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Fabulous Korean Dramas 1 ~♥

I was first introduced to Korean dramas in the year 2000 from Korean drama, “Autumn in My Heart”, Song Hye Kyo is so beautiful! I especially love the Hong sisters’ dramas, very interesting and hilarious! The soundtrack of some dramas are also really nice!
However, not all dramas are good as some of them can be really be a drag with terrible story plot, lousy chemistry and boring characters etc. And I really cannot stand terrible endings. Often I will give up watching the drama and wish that I have not started at all, what a waste of time and concentration.

I will usually browse through reviews on website or forum, reviews are subjective; what others like may not be your cup of tea. But most of them are quite precise to date. Some dramas are also adapted from novels.
Over the years I also have a list of my favourite dramas, therefore would like to share with others as I really find these dramas very entertaining! These are just my own reviews and personal favourites; just for fun ~ hopefully my comments of some nice dramas will help you to enjoy the drama with much anticipation and enjoyment. Cheers!

There are actually a lot of good Korean dramas from the past, hence just to make a count of it and post it for memory sake! >_<

Title: Mary Stayed out all Night/Marry Me, Mary!
Genre: Romance & Comedy
Total Episodes: 16
Broadcast Year: 2010/2011

Breif Summary:

Wi Mae Ri (Moon Geun Young) is the daughter of a man who is always in debt. She is cheerful and innocent and befriend with pub singer boy band member, carefree Kang Moo Kyul (Jang Geun Suk). Mae Ri’s father is good friends with a successful businessman Jung Suk who used to be in love with Mae Ri’s mother. Jung Suk suggest to Mae Ri’s father to let his daughter marry his son, Byun Jung In (Kim Jae Wook) if he help him clear his debts.


I find the drama interesting as it is adapt from manga. The plot is on a 100-days contract between Mae Ri, Moo Kyul and Jung In whereby Mae Ri will decide who to choose by the end of the contract. I like the childood story of Mae Ri and Jung In as I think it is touching and sweet, the process when Moo Kyul beginning to like Mae Ri is also interesting as he sees her as a mother image at first, someone who makes him feel warm, like family. This drama let me have a better understanding on why some guys likes gals who reminds them of their mother.

I like the image of Kim Jae Wook in this drama with his hair all comb up, thought he look more handsome without his hair covering his face. Jang Geun Suk on the other hand looks abit sloppy with his long wavy hair though he is much cooler and more rebellious but I still like him better with his hairstyle in ‘You are Beautiful’. Moon Geun Young is cute and warm-hearted as Wi Mae Ri and very different from her character in ‘Cinderella Sister’, but I find her sometimes a little too girly and baby. Anyway if I’m Mae Ri in the drama I will definitely  choose Moo Kyul because although Jung In is rich and mature, he can be quite boring at times especially with a domineering father, but I pity him as he always feel lonely and unlove. Moo Kyul on the other hand is less serious and very free-spirited, not only is he a good singer and eye candy, he is fun to be with! If you love manga, you might also love ‘Mary Stayed out all Night’.


Title: What’s up, Fox?/Hey fox, what you want to do?
Genre: Romance & Comedy
Total Episodes: 16
Broadcast Year: 2006

Brief Summary:

Ko Byeong Hee (Ko Hyun Jung) is a single 33 years old reporter with no love life. Park Chul Su (Chun Jung Myung) is a 24 years old carefree mechanic who is a younger brother of Byeong Hee’s best friend. An accidental one night stand by the two of them lead to funny happenings.


This drama is recommended by another friend of mine. Ko Hyun Jung’s character of Ko Byeong Hee is cute and passionate as a 33 years old virgin with not much experience with love relationship. An ironic fact as she is working as a reporter for a sex magazine. Little did she knew her best friend’s baby brother who is a good 9 years her junior has been carrying a torch for her for years, only to be exposed after the accidental one night stand together.

