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Chinese Novel ♦ Random Author ~♥

Some Chinese books from random authors; I read most of these books quite some time ago, decided to recall and consolidate some titles. All comments are just my two cents' worth as every readers may have different opinions, its subjective. ;)

Might update this post again should there be any future title/review to share. Some of the novelists with more than a book title posted here are Hong Jiu 红九, Xin Xin Xiang Rong 欣欣向荣, Gu Man 顾漫, Lan Bai Se 蓝白色 and Jie Mo Lu 芥末绿 etc. As I am quite new to Chinese novels, hence please pardon if there is any translation error, etc. >__^
(Please note there might be some sexual references / mature content; Readers discretion advised. Most novels comes with happy ending unless otherwise stated. Click on title for link. )

Lingering (Chan Mian) by Xue Ling Zhi ~ 缠绵 by 雪灵之

Protagonist: Xi Cheng Hao & Jian Si


Before her encounter with Xi Cheng Hao, it never occurs to Jian Si that a mistake in love will destroy everything. 18 years old, both of them young and very much in love, thought with a promise make, it will last a lifetime. Pregnant with Xi Cheng Hao's child but was utterly rejected by his mother. On the faithful night of the thunder storm, Jian Si's father could not bear the humiliation and passed on.
Meanwhile, Xi Cheng Hao left for overseas, leaving Jian Si disheartened. 5 years later, Jian Si's mother is torment by illness and all she desire is to live peacefully and earn a good living. However, with the courtship of her superior, Xi Ji Huan, Jian Si had a chance encounter with his cousin, Xi Cheng Hao again......

Past events recall, she detest him, what's worse is life deprive her the right to retaliate. If not for his mother, she will not lose her loved ones, this result in her defensiveness. Since Xi Cheng Hao still love her very much and she on the other hand have no weapons to fight back.....why not have the best of both worlds?

Review: This storyline is actually pretty good though its a little dramatic; it just makes me want to read on to find out what happens next. I really pity Jian Si but its kind of bad of her to revenge on Xi Cheng Hao too as he really love her very much, even though its quite heartless of him to left her 5 years ago. Cannot blame her though cause Xi Cheng Hao's mother is really #*%@! Seriously hateful woman, she is the cause of all theses troubles! Although it ended with a happy note, but I find the closing a little too abrupt; just feel that its incomplete, the ending could have been better. From this story, I realized hatred and revenge is a very terrible thing.....was hoping for an epilogue but can't seem to find any online? I think it will be good for the author to write one for this title though :)

Give you up, Next lifetime! by Zhuang Zhuang -放弃你, 下辈子吧! by桩桩

Protagonist: Xia Chang Ning & Ning Fu Sheng


Have you ever attend a blind date tea party together with 50 other men and women? You went shopping with the guy from blind date and ended up visiting shops 'looking' at you instead of you 'looking' at them, can you still keep a smile on your face?

He is not to be provoked and cannot hide from him. His answer is, “give you up, next lifetime!”

Review: Xia Chang Ning is one of the most thick skin and persistent guy I read, I read on as I am curious how he eventually win the heart of Ning Fu Sheng whom he annoyed right from the beginning.

If you love me, Speak out! by Hong Jiu - 爱我就要说出来 by 红九 

Protagonist: Ning Xuan & Su Ya


16 years old Ning Xuan saw Su Ya for the first time. Her singing sucks, yet he cannot help being attracted by her. 18 years old Ning Xuan witnessed the process of Su Ya mistakenly walk into the gents. Looking at her embarrass expression, he was smitten by her.

In this year, he painstakingly makes her his girlfriend. In this year, his beloved Su Ya left him.

Time flies together with youth. 24 years old Ning Xuan reunited with Su Ya. He can tell she is not doing very well. And he knows, he is still in love with her. And it is also the same year; both of them cannot help but separated again. 

26 years old, they meet again in the crowd. This time round will their love wander off again? From 16 years old to 26 years old, can love afford to wait another couple of years?

Review: A guy falling hopelessly in love with a girl 3 years his senior...and the girl is his teacher! Ning Xuan's love for Su Ya is really faithful and true; he might be younger than Su Ya in terms of age but his mentality is more mature than her. I read this book with gusto and like the ending whereby the novelist recap on why Ning Xuan is attracted to Su Ya at first; which is not mention at the beginning of the book.

