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Korean Drama ♦ Cheongdamdong Alice / 청담동 앨리스 ~♥

Title: Cheongdamdong Alice /청담동 앨리스
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast period: 2012/2013
Country: South Korea


Han Se-kyung's (Moon Geun-young) personal motto is "L'effort est ma force (Hard work is my strength)" and she battles all sorts of hardships with an optimistic attitude. She enters every design contest she can apply to and finally gets hired at her dream job at an apparel company, only to find that she's the glorified errand girl for the president's wife. To make things worse, the boss's wife was once her high school classmate and rival, who was a worse student than Se-kyung, and now determined to make her life miserable.

So Se-kyung makes up her mind to marry a rich man and embarks on the project to become a "Cheongdam-dong daughter-in-law," an upscale, fashionable young lady who marries into the social upper crust in Cheongdam-dong (a small, insular, and particularly posh neighborhood in Seoul's Gangnam district).

The title is a word play on Alice in Wonderland, and refers to the heroine's fish-out-of-water status in said neighborhood, as she navigates the strange new world of designer clothes, gossip and consumerism. Se-kyung agrees to enter into a marriage, but what ensues is a "warm and cheerful story of finding real happiness.” (Credit: Wikipedia)


"Killer Smile"
I was drawn to watch Cheongdamdong Alice by Park Shi Hoo because I liked him since watching him in Family’s Honour few years back. He is a very charismatic actor and I seriously like him more after watching him as Cha Seung Jo in Cheongdamdong Alice (he is cute when wearing spectacles ^^) He successfully portray the delightful character of Cha Seung Jo in this drama and it really cracks me up a lot of times while watching his childish behaviour; such as switching to Korean dialect accent whenever he gets too agitated, enjoys going through the short lamp post in his office and gets revenge, the way he dances, etc.

"Emotion Bunnies"
I love how he will put on a cool front when he is in fact very smug or thrilled over something and talking to himself while analysing the possible outcome of a situation comically. The way he is trying to hide his true identity as Chairman from Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) and his encounter with Secretary Moon and his doctor friend is also extremely hilarious!

Speaking of Moon Geun Young, she is really everlasting baby face; gosh, she looks just about the same when I first saw her in Autumn Tale more than a decade ago. The sentence I like most in Cheongdamdong Alice is the word Han Se Kyung said in the first episode, ‘L'effort est ma force’ ‘Hard work is my strength’. I find Seo Yoon Joo’s (So Yi Hyun) ‘strategy’ to hook a ‘big fish’ and source for a white rabbit rather interesting too. And not to mention the adorable emotion bunnies Han Se Kyung made for Cha Seung Jo, they were cute!

"Alice in the Wonderland"
Cha Seung Jo is such a dear that I cannot help feeling touched when he confess to Han Se Kyung all the petty stuff he done in order to revenge his ex-wife and dad. I was thinking how anyone can bear to deceive such a sincere and innocent guy? Of course, my heart broke for him when he discovered the deception. *sob* 

I liked the soundtrack from this drama, especially the two songs; It’s Okay by Luna and Every Single Day by Shower. The latter has a very happy tune, hmm...sounded a little like the thrilling sensation when hit a jackpot? LOL! Overall I am so glad the drama ended happily and it is a good closure for Cheongdamdong Alice!



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  1. Wah, you are fast. I haven't finished this drama yet as I sort of lost interest half way thru:( Since it ended happily, I'll try to finish it just for Park Shi Hoo:P I also like the bunnies bcos Shi Hoo looks like them, lol. Is Family Honour good? I started to like him after watching Prosecutor Princess. Did you know he acted in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang way back in 2005? I didn't notice him when I was watching that drama:( Btw with the specs, he can be Xiao Bai but too bad he can't speak Chinese. I read in baidu, some ppl like u also think Hawick is suitable as Xiao Bai but some think he is not fair or young enough.

    1. Ya, Shi Hoo does resemble the bunnies at times; Family Honour is more than 50 episodes, to be honest, I only watched scenes with Park Shi Hoo..heehee.. (his character is really cute in that drama!). There after I also watched Prosecutor Princess because of him :) surprised he is in Delightful Girl as I did not notice him too…Actually some Mainland actors are also pretty good and can be consider as Xiao Bai; such as Zhang Han and Chen Xiao, etc…

  2. Hihi, finished Fated Marriage? Nice? Are you going to read all the books written by this author big grey wolf:)? I just got my netpal to read 岁月是朵两生花 bcos of the MV so I thought of you as well, haha...Here is the advertisement but with spoilers, lol,

    Btw, what happened to my Wallace's drama with Janine?

    1. Fated Marriage is a nice & sweet story :) love 6th brother although he is childish, not sure if I will read other sworn brothers stories; have you read big grey wolf’s other books? Is it good? The Flower novel’s MV looks heartbreaking..with Xiao Xiao Bing in it reminds me of Autumn's Concerto, hahaa…

      Read that Wallace’s drama will release on 31/3/2013, fingers crossed ~ hopefully its true, just have to wait & see…