang-il cannot let go of the memories of his late wife and furthermore when he finds out the real reason why Mi-soo approached him. Kang-il is driven once again into chasing after the most dangerous rescue sites, while Mi-soo can no longer stop him. Then one day, when Kang-il gets buried under a collapsed building, Mi-soo runs after him not knowing whether he will survive. (Credit: Wikipedia)


  1. Hi..hi....I just wanted to exclaim loudly that I caught Love 911 some months back on the airplane. Reason why I want to sound excited is becoz, besides King 2 Hearts, this is the only other K-show I watched in the last 5 years!!! Haha....where have I been hiding??...!!!!

    Actually, 911 was really not bad, entertained me for almost two hours during a long haul flight, girl was pretty, guy was so very masculine....had me drooling shamelessly in the air...haha...

    But besides them getting together and all at the end, I thought the girl had a tumour in her head?? So what happen to that??

    1. Hi Xinn, I love to watch movies every time on the airplane too...less boring, haha...

      There are actually quite a number of nice Korean movies around, glad you also enjoy Love 911...

  2. I also was confuse with the tumor part? If only we have a little extended version of her finish her surgery eh?