Encounter is Doom, Fall in Love is Destiny (Yu Jian Shi Jie Shu, Ai Shang Shi Zhu Ding) - 遇见是劫数, 爱上是注定 by 红九

Protagonist: Gu Chen & Xu Tong


In order to revenge her father, who abandon her mother and herself; in order to teach her half sister a lesson; in order to survive.....She reluctantly willing to stage an act with him. Put up with his favourite gentle expression, she became a sweet and considerate girl.....a girl he thought to be his lucky star. Through her careful scheming, she created all kinds of opportunities. Attract his attention - just to be able to seduce him. He is well aware of everything, yet never expose her, on countless nights, giving her all sorts of bullying. She did not know, the moment her lips touches his, she is destined to unable to escape the doom.....he did not know, the moment he unknowingly said out: "Yao Yao, you are really my little lucky star!", this marriage is already destinated.

Alternate Synopsis:

Initially, she seduced him just to teach one person a lesson, however unknowingly, she begin to fall in love for real. After he encounter such a cunning woman, he only want this only 'tree' and ditch the rest of the 'forest' behind. She is a cunning and aggressive woman, will never be the first to profess her love. He is a domineering man, wants to dominate everything, career, future, women and love. Therefore, even though they already love, none of them will profess their love. He only said: "Why don't you marry me!" She only answered: "Sure, but let me finish brushing my teeth!"

Love is a war, the one who cannot resist temptation and say 'love' first, will be the one defeated.

Review: Another book by Hong Jiu, the same novelist of 'If you love me, Speak out!'. This novel is rather lengthy as there are two books, volume 1 and 2 for this title. The female lead might not be the nicest girl around but I like her guts and character, she wants to protect herself from being hurt hence did not allow anyone to walk into her heart. Anyway, quite a stubborn couple; an interesting read!

After Marriage (Hun Guo Qu Huo) by Xin Xin Xiang Rong - 婚过去后 by 欣欣向荣

Protagonist: Ye Chi & Shi Xiao


“If the person I love is happy, I will also be happy”, this is a nonsense that I never believe. Since I love her, she will be mine, if she is not mine, I will make her mine, if she do not love me, all I have is day, one month, one year, sooner or later she will definitely love me and only me alone.
This is the guy Shi Xiao married; an overbearing and domineering man!
Review: Really enjoy reading this book! This guy is simply super possessive and childish (jealous of his own son, haha...), he is also very sweet; will cook for his wife and very protective. However, I really dislike his quick temper, control freak and overbearing attitude because he will be so jealous, did something rash and regret almost immediately, its quite a turn off for me. Anyway, I like Ye Chi's bickering with Shi Xiao's best friend, Juan Zi as both of them cannot stand the sight of each other but will bound to meet up due to Shi Xiao. Ye Chi is afraid that Juan Zi will lead his wife astray but too bad his good friend cum brother is in love with her, lol! Do check out the epilogues of this book too!

Ba Ai Mou Qin by Xin Xin Xiang Rong ~ 霸爱谋情 by 欣欣向荣

Protagonist: Feng Jin Cheng & Ji Qing


In the eyes of Feng Jin Cheng, Ji Qing is like a little rabbit with no lethality; cute, obedient and well-behaved.....however, he realized its only when a little rabbit is anxious and desprate enough, it will bared its teeth and bite.....

A story of a girl who carry a torch for a dashing proud guy for 10 years and finally they got married. The girl realized how tired it is to maintain an one-sided love and left him. Its only after the girl left, the guy realized how much he loves her.....

 Review: Another brother story of 'After Marriage'; always know that it is better for the guy to love the girl first in a relationship. Realized it all the more from this book, the guy, Feng Jin Cheng is actually a very cunning fox, will come up with different 'strategy' in order to keep his little rabbit by his side...Another brother story would be You Dare Marry Me, I Dare Marry You, the story of Feng Jin Cheng and Ye Chi's buddy, Hu Jun. I think these novels can be consider sort of like a 'buddy series'?