It cracks me up when Byeong Hee imagine her wedding night and lead to embrassing actions and images. I was quite shocked by the age gap when I first watch this drama because 9 years to me is really a very big gap for a older woman and younger man relationship. It is also an issue that society nowadays still cannot really accept. However after watching this show it makes me realised age should not be an issue if the couple is compatible and love each other, what other people think is not an issue. Ko Hyun Jung and Chun Jung Myung has very good chemistry like all the other Korea dramas main leads I love. The best thing is in reality they are also 9 years apart and yet still have such good chemistry on screen. A drama with lots of hilarious moments that will keep you entertain if you love comedy dramas.

Title: My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Genre: Romance and Comedy
Total Episodes: 16
Broadcast Year: 2005

Brief Summary

Kim Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah) is a talented and plump pastry baker turning 30 years old who was ditched by her boyfriend on one Christmas Eve. That night she walks into the men’s restroom by mistake and met Hyun Jin Hun (Hyun Bin), a insensitive yet thoughtful guy. Jin Hun is a restaurant owner and happens to need a baker, therefore he employed Sam Soon and both of them ends up bickering. Love blossom as they started to feel for one another as time goes by. 


My Name is Kim Sam Soon is definitely a hit and there is not a scene that I hate in this drama. Kim Sun Ah purposely put on weight for this role as she is suppose to be plump. Although not really elegant and gorgeous, being a candid and loud plump woman, you still just can’t bring yourself to hate her character Sam Soon. As she is unpretending, cute and amusing in her own way, and real funny sometimes as she is not afriad to let you know what she is thinking and that she is desperate to get married. Kim Sun Ah have a talent in making audience laugh, at times I even find her behaviour pig-liked (like the cute piggy soft toy in the drama) very piggy, not in a disgusting way but delightful and endearing. There are also many harmless arguments and sweet moments mixed with hilarious scenes. Hyun Bin did a good job portarying the character of Hyun Jin Hun as a serious and charismatic boss to Sam Soon. Not sure if I am the only one feeling this way; when I first saw Hyun Bin I thought he looks more like a HongKong actor than a Korean. Weird huh. Anyway I’m totally in love with him especially when he is so obessesed and smitten by Sam Soon despite her being 3 years his senior, fat and loud, his over domineering male ego, always wanting to know her whereabouts were so cute, it’s not irritating at all. Although somewhat bossy, he is also afraid of her in a way. Both Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin have  really good chemistry together!

Daniel Henney is also a eye candy in the drama and I can’t help opening my eyes bigger when he come onscreen. I’m also fascinated by those mouth-watering and dazzling pastries in the drama; feel like eating them and makes me want to pick up baking as well. One of my favourite scene is when Sam Soon and her mum and sister visit the KTV with Jin Hun and sing their hearts out, I laugh until my eyes tears roll down my cheeks when I saw that scene. Another scene I love is the one when Jin Hun offer Sam Soon Korean seaweed soup on her birthday at Jeju Island, I thought its really sweet and cute and it makes me wonder why Koreans need to drink seaweed soup on their birthdays, so I did a simple search online and it turns out that the seaweed soup is very nutritious for mothers giving birth and it is a tradition in Korea for mothers to eat seaweed soup after childbirth. It becomes a traditional birthday dish for Koreans to eat seaweed soup on their birthday and this custom reminds them how noble their mother is by giving birth to them. All in all My Name is Kim Sam Soon is definitely a hilarous, relax, romantic and down-to-earth drama that will bring laughter to everyone.

Title: Delighful Girl, Choon-Hyang/Sassy Girl, Choon-Hyang
Genre: Comedy & Romance
Total Episodes: 17
Broadcast Year: 2005

Brief Summary:

Lee Mong-Ryong (Jae Hee) a city boy was transferred from Seoul to a high school in a small town, Namwon. There he get to know a hardworking and bright girl, Sung Choon Hyang (Han Chae Young) who help him to get into university. Interesting things happen when they were engage in confusing love relationship.


Choon Hyang dozing off in bus with Mong Ryong's palm as 'pillow'.

