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Chinese Drama ♦ In Love with Power / 山河恋•美人无泪 ~♥

Title: In Love with Power, Beauties without Tears / 山河恋·美人无泪
Genre: Historical drama
Episodes: 38
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2012/2013


During the reign of Hong Taiji, the founder of Qing dynasty. He formed military alliances by marrying the daughters of Mongol and Manchu clans. He first married Jerger of Khorchin Mongols and made her his first wife. Thereafter, he marry her niece Dayu'er. However, it was Dayu’ers low status half-sister, Harjol, he favoured above the rest. His favouritism caused jealousy between the women. Dayu'er, knowing that he would never love her, decided to place her son on the throne. She formed a secret alliance with Hong Taiji's brother Dorgon to stop other's claim to it.


I was actually considering if I should write a post on the Chinese drama, In Love with Power as I only watch this drama for the sake of my favourite couple; Hong Tai Ji (Hawick Lau) and Hai Lan Zhu (Zhang Meng). And I was thinking of dropping this series after the couple die in episode 30 but I still continue to watch since I have already come this far so might as well watch on for the young emperor's story and ending of the series. So therefore I decided to just do a write up on my favourite couple then.

I have my doubts on Hong Tai Ji’s love for Hai Lan Zhu in the beginning of the drama, after all they did not really show how or why Hong Tai Ji love her so much. It is probably her loyalty towards her first love and her vulnerability attracted him. And the emperor seems to woo almost every woman in the drama. However, it became more convincing as the drama continued with Hong Tai Ji willing to do anything for Hai Lan Zhu and even does things for her that he will never do for his other concubines such as letting her drink his blood as medicine for poisoning, taking care of her when she in on coma for two years and he is genuinely devastated when his precious Hai Lan Zhu breathe her last.

I feel sad for Hong Tai Ji as even though his beloved concubine was touched by his sincere love and did love him in a way, he is well aware that Hai Lan Zhu will never love him like her first love and all he ever desire is to live a ripe old age together with her. To make things worse, he is the one who causes the death of her first love which leads to the ultimate heartbreak for this ill fated couple. In fact towards the end of this drama, I was hoping that Hai Lan Zhu will never remember the past after she woke up from the fall, but she still did and find it difficult to forgive Hong Tai Ji, cannot really blame her as Zhou Ling, her first love is a very kind man. I am well aware that they will still passed on early since it is stated in history so it is no surprise.

Like other period dramas, In Love with Power has very beautiful Chinese customs and traditional architecture; it is a feast for the eyes. I find Zhang Meng’s character as Hai Lan Zhu exceptionally stunning, I have seen her in My Sassy Girlfriend and The Magic Blade but somehow just find her more sweet and beautiful in In Love with Power. Maybe she has vintage beauty and is prettier in period drama; although Da yu’er (Yuan Shan Shan) is also pathetic in a way but I still like Hai Lan Zhu more, guess she grow on me. On the contrary, I find Hawick Lau’s character as Hong Tai Ji not as distinctive as Mo Shao Qian in Sealed with a Kiss, find him a little rigid at times and occasionally make me wonder if only his character as the emperor is less selfish and domineering in the first place, and Hai Lan Zhu not as insistent, things might turn out differently. I have grow up watching Ada Choi’s TVB drama and quite like her as an actress but she really get on my nerves in her character as JerJer, despite that, her performance is amazing!

One thing I dislike about period drama is there are always a lot of blood splitting scenes which usually leads to dying and the woman truly loved by the male protagonist will sometimes end up dead while those unscrupulous wives, concubines and villain will still be alive and kicking! Although not all dramas are the same but there are quite a few with similar plot.

I feel that In Love with Power can do better with a little more emphasis on Hong Tai Ji and Hai Lan Zhu’s story, there are in fact a lot of potential in developing their storyline. Anyway I did a quick search on China history and indeed the real Hong Tai Ji did favour his Consort Chen, Borjigit Harjol (Hai Lan Zhu) above his other concubines and they were seventeen years of age difference. Interestingly Hawick Lau and Zhang Meng are a good fourteen years of age difference! There is a saying by Da yu’er in the drama, “If only Hong Tai Ji is the first man that Jie Jie (Hai Lan Zhu) met, she will definitely be very blissful”. And I could not agree with her more.

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  1. hello...

    i wanna ask..did hailanzu ever love huang taiji?which episode to representing it?....hailanzu died,because what?..

    sorry for my question is too many..hehehe

  2. please tell me where i can watch this in eng subs! :'( i looked everywhere possible. please help me i reaally want to watch this!

    1. I understand...pretty upset if unable to watch a drama you like right? Hmm...but I only know viki with eng subs, you might want to check it out...good luck! ;)

  3. Then,where is yu er?
    I feel bad for her.T_T