Walk to Paris by Sarah - 走路去巴黎 by 莎罗

Protagonist: He Xuan & Yu Xiao Xiu


Going to Paris is her greatest dream in life, with the unsuccessful interview for flight attendant, her dreams were shattered. Foul luck seems to follow her since then, abandoned by her boyfriend, her mother's business failed......under difficult circumstances, she was force to apply for a job as a secretary, only to realised it was a deception to be a nanny instead.....
He is the lucky one envy by millions, born wealthy, with high IQ and dashing appearance, just returned home from Paris to take over his father's business; however he is a picky neat freak and had a hard time looking for a satisfactory nanny, hence decided to set a treacherous trap to source for the perfect candidate......
When the secretary nanny meets the wealthy heir, it seems that everything was meant to be. Can her extraordinary talent in managing the household and optimistic nature melt the heart of the 'cool face' man?

Review: A happy and relax story, I am amazed by Yu Xiao Xiu's culinary and housekeeping skills. I especially like the cover of this book, the beautiful graphic looks very carefree; feels like going on a vacation.

Love Me, Never say Sorry by An Xin ~ 爱我, 永远别说对不起 by 安心

Protagonist: Yin Zhen Cheng & An Qi


Her appearance was his life's most brilliant light, however, he is not the one she has been waiting all along; he used all his love to wait and retain, the moment she turn around, she will always find him waiting.

This is a timeless love story, no matter how many hundred thousand times you turn back, searching, encounter and missed, please believe, the one who love you will still be standing at the original position, so - you should believe, there are always miracles in this world, I am willing to do anything for you, waiting for a miracle for you, because my love for you, has never change.

Review: Can't remember if I finish this book but the story reminds me of an idol drama I have watched some years back...forgot the title. Not a story that will catch my attention but still post it as even if I do not like it personally, I believe there will be some readers who might like it. :)

If you still live in my heart upon next life by Zi Ye Chu ~ 如果下辈子我还记得你 by 子夜初

Protagonist: Jiang Yang & Liang Luo Xin


Dumped just before the wedding and lost her job due to the financial crisis...... Liang Luo Xin is the most "gray" Cinderella. For the sake of million dollar business deal, she pursued real estate tycoon, Zheng Kai Wen. He ended her ordinary life, but his love is filled with schemes and motives, she lost everything in this love.

Her ex-boyfriend came back as Du Ze Shan, together with a secret and due to the will of his family, he reappears by her side. She eventually shattered in his lost memories and slowly forgotten.

The happiness I owe you in this lifetime, please wait for me to repay in the next life.

Review: I read this quite long ago, in fact its one of the first few Chinese novels I read hence cannot really remember the exact story. Please be warn that it comes with a tragic ending; nowadays I am avoiding sad endings as much as possible because I read not only out of leisure but also to 'escape' from reality, hence happy ending is all I need. The storyline is pretty good though and with some twists; from the title, you will know its about looking for each other again in the next lifetime. For me, I think its important to cherish what you have in this lifetime because who knows whether there is a next life? Its now or never. :)

Come & Eat, Shan Shan by Gu Man ~ 杉杉来吃 by 顾漫 ( Audio Book )

Protagonist: Feng Teng & Xue Shan Shan


This novel is about a low ranking staff Shan Shan being oppressed by the Big Boss. She keeps fighting but keeps losing. So she finally stopped struggling and obediently surrendered…
Shan Shan extremely docile waited outside the delivery room as the temporary blood bank. At the same time, the big boss sent her away to do a blood test to ensure she is of good health and suitable blood type. Sure enough, the pregnant woman was in a critical condition.

Thus, Shan Shan obediently let 300CC of her blood being pumped. The condition of the pregnant woman improved. Shan Shan received many thanks, left the hospital and lamented this while looking at the moon.

"Capitalists really are blood-suckers, heartless, heartless."
Shan Shan who is deep in thought did not notice a black limousine stopped behind her. The man at the back seat heard her sigh, moved his mouth and then closed the recently opened window.

"Drive home."
"Boss, did you just say you want to send Miss Xue back?"
"No need" the man said without expression, "Capitalists are heartless." (Credit: Shusheng Bar)
Review: Just one look at the cute cover of the book, you will know it is a happy story. Initially I thought the title's pretty weird, after reading realise it make sense because Shan Shan always get invitation for lunch...Come and, anyway this novel has already been made into a drama, Boss & Me, starring Zhang Han and Zhao Li Ying.