This drama is recommended by a friend of mine who is also a Korea drama fan and claim that I will definitely love watching it. When she first lend me the whole series I was not that keen as I do not know the main leads and I find the poster of the drama very boring and looks like some kind of pumpkim village drama, haha. Apparently I was wrong, it was indeed a very interesting drama like my friend said.  I like the strong character of Choon Hyang as she is a very street smart and bright girl with strong perseverance and never give up no matter how hard life is. Mong Ryong on the other hand is cheeky and fun loving who always get into trouble. He is hilarious and I could not stop laughing at him on some scenes, especially when he is being chased. Jae Hee does a lot of running around because he is either being chased or in a hurry and he is also a very good fighter in this drama. When he is running his expression looks like he’s enjoying it very much and do not mind running..Hmm..actually if he is not an actor maybe he can probably switch to be a sprinter, LOL! He is really cute I like him instantly once I started watching first episode.

The flash backs on their previous life is both entertaining and comical, I feel that Han Chae Young looks prettier in ancient style. Mong Ryong’s father is also very funny and comical though he is strict to his son. I think both Jae Hee and Han Chae Young has a very good chemistry in this drama, I have watched their dramas after ‘Delightful Girl, Choon-Hyang’ and I find their chemistry with other co-stars not as good as with each other, that is also part of reason why I like this drama. My favourite scenes were the school play of ‘Romeo & Juliet’, Mong Ryong puts his hand on Choon Hyang’s cheek when she is falling asleep in the bus and when Mong Ryong finally saw Choon Hyang years after she left. After I return the series to my friend I went to get a new one for myself for keepsake because I really love this drama.

Title: Lovers in Paris/ Des amoureux á Paris
Genre: Romance
Total Episodes: 20
Broadcast Year: 2004

Brief Summary

Kang Tae Young (Kim Jung Eun) works on a screenplay in Paris and meets Han Ki Joo (Park Shin Yang) and Yoon Soo Hyuk (Lee Dong Gun) incidentally and become friends. Things turn shoddily when Ki Joo asks Jung Eun to pretend to be his fiancé due to work, when they come back in Korea both Ki Joo and Soo Hyuk grow to have feelings towards Tae Young and as it progress, their affections gradually cause distress for people around them.


Lovers in Paris is another typical romance drama that sort of like a fairy tale. However, it is the casts, amazing acting and beautiful sceneries that makes this drama so exceptional. Pairing up Han Ki Joo and Kang Tae Young is a maverllous combination of a funny couple as one is serious and frank while the other is humorous and cheerful. Actually when I first saw the poster of this drama I do not find it very appealing because I find the male lead looks abit..hmmm..not really the typical suave male lead in most of the Korea dramas. But it was because I do not know who is Park Shin Yang at that time and after watching this drama that I am really falling in love with him! He portrays the character of Han Ki Joo very well as a very solemn, practical, confident and sometimes even rude and stuck up yet attractive when he’s working.  Audiences will love him for his honesty and dare-to-love attitude, a very charming and brilliant actor. You will enjoy watching the blissful couple together in this drama. Actually I’m curious why is it so important for a couple’s family background to be well-matched in Korea drama, I mean this is already the 21st century, shouldn’t happiness of a couple being together more important than this? And there is still match making session at times, it happens in quite alot of Korea dramas.

Anyway some of my favourites scenes in this drama is when Ki Joo plays the piano and sing Tae Young a song in the café, Ki Joo offers to buy cosmetics and accessories for Tae Young in the morning after she works overtime, the piggy bank bought by Ki Joo, when Ki Joo gets jealous, etc. What I don’t really like in this drama is Tae Young’s uncle as I find him getting on my nerves; always making things difficult for Tae Young than it already is and of course the ending is a little too hasty and unexpected, not that it’s a sad ending but I just feel that it can be better. Nevertheless this drama is still a must watch with the irresistible chemistry of main leads and amusing story that audience will enjoy!

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