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Korean Drama ♦ Innocent Man / Nice Man / 착한남자 ~♥

Title : Innocent Man / Nice Guy / 착한남자
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 20
Country:  South Korea
Broadcast Period: Year 2012


A classic melodrama involving betrayal, revenge, and romance. The story is about Kang Ma Roo (Song Joong Ki), who gave up everything for the woman (Park Si Yeon) he loves only to be betrayed by her. To get revenge on his ex-girlfriend, he uses her step-daughter and successor to Taesang Group, Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won). Unfortunately, she suffers brain damage and loss of memory after a car accident, and now Kang Ma Roo works to fix everything that went awry because of his blind sighted revenge and ends up fally in love with Seo Eun Gi. (Credit: Dramawiki)


If you have not watch Korean drama, Innocent Man, you should give it a shot! At least for me, I really like watching this drama. The leads are brilliant with strong characteristics and the storyline is spectacular! I have liked Song Joong Ki ever since I saw him in Will it Snow at Christmas in year 2009, at that time his role is quite minor as Han Ye Seul’s brother. Luckily going forward they gave him better roles such as Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Innocent Man. Song Joong Ki’s character as Kang Ma Roo truly melted me with his flawless acting. I am quite surprised because his looks are endearing and more to pretty boy type especially when he is playing Running Man, hahaa...But he played the role of cold Kang Ma Roo who wants to seek revenge and injustice very well, you can really feel for him. I am impressed with his performance and glad that the series ended with a good note.

Moon Chae Won is also quite a good actress and I think they compliment each other in the series. The other thing I would like to comment is the song of the drama, I have no idea Song Joong Ki can sang so well, he is not only good in acting but also in singing! He sang the song ‘Really’ in Innocent Man and his voice is so soothing and clear. I am happy for Song Joong Ki as his performance is recognized with the awards he got from Innocent Man such as Top Excellence Award, Best Actor Award, Best Couple and Netizen’s Award for both him and Moon Chae Won. In my opinion, Innocent Man is one of the best Korean dramas I have watched and definitely look forward to Song Joong Ki’s upcoming shows in near future!

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  1. I also saw this drama awhile ago. I saw the ending raw in Korea, lol. I quite like it. It won a few awards at the yr end Awards ceremony. I m watching Alice now. So far till episode 8, it is quite nice. I like park shi hoo:)

    1. I have always like Park Shi Hoo, after watching Cheongdamdong Alice, I like him more! =)

  2. I just finished watching it yesterday. I totally love this drama. And love all the characters!
    They're all superb. But I totally love these two: Kang Ma Ru and Park Joon Ha <3