Silent Separation by Gu Man ~ 何以笙箫默 by 顾漫 ( Audio Book )

Protagonist: He Yi Cheng & Zhao Mo Sheng


An innocent young love, lead to struggle of a lifetime. It was love at first sight when cheerful university student, Zhao Mo Sheng set her eyes on top student, He Yi Cheng of law faculty. Being frank and optimistic, Zhao Mo Sheng go all her way to 'woo' He Yi Cheng and finally got the attention of him. However, talented as he is, He Yi Cheng is not good in expressing his feelings, hence resulted in the leaving of Zhao Mo Sheng. Seven years of separation later, Zhao Mo Sheng returned home and saw him at a crowded supermarket one day. He Yi Cheng is still as suave as ever and he is not to be easily miss even in the midst of crowd......
Review: I have read three of Gu Man's novels; Come & Eat Shan Shan, Just one Smile is very Alluring and Silent Separation. The latter is my favourite Gu Man novel so far. The male protagonist, He Yi Cheng might be a cool deep thinker but he is very affectionate and persistent. One might be mistaken that Zhao Mo Sheng loves He Yi Cheng more, but it was in fact the other way round. Although Silent Separation/He Yi Cheng are pretty popular among Chinese novel readers and I kind of enjoy reading it, but I only find it okay overall hence definitely not my top favourite among all c-novels. :)

Qin Shen Zhi Jian by She Nian Nian ~ 情深至浅 by 舍念念

Protagonist: Luo Rui Cen & Mo Qian Qian


The first time Mo Qian Qian saw Luo Rui Cen, she was only a 12 years old girl. At that time, Mo Qian Qian, a little girl as tender as a little flower, will never believe that she will have anything to do with the overbearing son of the Luo family. Alas, unfortunately, after all that just.....that time.

Review: The guy is a suave combat who is doting towards his girl. But I find the girl a little too pampered and childish for my liking. And this book is a little lengthy for such a typical storyline, not my cup of tea hence did not finish the book. (recommendation from one of the Chinese novel forums - Interesting to know that some readers from different region likes certain genre more).

Levirate Marriage (Shuo Ji Hun) by She Nian Nian ~ 收继婚 by 舍念念

Protagonist: Zheng Ji Xi & Xiao Mu Qing


Classical Description: What is Levirate? It is a type of marriage in which the brother or son of a deceased man is obliged to marry the widow, and the widow is obliged to marry.

Vernacular Description: To put it simply, it is about a ruthless murderous black belly (fu hei)*, Prince Huan fancy his father's concubine, force his love on her and eventually inherit the throne as a successor.

* Appears to be dashing and gentle but was in fact 'evil', often 'acting' one side to cover up.

Review: Not sure if I translated correctly; anyway this is also from the same author (Qin Shen Zhi Jian). I might not read this title but post it as I find the plot rather unique?


I Need You Around for Everyday to Start (Wan Er Liu Nian) by Ge Xuan Ting Yu ~ 莞尔流年 by 隔轩听雨 (Audio Book )

Protagonist: Zhong Liu Nian & Jiang Wan Er


During college days, Jiang Wan Er was the school beauty from a well-off family, while Zhong Liu Nian was just an independent and self-reliant boy growing up in an orphanage. Family resistance and psychological concerns failed to stop them from being together. However, good times don't last, Jiang Wan Er finally used "love cannot fight money" as an excuse to break up with Zhong Liu Nian. Jiang Wan Er's "betrayal" and "abandoned" hit the deepest pain in Zhong Liu Nian, which change him into a different person.

He gave up his original dream, put his first interest all in terms of money as goal, and finally with his hard work and talent, he became the international/regional general manager of South Maple location. Six years later, Jiang Wan Er returned to her hometown. When they re-encounter again, Zhong Liu Nian is a rich and prominent figure in the business world, while Jiang Wan Er is just a lonely orphan with both parents departed. Cannot let go of a love twisted into struggle. Under deep misunderstandings, the couple who were so much in love before, how will they regain their lost love?

Alternate Synopsis:

Six years ago.

Zhong Liu Nian: Jiang Wan Er is the light of my life, I will protect her forever.
Jiang Wan Er: Zhong Liu Nian's smile will be the warmth in my heart for eternity.

However, the romance of love cannot beat a sudden change. The Jiang family fall into debt overnight, Jiang Wan Er can only leave for overseas. In order not to implicate Zhong Liu Nian, she told the biggest lie in her lifetime: "Zhong Liu Nian, let me tell you, your so call future are all unrealistic, I don't care. 'Going through thick and thin together' are words from ignorant dreamers. I will only ask you one question, I want to lead a good life without worries, can you give that to me? How long will it take, for you to show me results?"

Six years later, they met again.

Zhong Liu Nian is a prominent figure in the business world, while Jiang Wan Er is a lonely orphan.
Love from the past, self-esteem and misunderstandings, what kind of future will they have?

Review: I find the synopsis a little similar to an old Korean drama title, 'Firebird' or 'Phoenix' and maybe also a little of 'Silent Separation'. After reading, find this book not so bad, quite touching. Just that is a little typical, quite a number of dramas and novels have similar plot, the cycle goes: deeply in love - sudden separation - misunderstand - reunite again after years - misunderstand resolve - happy ending.

Rolling Love (Ban Huan Ban Ai) by Lan Bai Se ~ 半欢半爱 by 蓝白色

Protagonist: Jiang Yu Nan & Yan Liang


The world's worst offense, is call Love.

As the heir of a cosmetic organisation, Yan Liang always knew, many people's ambitions are hidden under the world of beauty. When her position as the heir was threatened, a man by the name of Jiang Yu Nan appeared and saved her. As she let down her guard and put her true love in this relationship, she realised...she had already fall into a well planned trap.

This man, carefully hide his ulterior motive in the name of love, step by step, ultimately push Yan Liang and her family into a point of no return. However, when he finally achieved his goal and stand at the top of the cosmetic world, he realised to his horror, in this war of love deception, he won the whole world...but lost her.

The beginning of an ulterior motive...hindsight...
Can it still create a good ending of beautiful/peaceful years?

Review: I think it will be rather interesting to make this novel into a drama but its not the best revenge plot in my opinion. The other novel I read by Lan Bai Se is Wu Ai Cheng Huan, which has been made into a drama, Loving, Never Forgetting (Lian Lian Bu Wang) starring Jerry Yan and Tong Li Ya.

Even Time is Dripping Away Quickly (Ren Shi Guang Cong Cong) aka PS, I Love You by Lan Bai Se ~ 任时光匆匆 by 蓝白色

Protagonist: Wan You Li, Gu Xi Man & Chen Xiang Bei


A proud girl.
It was love at first sight when she first set eyes on Chen Xiang Bei,
At that point of time, she had only one opinion: Guys spell trouble!
She exhausted all efforts, taking steps to get close to him,
But he said he will never love her, never......

Wan You Li, the childhood companion who has always been by her side,
Occasionally cheat, often thoughtful, had given his word to take care of her forever, but in the end pushed her away on his own. Where should she go from here?
Time is dripping away quickly, during their time of youth, who will be whose end of time? Who will be by whose side through day and night?

Review: Another book by Lan Bai Se, I stop after a few chapters as the story and character(s) somehow just did not grow on me.


Love in the Morning and in the Evening (Chao Qin Mu Chu) by Xia Tong ~ 朝秦慕楚 by 夏桐

Protagonist: -


A deliberate incident kicked off Chu Wei's miserable life in the University. Roommate's "adding insult to injury"; senior's funny nonsense; while he is a cunning 'black belly (fu hei)'......Everything is the beginning of Chu Wei's happiness, but it is also the beginning of the tragedy.

She was here because of chasing love, but accidentally became the one being chase. Although she is not obscene with wealth, but still succumbed to his mighty. In the journey of love, not necessary the first to love will be the first to lose, it is rather on who has the more relatively high level in love.

Review: There seems to be no online reading for this book? I bought this novel during an overseas trip recently, just an impromptu purchase, have not start reading. :)

Fall in Love at First Sight (Qing Yuan Wei Ni Cuo) by Du Chun Zi ~ 情愿为你错 by 都春子

Protagonist: Feng Tian Jun & Jiang Zhan Lan


A well-designed plan, they begin a loveless game. Fifteen years ago, she was 'killed' as the little miss of the Qin family. Fifteen years later, she is the beloved talented Faculty of Law girl of the Group CEO. He is assertive and suspicious, using unscrupulous means to get her. She is full of schemes, set up a trap just to bring him in. Love has been subject to hatred, startling step by step, she carry out a gentle trap; indulging in romance and temptation, he let off his guard.

The truth unravel, she is just a pawn. Seen through everything in the world, he is willing to continue the mistake for her. Past deep love and he could not help himself, this is the most dangerous love chase. If everything can go back in time, will they be together forever?

Review: I bought this book during a trip, never read from this novelist previously, just feel like trying out something new instead of reading from familiar novelists. It was a little complicated in the beginning but everything fall into place as the story unfolds, quite a twist in the plot. Some surprises coming towards the end, I personally find this quite a nice book to read, just that its rather makjang. Feng Tian Jun's love for Jiang Zhan Lan is really touching. Glad that its a happy ending! :)

Endless Love (Yao You Duo Ai Cai Hui Chan Mian Bu Xiu) by Nuan Nuan Feng Qin ~ 要有多爱才会缠绵不休 by 暖暖风轻

Protagonist: Du Ming Sheng & Mo Jin Nian


"Are you trying to show off your love history?"

"If I can meet you earlier, I would rather my love history is a blank piece of white paper."

Mo Jin Nian encounter a handsome man by the name of Du Ming Sheng at her ex-boyfriend, Cheng Ran's wedding. She gets Du Ming Sheng to imposed as her boyfriend, however quite by accident, they had a one night stand. Mo Jin Nian thought it was just an accident, who knows this is just the beginning of the story.

A series of tragedies take place around her, all related to Du Ming Sheng. He began to penetrate into her life, giving her nowhere to hide. Therefore, she agreed to his proposed 'deal', and they began a relationship of 'contract lover'. She thought she only need to pay with her youth and body, but he is not satisfied, he said: "I want you to pay with all, including your feelings."

He fell in love with her, at the time when she has not fall in love with him; he love her, and is no longer satisfied with a one year 'contract lover' relationship, he wants her for a lifetime. He chased, she hide; he is strong, she does not show weakness. She thought this is just a lingering game, who knows will end up losing her heart......

Review: I have not read this novel yet, just happen to saw discussions on this from one of the forums.


Time/The right people at the right time (Dui De Shi Jian Dui De Ren) by Gu Xi Jue (Celine) ~ 对的时间对的人 by 顾西爵

Protagonist: Jiang An Lan & Yao Yuan


Some people said, Jiang An Lan is elegant and arrogant; some said, one can mess with heaven or earth but never with Jiang An Lan, because he can always make you regret and repent; and some said Jiang An Lan is the same level as great God.

To Yao Yuan, Jiang An Lan is also someone who can only see from a distance. Until one day, with his forceful manner, her world seems to become strange.

He said: After you seen me, you will not want to see anyone else.
He said: Forcing a girl to be my girlfriend, you are the only one I did that to.

He said: I don't know how to woo a girl, if you prefer to have a slower pace, then I will slow down at a slower speed.

He said: Xiao Yuan.....I'm not kind, but I will never let you down.

At that moment, snow gently fell on his soft black hair, his tempting eyes with a gentle smile; 'You will be in charge of me in future'.

Those able to walk away are not true love; Those unable to walk away are fate.

Review: A rather new book by Gu Xi Jue; bought this novel recently, currently reading.

Dong Cen Xi Jiu by Jie Mo Lu ~ 东岑西舅 by 芥末绿

Protagonist: Huo Ting Dong & Cen Huan


18 years old, Cen Huan first saw 28 years old Huo Ting Dong at her house, his cold and handsome face was deeply rooted in her heart.

22 years old, she said, pointing to him: "Do you want me or want your life?" His face remain cool, with freezing cold eyes.

She came back after three years of studying aboard in England, they met again, eyes without hate nor love and simply unfamiliarly called him, "Mr Huo".

"Why didn't you tell me that you were back?"

"Are we that familiar with each other, Mr Huo?"

Huo Ting Dong, with his forever decent cold expression, even the breathe exhale in June are frost!

She thought he had finally realised that she was an integral part of his life, only to discovered that he already had a fiancée with him......

Review: I read this from paperback, not sure how similar it is to the online version. Anyway, find this novelist's writing not too bad actually, just a little dramatic at times. 

Moment to Meet You in My Life (You Sheng De Shun Jian Yu Jian Ni) by Jie Mo Lu ~ 有生的瞬间遇见你 by 芥末绿

Protagonist: Mo Sheng & Lou Ling


He is a cold and firm man, decisive in making decision. A person like him would actually lend a helping hand to her father's company when it is in trouble. Privately, he is also doting and thoughtful towards her, making her fall in love and walk with him into the wedding hall. They remain loving after marriage and she thought they will remain in happiness forever.

Unexpectedly, her father's business was thrown into despair without any warning. She seek help from him but he disappeared into thin air. The truth reveal and she realise all their love is nothing but a conspiracy. She is just a pawn to his revenge plan right from the beginning. Their company was forced into liquidation, her father died and her mother committed suicide......A series of happenings causing the desperate her to break down, and he finally appeared, but only to gave her the copy of divorce agreement with his signature on it.

"In fact, I should have left you on the day you fall in love with me, I was kind enough to give you another two more months of sweet dreams."

She stared at the both familiar and stranger's face, her heart break into pieces. "Have you ever love me?" She asked.

Expressionless, he answered, "No".

"Good, otherwise I'm afraid you will have insomnia from yearning after I left."


"I don't love you either, I only love your face who looks just like him."


Months later, they met again. She was smiling beautifully to another man. He knows that he missed the most beautiful scenery in the world. On her wedding day, he showed up at the ceremony, playing with a silver handgun in his hand, wearing a white suit that outshine the bridegroom.

"You can continue with the wedding, exchange vows with him, exchange your rings, or even kiss, but for every single action you do, I will shoot myself with this gun."

Review: I read this from paperback as well so again, not sure if its the same as the online version. Anyway, do note that it has a bad/open ending, find it quite disappointing as I like happy endings, hence include a little spoiler below for readers who might find it interesting but put off by the not so good ending.


When Luo Ling first saw Mo Sheng, she thought it was her ex-boyfriend as he look exactly like him, just that his name is different. But when she realised he did not have a tattoo on his chest like his ex-boyfriend did, she was disappointed but still pin hopes and insist Mo Sheng is her ex-boyfriend, whom, her family told her had already died in an accident, 4 years ago. Mo Sheng's daily lifestyle is so much like Luo Ling's ex-boyfriend but it turn out he is in fact here for a revenge on Luo Ling's family.

Mo Sheng is the twin brother of Luo Ling's ex-boyfriend, the twins were separated from birth because their father did not acknowledge their mother, who is his mistress at that time. Anyway, Mo Sheng's twin brother was killed in an accident by Luo Ling's brother when the couple tried to elope 4 years back due to Luo Ling's family disapproval of their relationship. The reason why Mo Sheng's daily lifestyle is a lot like his brother is because Mo Sheng has always been weak in health since young, so after his brother passed away, Mo Sheng undergone organ transplant and has his heart replaced with his brother's. Ever since then, Mo Sheng has been dreaming of Luo Ling almost every night as his brother really love Luo Ling very much, so much so that after the organ transplant Mo Sheng also seems to love her as well, which he also cannot explain why.

However, Mo Sheng hate Luo Ling's family as they caused the death of his only brother. He thought his love for Luo Ling is only because of his departed brother's heart inside him but by the time he realised that he, himself also love Luo Ling very much, its already too late as he already causes much hurt upon the woman he loves.

Shu Tu Tong Gui by Jie Mo Lu ~ 叔途桐归 by 芥末绿

Protagonist: Gu Yun Yao & Mu Nian Tong


For the sake of another man, she became his wife.

He can give her sweet talk and doted on her. He can also left her severely hurt and make her wish she is died when love move her heart.

He said: "A marriage with benefits can lasts long even without true love. I can doted on you and cherish you, but will not love you."

And when a conspiracy cut off their marriage, how long can this marriage with benefits hold on to......


"Let's divorce."



"Ex-husband sounds awful."

"But you do not love me, and I also do not want to continue loving you. I want a divorce."

"No, I have sworn that I will only get married once in this lifetime. I will only walk in the register of marriage bureau once."


Review: Another novel by Jie Mo Lu, I have not read this book yet. This title is somehow 'related' to the other title, 'Dong Cen Xi Jiu' as the two male protagonists are friends and similarly both female protagonists are the 'chaser' from the beginning. The age gap for both couples (male and female protagonist) is also about 10 years apart, anyway both titles are happy ending.

Nian Nian Bu Wang by Shang Wan Zhuang ~ 念念不忘 by上晚妆

Protagonist: Gu Qi Yan, Ling Zhi Nian & Cheng Jia Luo


Cheng Jia Luo: It is you, who give me half of love.

He is chivalrous and gentle. It is also this gentleness that finally left her disappointed.
Being pampered by him for so long, until one day, she saw him holding a woman at the airport.
He smiled and said: "This is my wife."
Her world suddenly fall into darkness. She turned and walk away, but he never thought of letting her go.


Gu Qi Yan: Love is a dream, but I overslept.

He is cold and elusive. A proud man like him actually fall in love with a woman who still have another man in her heart.
She was out in the pouring rain, until his appearance.
She cannot see his expression, only hear him say: "Come with me."
There is suddenly light in her world.
He raised her wings out, however, they still have a long way to go, what if one day he left, how is she going to fly?

A once betrayed lover, now reliable. Cold and sensitive Gu Qi Yan and gentle and overbearing Cheng Jia Luo, who is truly Ling Zhi Nian's happiness?

Review: A rather typical story of a guy who choose another woman for his own benefits and forsake the woman he really loves. The female lead then meet another guy and they fall in love, with the first guy regret. I read this from the book, its quite easy to read, short and sweet.

Ming Men Gong Zi by Qing Qiu Yue Er ~ 名门公子 by 清秋月儿

Protagonist: Tong Xia & An Nuo


He was born wealthy, but have to keep a low profile, pretend to be a troublesome 'vase', always bringing her to anger. In her eyes, he was no better than those cancer cells. She told him: "R&D Department, instruct women just like how you would with men and instruct men just like how you would with brute....." He continued: "Instruct beast just like how you would with leader". He cover his sneer and thought to himself how talented he is as he see her speechless with anger. He is like the medicine she has not developed, no amount of money can buy. She has a hidden secret, but when face with his gentle expression, her heart gradually fallen.....At the peak, she allow his breath circulated around her lips.

He said: "Nuo Nuo, I'm afraid of death, but what I fear most is if I die, someone else will take care of you, I'm afraid others will not take care of you as good as I am." She could hand over her body, but am unable to confess her past, she heartlessly say she did not love him, just so not to let him discover another dirty side of herself. Finally, she was arrested for stealing the company's confidential information, in the midst of breeze, that pair of jet black eyes gazing at her motionlessly, there was frustration and ultimately a vision of blur.....everything was in fact a plot set up due to his wealthy identity.....when love is a terrible conspiracy and utilization, his eyes filled with hatred.....

Union Of Enemies by Xiao Yao Hong Chen ~ 冤家易解布一截 by 逍遥红尘

Protagonist: Zhen Lang & Gu Jing


Zhen Lang and Gu Jing have been childhood enemies for over twenty years behind their parents’ backs and pretend best friends in front of their parents.

Zhen Lang and Gu Jing’s source of happiness is defaming their enemy (each other) at every opportunity and dreads the day their parents’ match-making dream comes true.

(Credit: Trungtnguyen123)

Review: I got to know this blogger when she translated some of the Big Grey Wolf novels. She also translated other cute titles. Trungtnguyen123 together with other bloggers such as Hui3r, etc, are some very nice bloggers who painstakingly translates c-novels into English so that fellow readers who would love to read c-novels but unfortunately am not too conversant in Chinese also get to enjoy the book. There are also many other bloggers from Shusheng Bar who does translating. Hence, just to share. :)


  1. I have read Lingering, it is a good story....have also read Walk to Paris, I am attracted to the nice book cover too....:P

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